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Monday, September 22 2014

I think some of my students were pissed off at me when I included such few details about my $85,000/month eBay student and how exactly he does it.  Yes, I did include some information but not nearly what I included during my September event that just ended the weekend before last.

Why the difference between both events?

For one, I didn't have 100% permission from my student in time for the March event earlier this year.  I only included specific details about how he got to $85,000 in all-cash profits (yes, you read that correctly: profits) per month.

However, for the September event, I not only got all of the precise details including precise information about his specific eBay accounts but he actually gave me pages of bullet-ed "tips" and "secrets" he learned since he really started ramping up his eBay business in 2012.

A little back story...he started "dabbling" in eBay back in 2007/2008 but didn't really do well with it back then, he admitted.  It wasn't until my New Wealth Ninja training came around when he rearranged, refocused, restarted and relaunched his eBay business, basically from scratch using the New Wealth Ninja strategies and techniques.

Within a very short time after this period, his business exploded.  In fact, the way he detailed the events, he stated that after the summer of 2012 when he learned all of the New Wealth Ninja techniques, he started applying them the week after and by Christmas of 2012 he was already seeing monthly figures over $30,000 a month.  He closed December out having grossed $42,000 and profiting about 62% of that figure or $26,000 into his pocket for that last month of the year.

He thought that was it and that would be the best he'd ever do.  Trust me, he was happy with that.  At his old job it would take him 6 months to take that kind of money and here he was making that in a single month.

Taking another 2 of his eBay accounts, he started parlaying the success within those other accounts in an effort to double and even triple his financial gains.  And he did it.  In fact, by the time a full year rolled around since the New Wealth Ninja training, he was seeing an average of $60,000 per month in profits hitting his bank account.

But he had a new problem: what to do with all this money.  This student never had the full "Aggressive-to-Passive-Income" training I give my students because he came in only wanting to know Aggressive Income Strategies.  This would be about the time when he started contacting me in a full-blown panic as to what to do with this money.

Well, that's easy.  Start buying up apartment buildings.  As many as you can.  And start right now!

And that he's been doing since last summer.

The cool thing about this past seminar event is that he did give me some very specificdetails about exactly how he built up his business from scratch and gave me some incredible, amazing, and mind-blowing strategies on how anyone can do what he does. This included allowing me to tell you about his exact secrets on how he gets pictures for his listings (and it's not how you think), which products to sell exactly, how to price your products, which specials to offer to move more product, and much more!

It incredible what you can still do online even though the opportunity for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns has dried up and blown away.  

For awhile it was very hard to make money on eBay when they changed all of their policies for the worst.  But now that eBay has to compete with Amazon (who is taking over the world as we speak), they started upping their game by becoming more seller-friendly than they ever have been.

Which equals opportunity for you.

What my $85,000/month student (and I'm not even allowed to use his name here) doesn't realize is that he has created some competition for himself because once my students who attended the seminar (and those of you getting the videos) will do is take his step-by-step system and actually run with it.

And even if you "only" make about a quarter of what he makes -- or hell, even 10% of what he clears a month (which would be $8,500 a profits) -- you'll be doing quite well.

So, what does he do?

It's all laid out in clear and specific step-by-step detail in my videos from my seminar event which are in my office, being packaged as we speak, and will be ready to ASAP!

Here's the link for the videos including a boatload of kick-ass testimonials from some of my students who attended what I consider my most awesome and best ever seminar event:

If you have any questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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