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Friday, August 22 2014
All day yesterday I was working on my kick-ass first-ever presentation on how to build a multi-million-dollar per year mail order business from scratch for my upcoming event in Los Angeles next month.
While I was doing this, I spent hours upgrading my "money spreadsheet" that I personally use when planning out my next direct marketing campaign to see where my numbers need to be (for pricing) and what I can expect to make on a mailing project/campaign.  During this process, I added something called an "Accumulative" section.
What does this do?
The "Accumulative" section of the spreadsheet will tell you how much you can expect to profit (and yes, that mean cash in your pocket after all expenses are paid) in various monthly increments or intervals, including how much you will make your first year with one single marketing campaign.
I was a little surprised of what a "newbie" in all this putting in minimal work per week can make in their first year, assuming that they don't plan on doubling or tripling their business (as they should).  And that figure?
A whopping $245,006.25 in your first year!  This is after all expenses are paid so this would be cash in your pocket!
And again, this is assuming that you're somewhat lazy and won't at least double your business at least halfway through the year!
Where is this spreadsheet?
Great that you asked because you'll need it for my kick-ass presentation I'll be doing next month in LA on how to get to these numbers for your marketing campaigns.
Here is the link for the spreadsheet:
There's even a tutorial video on how the spreadsheet works...however, since the "Accumulative" portion is brand new, that part isn't discussed in the video.  I'll be discussing more about how that works at the event.
When you download the spreadsheet, please note that the first yellow section in the upper-left hand corner is the part where you indicate "pieces."  I have a huge number in there (50,000). To bring it to "reality" for where you'll be starting, bring the number back down to 5,000 and you'll get your realistic numbers.
For those of you who haven't registered for the seminar, you still can by going to this link:
This is where I'll be explaining in full detail -- including exactly what you'll be doing in these campaigns -- to make (or exceed) the numbers I'm showing in this spreadsheet.
Have a great weekend!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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