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Wednesday, October 08 2014
It's that time again where I'm starting to feel that "brain squeeze" feeling.  It sort of feels like between getting a "brain freeze" from ice cream and passing out on a hot day because you're not hydrated enough.
This happens to me when I'm overwhelmed.  Helplessly overwhelmed, actually.
I do this to myself all the time.  I take on 101 projects thinking I can do everything at once and...guess what?  I can't!  (What a surprise!)  I can do about 21 things at once but when I exceed that to 22 or more, that's when things get out of hand.
Right now I have several Detroit property deals I'm working on right now that, once I close on these deals, I'll be raking in an extra $30,000 a month.  Because, you know, I need the extra money, right?  :-)
You know what's really driving me crazy?  The more "perfect" my life becomes, the more I'm feeling like something isn't quite right.  I live in a "perfect" neighborhood with "perfect" neighbors in a "perfect" upscale town in northern Los Angeles County.
Yet my insides are screaming bloody murder!
I feel like that scene in Titanic when Rose runs out of the dinner party to the end of the ship where she almost jumps off.
Why am I telling you all this?
Because part of the reason I'm getting that "crunch" feeling is because of what I have coming up next month.  I'm getting anxious because...holy sh**...I think I may have outdone myself this time and I can't freaking believe it.
Today I got a call from another investor of mine who is kicking ass with getting properties in the Detroit area and making a fortune doing it.  He has a very unique way of acquiring his properties with a specific method that I started showing my students (for the very first time ever) at my last event last month.
And he just agreed to speak next month at my event!
He's going to be talking about a single "missing piece" that I didn't have time to get around to talking about last month.  Remember, I was trying to pack 3 days of information into 2 long days last month.  So, I did my very best to get as much info in there...and I did!
But I didn't get it all in.
This guy's name is Joe.  That's all I'll mention.  And the guy is a freaking genius when it comes to real estate investing.  In fact, he's been so successful using this one specific method that we'll be talking about at my event next month...and he just agreed that he'll be speaking about this particular unique methodology that I've never fully discussed or revealed in any way before! I have 4 speakers plus me...a total of 5 speakers so far and I'm still waiting on possibly one more.
All of these people who will be speaking at the event in Detroit on November 14th and 15th have some power and pull in helping you get to where you want to be with your real estate investing goals.  At least 3 of the 5 people speaking so far have the power of getting you money (including 100% LTVs) on property deals.
And the 100% LTV I'm talking about is a special partnership financing opportunity with cold hard cash and has nothing to do with DPA or "deferred" transactional funding.
How awesome is that!
Additionally, I have an "offer you can't refuse" with a special investment opportunity that will be only for those who show up to the event.  You don't show up, you don't get to participate in this opportunity.  Period.  No exceptions at all.
If you recall, a couple of years ago I did an Underground Secret Event in Detroit where my Indian investor partners were putting in $25,000,000 in American property, specifically "SFR foreclosure portfolios" being sold by the lot (25 to 100 houses) in any major city in the United States.  Nineteen of my students participated in this opportunity and a handful of them retired multi-millionaires because of it.
The opportunity, of course, was short lived as I warned my students it would be.
This opportunity will be different but much more profitable from a passive income angle. Unlike the SFR opportunity as I just outlined above, this is all about multifamily passive income assets.
But you have to register and actually show up to the event for you to be able to benefit from this one-time opportunity.  You don't attend, you can't participate.
Like I mentioned, with my last kick-ass opportunity 2 years ago, 19 students made a lot of money with my investor-partner's money.  A handful of them went on to become multi-millionaires.  Yes, multi-millionaires.  You did read that correctly.
The same thing could happen to you because this opportunity I'll be presenting, just like the opportunity 2 years ago, can be just as powerful if not more powerful!
I know this is last minute and the only reason I waited so long to tell my students about this event is that I was waiting on getting the "green light" from a very powerful man who can completely change your life when it comes to getting funds for your real estate deals. He's never spoken at any of my events, probably will never speak at another event of mine, and is probably the most powerful person I've ever had speak at any of my events.
You don't want to miss what he has to say because, as I mentioned, he could change your life in what he can do for you.
And again, this is only for those of you who want to attend the event.  The deal is off for the opportunity and for what my powerful speakers have to provide to you if you want to get the videos later.  The videos will, of course, reveal important details about real estate investing but you won't have access to the opportunities presented unless your ass is in one of those seats in downtown Detroit on November 14th and 15th.
If real estate investing is important to you, you'll make this trip out.  If it's not then you'll make 101 excuses as to why you can't be there.
By the way, I'll add another few things:
1)  Right now I have a BOGO deal going on where it's a buy-one-get-one fr*ee deal.  Pay for yourself and bring someone else for fr*ee.
2)  I have a deal where -- for the first time ever -- I'm allowing my students to do a payment plan to start before this event and end after the event is over!  I have never done that before.  This is how confident I am that this event can change your life and I want everyone who can come to come to this thing!  (And if you need a special payment plan than what's on my website, let us know by calling our office at 661-295-5050.)
3)  I'm offering a special bonus to join my brand new normally 6-week (scrunched into 31 days to get it done before Thanksgiving) 100% LTV Mentorship group that starts on October 20th.  There's an option where you can get into this group for fr*ee by registering for the seminar.  You'll understand my full method on 100% LTV investing strategy (and this has nothing to do with DPA or "deferred" transactional funding).  You'll be able to hit the ground running come January since 2015 is the year of multifamily investing!
Here's the link to get more information about this mind-blowing event:
I'm expecting that I'll be seeing you there!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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