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Thursday, November 27 2014
Years ago I started sharing this story with my students around Thanksgiving about why I hate pumpkin pie; how my mom used to make pumpkin pies from scratch and she's make so many of them that she's force-feed the remaining balance (usually upwards of 6 or 7 pies) of what she couldn't give away to friends and family to both me and my brother.
And how, to this day, I absolutely refuse to eat pumpkin pie.  In fact, I really don't likeany pie at all.  My brother Jason also feels the same way.
Interestingly enough, my daughter had her first "Thanksgiving feast" at school where she got to eat pumpkin pie.  She told me that it was so disgusting that she spit it out in a trash can.
And I laughed.  I thought it was funny as hell.  Could she have gotten the anti-pumpkin pie gene from me?  (Nice thought, although I believe that would be considered scientifically impossible considering that my experience with pumpkin pie was entirely "environmental," if you know what I mean.)
I went on to say that the problem with the pie she ate was that it was store-bought.  And the baked goods they sell in a store isn't nearly as good as the real thing.  But I couldn't help myself in telling her my experience with real homemade pumpkin pie and why both me and her Uncle Jay refuse to eat any pie at all.  She didn't say much other than to boldly state that she loves apple pie, as it's the greatest pie in the world, according to her.
It's interesting how life works, isn't it?  I've come to understand so much about life in having a child's eyes to see the world through.  And it's made me so grateful for all the good and even the challenges I face on a week-to-week basis.
If you think about it, no matter how hard things get, we really do have it good.  At least that's the way I see it.  So many people are sitting in war-torn countries, some are homeless, and some are even missing limbs.
We are blessed in so many ways and it's pretty easy to forget about all these daily miracles we get to reap.  But maybe today, just once, we can see it for what it is and feel that deep sense of gratitude for everything we have and for everything we are.
If you're one of those people who actually believes you have nothing right now to be grateful for (hey, maybe it was a tough year for you) then at least feel grateful for whatcan manifest in your life in the months to come.
What a lot of people don't realize about me is that I don't care about any loss that may happen in my life (except for what's not replaceable).  Why?  Because I can create it again and again and again.  I've taken a few major financial hits in my life.  And with each time, I've gotten it all back plus some because I have the tools necessary to do it; these "tools" are nothing more than what I have stored in my brain.
When you're the goose that lays the golden egg and you know that you can create everything you want, it really does make a huge difference.
So, if this was a challenging year for you, be grateful for the amazing things that are coming up for you because you've done a few things that are pivotal in your life:  (1) you've decided that you're not going to settle for less anymore, (2) you're going to get your ass out there and finally do this, and (3) you know that you can make this happen because you now have the tools to do this.
And that's all you need.
Be grateful and the seas will part for you.
Happy Thanksgiving!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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