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Wednesday, November 19 2014
Well, I'm back in Cali from Detroit.  Physically I'm in one piece.  Mentally...well, that's another story altogether.  Usually I crash the day after I get back is my "crash day," as I feel like I was hit by a train.  Right now I'd rather be at home watching TV and ordering endless amounts of crap from the wheelbarrow of catalogs I received in the mail while I was gone.  (I'm a mail order junkie on both sides; what can I say?!)
But here I am today.  Holding up the fort.  Keeping it all together.  As always.
I'm also sitting here and recollecting what happened this past weekend.  I'll admit that it was the most comprehensive real estate event I've ever done and I even impressed myself, which is almost impossible to do these days.  
I'd also like to mention that it was the first time I actually felt threatened due to the weirdo stalker I had at this particular event.
Remember, I've been doing this for 12 years and I've never felt physically at risk before...except for this past weekend.  It was the first time I felt like maybe I'm more vulnerable than previously thought.
What happened?
Well, I had this student who will remain nameless.  He came in late and seemed harmless enough until he started apologizing profusely for being late.  Here I am thinking, you came in late.  So what?  Your loss, not mine.
Then he proceeded to tell me about 3 times that his divorce is final.  Again, so f****** what?  I can care less.
But then when he started asking me about my marital started getting kind of weird.  By now we're at lunch time on Day One.  I quickly dismissed myself from the conversation stating that we'd catch up later and secretly hoping that we wouldn't.
I should mention that this guy came in looking like a scruffy lumberjack wearing a dirty baseball cap and, I believe, a plaid shirt to fit the part of dirty hillbilly.  I don't judge what people look like or want to wear to my events.  It's none of my long as they'redressed.  But what happened next seemed a little weird...
We ended Day One and had our Platinum VIP line up by the lobby door to take the "people mover" through Detroit to Greektown.  We went to a Greek restaurant called The Pegasus. Lumberjack dude turned into Dapper Don with the sole intent on fooling everyone. Apparently this sicko thought it would be funny to do this.  He changed into a dark suit with a red tie, completely shaved, and looked like a totally different person.
Even more strange, he was trying to infringe upon everyone's personal conversations as if he was a spy with a microphone in his suit jacket pocket.  He thought he fooled me too but I knew exactly who he was; I even blew him away when I reminded him of an email I responded to of his dating about 5 years back, almost repeating what I had said back thenword-for-word.
By the time we got back to the hotel bar where I was to meet the rest of my students, I felt like I had to "post" various students around me so that Lumberjack-Turned-Dapper-Don didn't get the chance to sit next to me.  I even started moving around the bar to talk to everyone as he kept following me around.
Strangely, he didn't drink anything.  Not even water.  And he had this icy creepy stare that would even scare Hitler.
Day Two...I was already creeped out but I, of course, had to continue speaking.  Throwing the events that occurred the night before into the back of my mind, I did a killer kick-ass job on Day Two but I called in executive protection.  I should also mention to that, at about lunch time, I found out that I had two students who were packing some serious heat and they were looking out.  (Thank you "Silent Warrior" and "War Hero."  You two arefreaking awesome...and you know who you are!  I owe you, big time!)
By the close of Day Two...and onto Mario's Italian Restaurant with my Platinum VIP, we loaded onto a bus.  And yes, at this point I had full on executive protection in place. (Former Detroit P.D., if you must know.)  Psychopath Weirdo was trying to sit next to me on the bus.  Like that was going to happen.  After all, he just had "one question" that he'd been pestering me about for the past several minutes.  I told Psycho that I'd talk to him at the restaurant and never actually intending to.
Again, we made sure that he couldn't sit next to me by carefully placing various students, my bodyguard and Ron Espinoza next to me.  Psycho had to sit the closest proximity to our table possible, nearly sitting on the person's lap in front of me.  I noticed some odd behavior coming from Psycho including wrapping some scarf around his head (looking like a Taliban terrorist) and acting out some "scene" as in a movie or something.  By this time I'm about 3 drinks in but I knew that things weren't going really well.
This is when my bodyguard informed me that Psycho was carrying a knife while someone else told me that he was sleeping in his car at night.  Mind you, it had been snowing and the nighttime temperatures had to be somewhere way under 20 degrees!
Between my Silent Warrior and bodyguard quickly whisking me out of the premises with Tori (my student and helper), I felt like I was some important politician like a Senator or something whose life was in danger.  I had these two guys packing some major heat and racing me out of the restaurant.  (Replay of a scene in The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner running through my head...)
I ended up back at the hotel then downstairs at the bar where, before I know it, Psycho is back like the nightmare that he's quickly become.  My bodyguard was in very close proximity, not letting anyone (especially the weirdo) sit next to me.
Finally he was able to sit in a seat directly in front of me where I -- without warning -- asked him point-blank in front of everyone what his pertinent question was.  He responded by saying..."Uh, no question really.  Just wanted to say, great event!"  Or something else equally non-committal.
My bodyguard noticed that Psycho's knife disappeared, sometime around when Psycho noticed that he was packing a police-issued weapon.  Maybe he stuffed it up his ass.  Who knows.
What bothered me about this whole thing is that it made me think:  what is this world coming to?  I'm a teacher and now, from this point forward, I have to hire pistol-packing executive protection for every future event that I do.  And that's not a good thing.
The good thing is that I've always been obsessive about security when it comes to my personal home including a wide array of cameras, a Fort Knox security system, and the whole nine yards.  People always thought I was crazy.  I guess I'm not that crazy after all.
But leaving Psycho behind for good (since he's permanently blacklisted from all future events), I knocked it out of the park with this past seminar event.  This was a 100% real estate related event that I can say -- with 1000% conviction -- that has NEVER included so much information about getting started in no-cash-no-credit passive income real estate.
This includes the NEW 100% Bond Funding Program where you don't even need to have good credit or cash or income verification and they're not funding deals of $1,000,000 or more (instead of over $5,000,000 like it used to be).  And the loan points are rolled into the loan so you don't have to come up with that up front either.
And I talk about land trusts for the very first time and how that works.  And if you're not sure how that's relevant or how land trusts is a true game changer, I guess you'll have to watch the videos of the event to see how this all works.
The videos have just been released.  For more information, click on this link:
This deal goes through the Thanksgiving holiday then...well, the price will go up about 100% for those who drag ass and procrastinate.
If you have any questions, call my office.  But I recommend you go to the site first, check it out, read through everything, and listen to my 6-minute audio seminar.  Check out the testimonials.
If you missed getting any other video set on any other seminar I've done, this is NOT the one you want to miss getting.  This is a real estate investing game changer like you've NEVER seen before!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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