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Wednesday, September 24 2014
One of the most interesting presentations I've put together recently was the one in LA. This is the first time I've been able to give my specific 100% LTV no-cash-no-credit strategy...
And no, this has nothing to do with deferred/extended transactional funding or bird-dogging (property scouting).
There are actually 2 ways this works.
One way is through a specialized funder who gives 100% LTVs on certain deals through a bond program which works like an investor partnership.  With the video set, you'll be getting the details on this program and an opportunity to participate in this 100% LTV bonanza!
The other way is exactly how I got started in real estate investing when my credit was trashed from my first divorce and I didn't have any money due to everything being tied up in my business ventures.
For the first time, I actually presented exactly how to do this unique and highly effective strategy including giving my students all of the necessary forms and paperwork to be able to pull this off.
And you'll be getting all of that soon.
In fact, all of these details including all of the forms are included with my now-available complete seminar set from my event a week and a half ago.
Can someone actually get an apartment building with no cash and no credit?
Yes.  And there's a reason why this certain strategy works now better than ever.
But it's not just the strategy.  It works with a specific type of property: multifamily buildings that are less than 50 units.  These, by the way, are your prime target properties and this is where you'll be using this strategy (which is, coincidentally, where it works the best).
Why does it work now...better than it ever has?
Back when I first started out using this strategy in 2001/2002, I didn't know then what I know now.  I didn't know how to create an offer or how to communicate with sellers.  I didn't know jack nothing about what I was doing.
I was even calling the strategy something different which was confusing the hell out of everybody.
Of course, we all know what happened with the banking debacle where we had a near-collapse of our complete banking system in 2008.  Everything has changed when it comes to banking and real estate.
Since then, commercial banks have to adhere to strict banking standards when it comes to lending on commercial investments.  One of those is to protect their asses which includes having a "seasoned occupancy" requirement, not to mention an occupancy rate of 90% (but some will go as low as 85%...but that's it).
Because of this, a lot of apartment building owners can't sell their buildings since investors (buyers like you) can't get conventional funding.

And who the hell wants to get an interest-only hard money loan at a 60% LTV (and putting 40% down) on a building when they can go to the next building that's performing better for a whole hell of a lot better leverage?
The answer?  Everybody.
And that's why there are so many buildings that sellers are desperately needing/wanting to sell and they can't:  because of this seasoning/occupancy level requirement that these conventional banks and lenders cannot bend on.
This is why now, more than ever, this 100% LTV no-cash-no-credit strategy works so freaking well.
For the first time, I've given my students the exact forms to be able to pull these deals off.
But it comes with the seminar video set which is now available at this link:
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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