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Thursday, December 04 2014

First off, thank you for your support in getting and reading (and putting up Amazon reviews) for my Kindle book:  The 18-Month Millionaire.  It went to #1 in the "small business" category last weekend because of you guys and gals.  So, thanks a lot!!
Onto another subject...
Rumor has it that Lea may be coming back after the first of the year.  Of course, it's coming from somewhat of an "unreliable" source so...who knows?
For those of you who don't know who Lea is, she'd been with me for 5 years before retiring this past September.  She was the best customer service employee I've ever had and she has her own "fan base" among my students who -- I might add -- would rather talk to her on the phone than me.  That's how good she is.
When I tell you that retirement is boring it means that retirement is boring.  Most people last about a maximum of about 90 days before they're climbing the walls...and this is sometime after they've squeaked past the 60-day mark.  (This is why "retirement" shouldnever be your end-all be-all goal.)
Lea used to tell me that she has all these "projects" to do like finishing quilts and other such nonsense.  There are only so many home projects you can do before you start using that sewing needle to stab your own eyeballs out.
And I think that's where she might be right now.
It'll be good to have that bubbly personality of sunshine that she is back here at the office, even if it's only part time.
So, I called her to invite her to a GSS holiday staff dinner on Friday, December 19th.  This morning she called me to confirm that she'll be there.  (That's a good sign.)  I asked her about retirement and she didn't seem so enthusiastic about sitting around at home anymore. I asked her if she has thought about coming back and...she indicated that she was "maybe" interested in coming back part time.

And "maybe" she could come back within the first couple of weeks of the New Year. "Maybe."
I know some of you are hard-core Lea fans.  So...I have a little bitty idea.  For those of you who want Lea to come back, if you could, send her a card (to me here at the office) and I'll take these cards to her during this holiday staff dinner shin-dig on the 19th.
Maybe that'll convince her to come back, especially if I hand her a pile (or wheelbarrow full) of freaking cards.  And I'll bring a box of Kleenex too.  She tends to get emotional sometimes.
Here's the address if you're interested in sending out a card or a letter saying something like "We Want You Back!":
Global Success Strategies
Attn:  Lea
28170 Avenue Crocker
Suite 109
Valencia, CA  91355

Anyway, this year I decided to bring back Monica Bucks for the entire month of December.  You'll have until Monday, January 5th to use them.  If you're not sure what the hell that is, there are more details at And yes, this applies to everything in my catalog.

Finally, I'll be running a kick-ass BOGO promo on my mentorship groups for most of this month.  I have a slew of mentorship groups for the first half of 2015 and, I have to say, this is how some of my most successful students started out.  These groups, as you know, are 100% online so there's nowhere to "show up" to.

I'm also bringing back the New Wealth Ninja Mentorship Group (at least once more) since this was the group that Gregg started off in. He's the one that is raking in about $85,000 a month on eBay with his Aggressive Income Business.  And he started building this business during this particular group so it's definitely something worth looking into joining if that's the Aggressive Income direction you want to go in.

Here's the link on the deal:

Please note that this will be the mentorship group that will fill up the fastest and I'm limited to the number of students that I'll be taking in this group.  This particular group starts on February 11th.

I also have my other highly successful 100% LTV Mentorship Group which starts on January 14th among many other groups that you can take that hand-holding period I offer to help you learn all this stuff for an incredible year coming up for you!I'm sooooooo excited for 2015.  This is the year that a lot of you will see the economy "crack" wide open (in a good way).  It's been happening slowly but surely since 2011 (which many of you haven't really seen the result of yet).  Now you're going to see it go full force ahead and...if you have your sh** together with an Aggressive Income and/or Passive Income business going on then 2015 will your most prosperous year of this past 10-year "sucking wind" span we've had to deal with since the economy initially started tanking.

So click that seat belt of yours because if you line yourself up correctly, you're going to end up being a very rich guy or gal by this time next year.  (Of course, if you never peel your ass off the couch then nothing but Judge Judy will be "happening" for you.  If you're that lazy...good luck.)

Some more good stuff: I'm just starting up doing partnership deals with students again.  I tapered off doing these types of deals with students since about 2010.  I think my very last one-on-one partnership with a student was in 2011 if I recall correctly.  Since then, all of my students have been partnering with my wealthy investor partners that I have sprinkled around the country.  But many of you have been asking about direct partnerships with me and I'm starting to do those again...starting now.  This month.  I'll let you know more about the details of these deals soon so don't blow up my email inbox just yet.

I'm looking forward to 2015...and getting Lea back "maybe" after the first if the year.

Of course, you're going to help me with that, right?  (Hint: Send a card or letter to the address listed above.)

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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