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Tuesday, August 26 2014

One thing I didn't mention this past Friday (when I emailed you about the kick-ass newly upgraded "money spreadsheet") is how one of my students who attended a summer New Wealth Ninja in-office training back in 2012 is doing with his direct mail Aggressive Income business that he started "sketching out" in my class.

(By the way, if you missed getting the "money spreadsheet," click here to get it.)

Rick C. sent me an email a couple of months back telling me that he grossed $3.26 million in 2013 from an information publishing product he put together (based on my direct suggestions).

What is the product?

Without getting into too-specific details, I'll tell you that the product is a course on building credit.  (I won't divulge whether it's for business or personal credit).  It's a physical course he sells at the price point of $197 (plus shipping/handling) and he has a back-end product where he offers a credit consulting "service" on a monthly basis, racking up continuity cash for him and his business.

How much does he charge for the monthly service?  He offers the service for $67 per month and, as he's reported to me, he has 630 people on the monthly service.  That makes him more than $42,000 a month in "continuity" income so even if he stops doing the rest of the business, he'll be having that come in for at least a good 6 months before he'll have to get more clients for his service by doing mailings (or other marketing) again.

Anyone can do this.  Absolutely anyone!  And I'm not kidding.  It's really that easy.

Now, what will make or break anyone getting involved in any type of business like this is a couple of things:  (1)  Copywriting (or having a great sales letter), and (2) the numbers of the business based on a few different "factors."

It's actually pretty freaking simple to get both of the above down.  The "money spreadsheet" I had you download the other day will help with the numbers part.  But what about the copywriting?

Believe it or not, as long as you understand one important key element about this Aggressive Income business, you won't have to worry so much about the copywriting part. don't want to just slap some crappy sales piece together and expect people to send you money, right?

As you know, my 2-day New Wealth Warrior Boot Camp Seminar is coming up on September 13th and 14th in Los Angeles.  It's an Aggressive/Passive Income event.  Day One will be devoted to Aggressive Income and Day Two will be all about Passive Income Strategies (with the exception of that morning when we'll be talking about Aggressive Real Estate Investing).

In my last email to you, I mentioned that I have a kick-ass presentation on the most powerful money-making Aggressive Income Business there is:  Direct Mail Marketing.  It's the only Aggressive Business I've gotten involved with where I've personally made tens of millions of dollars...without breaking much of a sweat either!

For the first time, I'm going to not only be presenting exactly what to do in this business to pull off these multi-million-dollar financial figures I'm talking about, but I'll also be bringing what I'll deem as "the swipe file."

If you know anything about direct mail marketing, you already know what a "swipe file" is.  It's a collection of sales letters, space/display ads from magazines, etc.  A good (or "great") "swipe" will have a variety of different advertisements that not only has excellent copy but were proven to make millions selling product.  Any product!

Right now I have my hands on a swipe file for the hottest and most profitable direct mail product line/type there is right now.  It cost me a fortune to get this swipe file(and I'll explain exactly how and why I have it) and it could be worth millions to you if you had this swipe file.

Let me clarify a couple of things here:

1)  This swipe file has never been shown to any of my students in the past.  I'm about half way through scanning in this entire swipe file and it'll be completely done by this weekend.

2)  This swipe file contains the advertisements, sales pieces, and copy of all my current competitors selling a specific type of product that is the most lucrative product type in direct mail right now.

3)  You could literally "swipe" these competitors' sales pieces, product ideas, price points, and (if you dared) some of their pictures for your own multi-million-dollar sales pieces because you will have the opportunity to get this entire swipe file at my upcoming event without paying a penny for it!

That means you have to attend the event.  No way around it!

I will be offering something absolutely spectacular to you later this week if you're really interested in this direct mail marketing business (including how to make a killing with postcards...yes, you can make a killing but most of the "methods" taught on how to do this is 100% wrong!) but since this swipe file is something I don't want to "flood the market" with, I won't be offering this anywhere else except for those who attend my event in a few weeks.

Click here for more details about my upcoming seminar and to register if you haven't already!

And for those of you who know you can't come to the event because of whatever excuse you've decided on that will ultimately alter the fate of your future, hopefully it was a damned good excuse!  Regardless, I'll have some additional information on getting a thorough education that can make you millions in direct mail marketing coming up later this week.  So don't fret too much!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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