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Friday, October 10 2014
We're going through a couple of eclipses this month.  Since my mom touted herself as an amateur astrologer, I grew up with all this astrological knowledge being thrown my way from sun signs, rising signs, conjunctions, trines, and a bunch of other stuff I still don't understand.
Astrology is a give or take kind of thing with me.  Sometimes some of the stuff seems relevant and other times it doesn't.  I'm not sure it's a good idea to completely revolve your schedule around astrological dates and happenings as any astrologer will dole them out to you.
One significant thing I did notice this year were the eclipses that took place in April, most notably the one on April 15th.  No, I didn't go outside to watch it or anything but I did notice the events that unfolded after that date.
This was the time when I had that major verbal explosion with my former employee Jeanine.  It happened the day after the eclipse.  And that was the day I decided I wanted to close everything down.  And it was also when I asked Lea what she wanted to do, in which case she told me she wanted to retire (or get away from me).  This was all finalized with her by the end of the month when our second April eclipse hit.
So...they (the astrologers) said that this October eclipse from yesterday was supposed to tie into what happened on April 15th.
And I cringed like you couldn't believe because I just situated myself here in my new office/warehouse, I seem to be reasonable content/happy, and I didn't want to bring back those old feelings of wanting to lock the doors and walk away.
Yet that's exactly what happened yesterday!
A couple of weeks ago a scumbag trailer-park trash bitch who worked for me for a total of 6 weeks (if that long) decided that she wanted to fake a "ladder" fall (which was actually off a 2-foot step stool) for a bogus worker's compensation claim.  And it's been nothing but problems with her up until today when she got her last check.  I smudged the hell out of my office just to get her bad energy out of here, once and for all.
Then the other day, the LA County Tax Assessor shows up at my door to "assess" my office and warehouse so they can tax me on the stuff I bought and already paid taxes on WHEN I bought the sh** years ago!  In fact, I'm supposed to pay LA County taxes on my office furniture, shelving, equipment and computers EACH YEAR for...forever, I guess.   Usually they send me a form in the mail with an area for itemization of my furniture and computers, in which case I tell them that I have 5 things in my office and each were purchased at a garage sale for $5 each, thus giving my "total value" of office desks and equipment at $25, paying taxes on a small fraction of that.  I guess they found that too many people were doing that, hence the need for the door-to-door "assessment."  Broke ass California!  What's next?
Top that off yesterday with one of my employees telling me that she doesn't have time to do data entry because she's "swamped" yet she's asking another employee if she can help her stuff envelopes because she's bored and has nothing to do.  WTF?  Am I in the freaking Twilight Zone here??
And then this tops it off and this is really gross:  today one of my employees is having her menstrual cycle so she bleeds all over the floor in the bathroom, and doesn't clean it up.  I know...puke!  Right? And this just happened a few hours ago!
So here I am in the exact same boat I was on April 16th...wondering, "What the f*** am I still doing here?  Why do I keep torturing myself in this way?"
Maybe there is something to this eclipse thing.
I realize I screwed up.  I should have stayed in my old office/warehouse until the end of the lease period (December 31st) then told everybody to kick rocks while I simply focused on my real estate investing, doing nothing else.  I would have kept on track for my "end" date that I initially planned.
Now I'm on the hook until June 30th.
What was I thinking??
Well, just a 6-month miscalculation, that's all.  Nothing life altering.  But I'm still kicking myself in the ass for making that miscalculations because I hate screwing up.  Don't you?
Do me a favor: if I don't follow through with shutting this bitch down by July 2015, come out here and slap me across the face multiple times while reminding me that I'm screwing up again, okay?  Please??
So, what does this all mean?
It means that we all screw up.  We all take on more than we can realistically do.  We all think we're infallible at times.  But when we set out on a specific course then majorly deviate from it, if the initial course of action was good for us (and deviation isn't good for us) then we'll be immediately reminded that we need to get back on the path.
