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Tuesday, September 02 2014
A lot of you have been asking me questions about my student Rick C. and exactly what he did to gross $3.26 million with selling info products on credit building and if I'd be teaching this type of stuff in my Direct Mail Order Millionaire course.
The short answer, yes.  I will be showing you how to do this.
Some of you have been asking again exactly what Rick C. sells...
Again without getting into too-specific details, I'll tell you that the product is a course on building credit.  (I won't divulge whether it's for business or personal credit).  It's a physical course he sells at the price point of $197 (plus shipping/handling) and he has a back-end product where he offers a credit consulting "service" on a monthly basis, racking up continuity cash for him and his business.
How much does he charge for the monthly service?  He offers the service for $67 per month and, as he's reported to me, he has 630 people on the monthly service.  That makes him more than $42,000 a month in "continuity" income so even if he stops doing the rest of the business, he'll be having that come in for at least a good 6 months before he'll have to get more clients for his service by doing mailings (or other marketing) again.
Will I be showing you how to sell what Rick C. sells?  I will offer examples having to do with selling credit products in my manual but, because of confidentiality, I can't show you Rick C.'s exact sales materials just like you wouldn't want me blasting to all my students your exact sales materials to your multi-million-dollar mail order business (one day).
One thing I will tell you, once again, is that absolutely anyone can do this.  Anyone!
And this is the most intensely Aggressive opportunity out there for those of you who want to:
1)  Raise cash for real estate investing.
2)  Want to replace your current income from your job or business (that you probably hate).
3)  Want to make a lot of money without working a full 40-hours a week.
Now, as a warning, this isn't a 4-hour work week type of deal.  (In fact, nothing is!)  But I can get away with about 20, sometimes 30 hours a week doing this.  And if you're one of those people who doesn't want to work at least 20 (sometimes 30) hours a week to pocket (yes, that's profit) several hundred thousand dollars a year then...keep your current job.
As for the business itself, it's kind of boring.  So, if you're looking for some exciting "rock star" opportunity, this isn't it.  But what I like about the business is that, once you get everything set up, you don't have to really "think" about anything.  You just get your mailings out, take your orders, send out the product to your customers...rinse and repeat over and over again until you wake up one morning (virtually "overnight") and look at your bank statement and say, "Holy sh**! Did the bank make a mistake? Where did all this money come from?"
And that's when stupid people run out to buy a big screen TV and a new luxury car.  All in one day, usually.  That's when smart you will start a new corporation (or LLC) specifically for real estate investing to start funneling that cash into that new entity's bank account to start investing in property ASAP!
Now, back to the Direct Mail Order Millionaire opportunity.
I have 2 things for you.  One thing you may or may not want to do since we're coming up on our dates...quick!  The other one you almost have to do just because you won't learn how to do this any other way!
Option A:  Come to the 2-Day Boot Camp Seminar on September 13th and 14th in Los Angeles.  Yes, that's coming up quick.  In fact, if you want to be technical, the seminar starts next week (on Saturday).  It may or may not be realistic for you to register now if you haven't already but it's highly recommended because of my kick-ass presentation that I'll be doing on this exact subject on Day One of the event.  Click here for more details.
For the first time, I'm going to not only be presenting exactly what to do in this business to pull off these multi-million-dollar financial figures I'm talking about, but I'll also be bringing what I'll deem as "the swipe file."
If you know anything about direct mail marketing, you already know what a "swipe file" is.  It's a collection of sales letters, space/display ads from magazines, etc.  A good (or "great") "swipe" will have a variety of different advertisements that not only has excellent copy but were proven to make millions selling product.  Any product!
Right now I have my hands on a swipe file for the hottest and most profitable direct mail product line/type there is right now.  It cost me a fortune to get this swipe file (and I'll explain exactly how and why I have it) and it could be worth millions to you if you had this swipe file.
Option B:  Pre-order my Direct Mail Order Millionaire Complete Course (which will notship until the week of September 15th).  This course (especially the deluxe version) will show you everything you need to know, including exact (and currently mailed) multi-million-dollar direct mail marketing campaigns that you can look at for price point information, product ideas, and even "borrow" some of the copy for your own campaign. Why reinvent the wheel, right?  It cost me tens of thousands of dollars to get this incredible swipe file that I use when I'm developing new campaigns for a specific type of product which happens to be the most lucrative type out there right now.
Let me clarify a couple of things here:
1)  This swipe file has never been shown to any of my students in the past.  I just finished scanning the entire thing into my system which is further proof that no one has seen it before.
2)  This swipe file contains the advertisements, sales pieces, and copy of all my current competitors selling a specific type of product that is the most lucrative product type in direct mail right now.
3)  You could literally "swipe" these competitors' sales pieces, product ideas, price points, and (if you dared) some of their pictures for your own multi-million-dollar sales pieces because you will have the opportunity to get this entire swipe file at my upcoming eventwithout paying a penny for it!
That means you have to attend the Boot Camp Event or get the Deluxe version of the Direct Mail Order Millionaire Complete System.  There's no other way to get this swipe file. Period.
Also, I should mention that once my 2-Day Boot Camp is over and this first batch of courses goes out, I will be pulling this swipe file.  It won't be available on this course anymore.  It will go from you choosing the Basic or Deluxe version of the course to just the Basic.
Click here for more details about my upcoming seminar and to register if you haven't already!  Click here for the Direct Mail Order Millionaire including a 16-minute audio seminar!  The deal on it ends soon!
And for those of you who know you can't come to the event because of whatever excuse you've decided on that will ultimately alter the fate of your future, hopefully it was a damned good excuse!  And for those who can't come to the event, you can still get the same powerful Aggressive Income information with my latest cutting-edge course.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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