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Friday, September 19 2014

One of my long-time students who attended my seminar this past weekend -- Theresa F. -- sent me an email about a book on curing cancer.

I thought..."I don't have cancer but...she sent me this book for a reason.  A special reason. And I have to figure this out."
I asked everyone in my office if they knew someone with cancer.  

Then I remembered Ruth.

Ruth is the mom of a little boy who was in my daughter's class last year.  Ruth and I hit it off.  She's a super smart lady, has dynamic energy, and is an incredible person all around.

But she has cancer.

What sucks about the entire situation is that she has a 6-year-old boy and a 3 1/2 year-old girl.  So...she can't die yet.  She just can't.
I forwarded the book recommendation from Theresa (who is one of those wise souls who would know how to cure cancer and if she recommends something then she recommends it for a reason).  The name of the book?  Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce.
Ruth responded right away.  She said she was at Henry Mayo Hospital from "overdoing" one of her remedies but didn't get into what she did to get herself into the hospital.  Of course, I didn't ask but mentioned that if there was any way I could help, just say the word and I'd be there.

I guess the information was timely...and maybe not so timely.  Either way, I know Ruth will look into the book when she returns home. 

 I've done some research on this book and some of the results for people in late stages of cancer have been miraculous.  Absolutely mind-blowing.

I bought the book.  I'll have it tomorrow.  I'll probably give it to Ruth if she didn't get her own copy.  Either way, I'll end up reading it myself.  Maybe I can help someone down the road if I'm sitting at an airport, for instance, and can offer some "verbal coaching" based on what I learned in the book.  You never know.  The universe works in mysterious ways.

This, of course, is at the same time that I'm blown away by another book that I started reading earlier this week called E3 by Pam Grout.  (It was just released this week...finally!Yaaahhhhh!)  And if you know nothing about Pam Grout, what I have to say next will potentially change everything about your life forever!

Let's back up for a very quick second:  I've read every book out there on the topic of manifesting.  The only two (2) books on manifesting and wealth attraction that have really resonated with me over the years are The Trick to Money is Having Some by Stuart Wild and Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn (and you can listen to the audio on by Lynn Grabhorn herself).  From more of a business perspective, I recommend Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs by Dan S. Kennedy.  For my feng shui secrets (especially on the propserity corner) I must mention how life-altering Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter has been for me.

I just gave you the reading list of a lifetime...but that's not my point.

My point is this:  Having read so many of these books, much of it becomes redundant from one to the next.

Until I read E2 by Pam Grout.

What's different about this book is that she sucks you into these "experiments," forcing you to "learn then come to know" the powers of the universe first hand.

But E2 wasn't the book that bowled me over.  It was E3 (that just came out) that really allowed me to understand the box of a life I've been trapped in for...forever (so far).

And I put myself in that box!  (And I can also take myself out!)

Just like a little girl or boy who jams a frog in a box...I put myself in my own box.  For 40 years!!  It's like WTF did I do to myself all these years??!!

Reading this book has opened the box...except that I'm stunned and now I'm just looking at the clouds (possibilities) but still in the box.  

I'm paralyzed still at the awesomeness of what my future and my life is about to become.  After all, if you were suddenly given the gift of working magic...where would you start?  (You'd start by standing there, paralyzed, until you figure some sh** out first.  Just like I'm doing.)

One of the first experiments she has you do is to manifest a gift in the next 48 hours.  The secret (the key to all this) is that you have to be very broad at first.  The gift can come in the mail, in person, etc. and it can be anything (flowers, a card, money, etc.)
I started this experiment on Wednesday, giving myself until Friday night (tonight) to receive this gift.

So, last night I'm sitting in bed, automatically starting the mind process of hashing out..."Where the f*** is my gift?  It's been 24 hours and time's ticking...!

Wait a minute!  Of course, like everyone else, I'm so used to thinking about what's not to realize what is.  Then I remembered something!
When I opened my mail earlier that day, I received a $500 Visa gift card to use for anything I want.

And how often does that happen?

How about never for me.  It's never happened to me before.

Yes, I received the gift.  Not in 48 hours but in 24 hours.

F****** A!!!  This sh** really works.

Then this morning I had this odd dream...about the universe.  I know, weird.  I dreamed that I bought this waterfront property somewhere and just when I moved in, somebody wanted to buy it from me, profiting me over $200,000 and that they'd close in a week with all cash.  And they asked if I can get all my sh** out in a week.  I'm like, "Yeah.  I can get it all out in a day."

I woke up thinking...ridiculous.  You can't close in a week.

Then I thought about it.  Actually you can close in a week.  Especially with all cash.  And I've done this before, many times.  But have forgotten because I've trained myself to accept things as being harder instead of easier as life progressed on.

Time to reverse that training and start taking the easy way!

This dream signified what we are trained to believe is possible actually isn't the way it's supposed to be...and that we are severely limiting ourselves in so many damned ways that it's sickening.  We don't even know how badly we've tied ourselves up and how deep of a dark corner we've thrown ourselves into, just accepting that once-in-awhile sliver of light that appears...then disappears.  Until we forget that there's any light to begin with.

When are we going to cut the freaking rope and emerge from the darkness?  There are so many possibilities -- effortless and exciting possibilities/opportunities -- but we're too busy staying submerged in the murky muddy pond of life, not daring to life our heads to see if there's anything else out there.

The older we get, the worse it gets.  The less likely we are to lift our heads to see if there's anything more out there.

That's why getting older blows.  We stay set in our ways and we stop looking for the magic.

This book -- E3 by Pam Grout -- is incredible.  It helps you understand how to start conjuring up the magic with these little experiments to "retrain" you into understanding how to create things in your life and how to find the magic that's actually already there.

Ever since I started reading the book earlier this week, my entire perspective is different.  I look at my business and think, "I don't have to wonder if I'm going to make certain financial goals but rather I can just create the quotas I want...then let it happen."  How freaking cool is that, folks?  It's like waving that magic wand and getting what you wantanytime you want it.

These experiments allow you to come to personally and intimately know that this can work.  Without this inner knowing of these possibilities, you can't possibly make magic happen.

And this is that "missing link" within all self-help books out there, especially those on the topic of manifesting.  No knowing = doubt.  Doubt = lack of manifesting.

Pam Grout helps you remove this doubt by helping you know that this magic is possible.

As I drove into my office/warehouse today I started thinking..."Is this what I want anymore?"  I feel like I've been hanging onto a lot of things that I was supposed to hang onto for security but...I don't think I need any of this anymore.  More analysis as I go on.

Let's turn this to you.

If someone dropped a magic wand into your hands right now and told you that you could wave it for anything you wanted...but think carefully first about what you think you really would you start using this magic wand?

I know...this type of power is mind-boggling, isn't it?

Yet you already have it.  You've had this wand in your lap the whole time.

So...start freaking using it already!  All is possible.  And "all" means everything.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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