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Monday, November 10 2014
Last year around this time I sent out a series of emails showing my students exactly what they needed to do to chisel off the most amount of delinquencies and "negative marks" off their credit reports within the shortest amount of time.
I call it the "Holiday Season Credit Blitz."
How does it work?
It's a somewhat known fact that when you dispute delinquencies on your credit report right before Thanksgiving and one again (after 35 days pass) right before (or around) Christmas, you'll be able to get more stuff off your credit reports than working on it for 6 to 9 months (or longer).
Why is this?
Since it is a "somewhat known" fact, a lot of people (including credit repair services and attorneys) submit dispute letters during this time, it overwhelms the credit bureau system. To top it off, the credit bureaus are understaffed during this time because their employees are taking more time off for the holidays, not to mention the federal "shut down" days of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.
So, how do you make this work?
If you've been struggling to have things removed or -- even better -- you've never disputed anything before, now is the time to start...but not quite yet.  You have to wait until next week to start submitting your letters into the credit bureaus.  You shouldn't submit anything this week.
Now, one of the reasons this is so successful is that you "buy days" during this "Holiday Season Credit Blitz" time frame.  When you dispute something on your credit report, the credit bureaus contact the creditor or collection agency requesting proof of your debt. During this "magical" period, the creditors and collection agencies are not only short-staffed during this time but the time starts ticking at 30 days the moment the credit bureau receives your letter.  Everyone must respond timely otherwise the account has to come off.  This is not as easily done during this period of time.
What do you do?
If you have anything you want removed off your credit report, the weekend before Thanksgiving is when you should create your dispute letters for any account you'd like removed off your credit report.  On the Monday before Thanksgiving is when you should mail your letters.
Even better, mail each letter (there are only 3 total) with a delivery confirmation so the credit bureaus can't say they never got your letter (which they like to do during this "Holiday Season Credit Blitz."
I always recommend that my students do all this themselves.  Me, I'm a control freak by nature and I like doing personal stuff myself.  I recommend you do this yourself.
However, I understand people either don't have time, don't have the confidence, or they don't have the know-how to do this on their own.  If that's the case, I recommend you look into my Credit Rebuilding Service which, for the first time in a very long time, is now back open and accepting new enrolled students.
And what if you want to do this on your own?  I'm going to give you the letters you need without you paying a dime.  Click on this link and download the letters you need to start preparing the weekend before Thanksgiving (to mail out the Monday before Thanksgiving) to all 3 credit reporting bureaus:
In order to make this work, you'll first have to pull your credit report at and choose the $39.95 option.  Then you'll know what to put on the letters for your disputes to the credit bureaus.  (Don't dispute with the creditor or collection agency.  That comes later.  Just focus on the credit bureaus for now.)
If you don't want to do this yourself, for the first time I'm offering a huge discount on my Credit Rebuilding Service which I'll never offer this much of a discount again.  This deal ends tomorrow at the close of business.
I'm also offering my 2015 Personal Credit Complete Course...if you're a do-it-yourselfer like me.
If you have any questions, call my office at 661-295-5050.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  We have a few Gold VIP slots left for the Detroit event that starts this Friday.  For more information, click here:
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