And it means that we can change course at any time on a dime.  If something isn't working in your life, change it.  It's that simple!  (Really, it is.  We spend more time making excuses rather than just doing it and moving forward!)
As with what happened to me yesterday.
I think I wanted to keep this beast going because I love my students, like teaching people financial independence, and I don't want that part to end.  So, if somebody can show me a way that I can keep doing that without having the staff and overhead and the bullshit that comes along with it all, I'm all ears!  We have until June 30th to figure this sh** out.
In the meantime, the good news is that I have gone back to becoming a real estate investing maniac.  I feel like it's 2010 again except...well, it's not 2010.  That was the year where I felt unstoppable and acquired more property than I ever had in any given year...combined.  It was also the year when I lost more property than I ever had too. (Remember Divorce #2?  That's why.)
This is how and why I'm doing the Detroit event next month.  I'm excited and fired up these days!  I've been so immersed in real estate investing right now that I'm going happy crazy with new deals, cash flows, opportunities that I never saw and, yes, I'm actually getting involved with buying apartments from auction website!  I know, holy sh**, right? (I'm usually anti-auction!)
And I want you to be part of all this churning excitement just because there are some things that you absolutely have to become a part of if you want financial freedom with alifetime of monthly passive income without ever having to worry about a job or getting a paycheck or, as with me, dealing with the life and times of running a business with a staff and overhead.  (Yuck!  That is so...1990s.)
By the way, if you still don't understand why you need to get involved in some kind of investing where you can get a monthly stream of income without having to "work" continuously on a treadmill for it, my star apartment building student Stephen Scott actually sent me a picture of him standing next to ex-Dallas Cowboy football player, Vince Albritton.  (I never heard of him but, then again, I'm not a sports fan at all!)  He came to visit Stephen on one of his properties last week because, well...Vincent is now a plumber. You see, since he didn't invest a single cent of the money he made as a football player, he's now forced to do things he doesn't want to do even though he's now getting up there in age.
Now he's getting advice from Stephen about how to get started as a real estate investor, investing in apartment buildings in Dallas.  Quite honestly, he couldn't have a better teacher than Stephen Scott!
Can you image if all these celebrities who ended up broke like Ed McMahon or MC Hammer or Toni Braxton or Mike Tyson (and the list goes on and on) actually took only a measly 10% of their earnings to inject into some type of passive income real estate during their careers? They would never have gone broke if they did!
Here are the things that I'll be bringing to you next month at the event:
1)  Money.  That's right.  I have money people at this event.  One guy is so powerful that he can make (or break) your cash flow investing business.  He's coming to this event to make you an offer you can't refuse!
2)  The 100% LTV bond program.  No, this isn't "deferred" transactional funding or seller financing.  This is an investor partner program for specific deals over $5 million where you can get all the cash and even money for rehab if you go in with these guys. This program (and how you can get in) will be fully explained at this event since there are new elements to this that makes this cash much more accessible than ever before!
3)  The exact mechanics of how to do all this stuff.  At my last event, I only dedicated one day to real estate investing when it easily could have filled 2 days.  So, I'll be including all the details from start to finish on how to get no-cash-no-credit real estate deals, spending time on exactly where to invest.
4)  The Opportunity.  Just like 2 years ago when I presented the $25,000,000 Opportunity with my Indian investor partners, I'll be presenting something like it...but different.  And in my opinion, better.  But, unlike the $25,000,000 Opportunity, only those who attend this event will be able to benefit from this while everyone else can...pound sand, kick rocks, whatever.  There aren't that many "slots" to be able to take advantage of this and by presenting this to a room of 80 to 100 people will give me plenty of people who will fall into the handful of slots that exists right now.
Want to attend but you're not sure?  Since this basement-bottom pricing deal is ending soon, I'm allowing my students to be able to do a $100 hold deposit.  This way if you can "lock in" the deal before the end-all Blow Out date.  You have until Thursday to put down your deposit to lock in the deal.  The pricing deal ends next Friday at 5pm Pacific Time.
Here's the link for the deal:
See you next month in Detroit!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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