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Sunday, September 21 2014

After every seminar event I have an incident that I call "the bus hitting me."  This usually entails a full blown physical crash along with a cold or flu.  And it usually happens within a few days after the close of an event.

Well, silly me.  I thought I evaded the bus but...the bus just hit me.
So, of course, I in no mood for no one, especially Sometimey Bitch from across the street.
Guess who comes to bug me with her shallow nonsense this morning?
Sometimey Bitch.
Of course, it starts with 20 questions about whether I'm going to Michigan for Thanksgiving this year to what type of home upgrades I'll be doing in the near future.
All in a ridiculous and stupid effort to keep up with me in some keeping-up-with-the-Jones type capacity.
Let's just put it out there...she can't keep up with me.  She doesn't have anywhere near the financial capacity to do so.
But I'll never tell her this because...well, that would be rude of me.  So, I entertain her by furnishing her with answers to her endless amount of shallow of questions as I begin fantasizing about blowing my brains out to escape her diarrhea-like rambling of the mouth.
After an inappropriate chuckle of the thought, to which she asks me what I'm laughing about, I have to lie and say I was thinking about something cute my daughter said the other day (because I can't tell her that I'm now laughing about my new thought of beating my head into the sidewalk rather than listen to her anymore), then I actually ask myself...
"Why do I keep putting myself through this?"
And not just by listening to her worthless dribble but just...all of it?
Why am I still living on that block?  I've hated it since the first week of living there when I realized that all those people suck.  (And after over 2 years, they haven't sucked any lessthan that first week.  If anything, they all suck even more.)
Why am I still living in California?  It's getting hotter and more miserable.  In the very least, I should move by the beach.  So, what the hell am I waiting for??
Why am I still managing a staff?  Why did I get a new office/warehouse?  Why am I still doing all the shit I wanted to stop doing a long time ago?  What's wrong with me?
I'm entering into this zen-like trance about my life.  Other people may call it a mid-life crisis except that I have no interest in red convertibles and no need for hair plugs.  (At least, not right now.)
What I am discovering is that you can't be around a boatload of people who make you feel like you're air supply (or rather universal magic) is being cut off due to their only motivation to show up one another with "stuff."
A "cure" for them, of course, is to just buy a Lamborghini (for myself) with the a license plate that says gets as close to "SHOVE IT" as possible.  Maybe SHVITUP or how about SHOVEIT (since I get 7 letters)?  Since I live on the end of the block in a cul-de-sac, everyone will be forced to see me go in and out every day, making them feel just as small as they already are.
And yes, the Lamborghini would have to be red.  Bright red, actually.
Then I think to myself, why bother?  Why not just move after posting a flyer on each of their doors saying, "I'm moving because I think you all suck and one day you'll wake up and you'll realize why you suck.  And if you want a clue, you suck because you identify who you are with the shit you have.  But maybe nobody told you yet but your shit actually sucks too.  I mean, who actually drives an entry-level luxury car, anyway other than a punk college kid?  Get over yourself, shallow mother******!"
Do you feel trapped by your life, too?
A couple of weeks ago I had an old friend reach out to me.  Some of you know him.  His name is Aran Dunlop, my star mobile home park investing student.  He was sad because he stated he got out of some deals, made millions (poor him!), and is now more miserable now than he was when he was broke.
That's actually quite normal, believe it or not.  The moment you identify happiness with money, and when you get it, you're still the same except without a drive because you reached your goal.  It's like knocking the wind out of your sails.
I told him that he needs another project, hopefully something with a little more meaning this time around.  He really needs to get out of the trap he put himself in which is just a matter of changing his perspective and nothing more.
You can do, have, and be anything you want.  Period.
If you have having financial difficulties, which you probably are, stop whining around it. Get up and start proactively doing something about it!  Release yourself out of your own personal prison.
It all starts with a simple decision.  Once you decide, the power belongs to you.
Now all I have to decide is this:  Do I move or buy that Lamborghini?  (Just kidding. Then again, maybe not.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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