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Sunday, October 12 2014

I try not to go out much in public anymore because when I do, I'm more and more convinced of the theory that we're "dumbing down" here in America.

Like today, for instance.  A guy almost backed into my 6-year-old as we were walking through the parking lot.  And we were in the middle of a parking space so...if there was a car where we were standing, he would have backed right into it, taking out at least half of his cheap POS vehicle in the process.  Apparently he either doesn't know how to use his rear view mirror, is too lazy to look over his shoulder like they teach you in driver's ed, or is just a mentally challenged individual who mistakenly got a driver's license from the DMV from one of the many mentally stupid people who work there.
And how old was this guy?  After all, you're probably thinking that maybe he was 101 years old, right?
Nope.  Not the case.  The guy was probably around 27 or so.  No excuse there.
The excuse, if there is one, is just plain stupidity or what they refer to as the "dumbing down of America."
And if you're not sure what I'm talking about, go to a Walgreen's just about anywhere in the country and try to talk to just about anyone who works there and you'll see what I mean.  Still not convinced?  Then go to a Wal-Mart, repeat my instructions above, then you shouldn't be confused anymore as to what I'm talking about.
And if you work at a Walgreen's or a Wal-Mart, I'm sorry.  Actually, no, I'm not sorry.  Not at all.  Because at this phase in your life, you should be somewhere else, especially if you've been listening to me for any length of time.
My dad had a theory years ago as to why all these dummies are coming to the surface and becoming more obvious as the rest of have to try even harder to navigate through an already difficult life without extra dopes as being obstacles. He said that since our American factories and lower-level jobs have been transferred overseas, a lot of these "assembly-line-worker-mentalities" have come out of the woodwork to enter the face of retail and other jobs where they're routinely seen by the public.
I'm not sure if I really agree with his theory.  I think segments of people through the ages have been stupid on one level or another with or without the Industrial Age coming and then quickly going.  I think the "dumbing down" has to do with a variety of different factors including the sense of American entitlement, lazy youth, too much technology and stimulus, less physical activity, no "alone" or quiet time to think...and then the "government conspiracy" factors including stuff "they" are putting in our food (including the invention of GMOs), crap they're spraying in the sky (look up "chem trails") to alter the weather, viruses and diseases "they" poison us with in shots to get rid of certain parts of the population, refusal to embrace green energy in lieu of fossil fuels which are killing us, etc.
On the topic of "chem trails," not but about three weeks ago my daughter points to this cloud in the sky as we were walking home from school.  She says, "Look at that cloud."  And I look at the cloud thinking, so f****** what?!  I'm like, "Yeah, a cloud.  Great."  She said, "No, mommy, look at the cloud.  It's weird."
I focused on the cloud.  And yes, it was weird.  The cloud, at an immediate glance, looked like a healthy ultra-white fluffy cloud.  But when I looked closer, it had this misty congealing movement within the cloud like it was made of a fast-moving gas or something.  It quickly started getting smaller.  Within a total of 3 minutes, it went from this over-sized super-large fluffy puffy cloud to completely gone.  Yes, it wascompletely freaking gone from the sky!  And there were several others I could see farther away that were doing the same thing.
A neighbor asked us what we were looking at and I told him that they have new "chem trails" now in the form of disappearing clouds.  I said that the government is spraying some crap in the sky and that they're probably trying to kill us.  He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Probably."  Then he walked away.
Apparently none of this bothers anyone.  I guess nobody should get all riled up over something they can't do anything about.  Still, shouldn't people be even remotely concerned about what is going on here?
I think all of this together is part of why people are getting so stupid.  Plus, if you think about it, the government has no use for Rebel Rousers, people who buck the system, or God forbid...anyone who can think for themselves!  They just don't want that.
What alarms me is that nobody seems to care what's going on.  Is it because you feel helpless to rage against the machine?
I don't blame you.  But there are some things you can do to claim some of your power back.
First of all, keep close tabs on your diet.  What are you consuming?  What are you drinking?  Unfortunately the hormones and pesticides in our food supply (namely meat and poultry products) isn't doing you a damn bit of good, especially in the brain department.  What about GMOs?  Lots of problems there.  Look it up if you don't know what I'm talking about.
You can't really control the air you breathe unless you plan on toting around an oxygen tank attached to the mask on your head.  So, you're screwed there.  But maybe that annual flu shot isn't really as necessary as you think it is.  (I'm just saying...)
You can limit the amount of time you waste watching television and on Facebookand reading the 1,562 comments on the latest Kanye-Kardashian Yahoo! article.  (I know, I'm guilty of that, too!)  All of this is a mindless distraction will do nothing but whittle your valuable hours away.  And that's the only resource we all start out with:time.  If you haven't noticed, we get less and less of this "time" as the days droll on.
You can put together a solid action plan in bite-size action steps that you can work on everyday.  The plan has to be something that excites you where you can easily see the end-goal in your mind's eye.
I think the other thing that throws people is that they believe attaining success is difficult. I can tell you from first-hand experience that getting success isn't hard.  Keeping success...well, that's another story.  But making that million dollars...easy.  Getting the property deal...easy.  Starting a successful home-based business...easy.
Keeping it all in tact for any length of time...hard.  Very hard!  This is the part that requires you to keep your energy levels and focus very high at all times.  And that becomes just downright near impossible.  (This is why a lot of millionaires go through financial turbulence here and there; this is because the energy and focus required to keep it all together over the course of long period of time is difficult.)
Attaining success of any kind just a matter of steps and, most importantly,following the steps.
And the good news about building a Passive Income Empire is that, when your energy and focus go down (or you just need a break), your income keeps coming inno matter what.  If all you have is an Aggressive Income Empire, the moment your focus and energy sink, so does your business.  And in cases where there is a severe energy drain such as a divorce, the business typically goes down the tubes, too.  Not the case with Passive Income.  It stays in tact during the ebbs and flows of your levels of energy and focus.
Building a Passive Income Empire is what I'll be talking about in Detroit on November 14th and 15th.  But there's a key reason why I'm having this event in Detroit and it has to do with the money people I'm bringing in.  Click here for more details.
And these are the people that you'll need to connect with if you want money for your deals.
As you know, real estate is completely and totally an OPM (other people's money) business.  Without OPM, you fail in real estate investing.  And without real estate, you don't build your ideal Passive Income Empire.
I'm bringing in some people that can change your life when it comes to getting funding for your deals.  You'll also have access to the 100% LTV program and, no, this isn't about "deferred" transactional funding.  It's a special investor-partner program by a firm based on the east coast.  And they can't wait to see what kind of deals you have!
If you don't have any deals, don't worry about it.  Just come to make the connections because without getting funding, your real estate business will stall.  Even with my 100% LTV Strategy (that I'll be showing you at the event), you'll eventually have to get funding for that deal and it's never too early to start making the right connections including contacts with bankers, lenders, brokers, and money people.
Since this is an Underground Secret Event, I'm not at liberty to tell you all the details about who will be there and everything that will be talked about including the special Investment Opportunity that will blow your mind (and is only for those who attend the event).
The basement-bottom pricing deal on this event ends this week.  Here's the link:
If you have any questions, call my office in the morning after 9am Pacific Time at (661) 295-5050.
See you at the top...or rather, see in you Detroit next month!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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