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Wednesday, August 20 2014
I had a major altercation the other day with my 2nd ex-husband (my daughter's father).  I work my ass off with only one "end-goal" in mind and that is to create a better life for my daughter.
You see, when I was growing up, clothing shopping consisted of going to a thrift shop once a year (or less), going without certain utilities (including water, gas, and the phone), sharing a bedroom with my brother during my younger years, and going without many meals on top of moving every single year...never going to the same school 2 years in a row.  And forget about college.  That simply wouldn't be for me as far as my parents were concerned.
Of course, I didn't want that type of crap-hole life for my little girl which is why I dedicate every single millisecond of each day to her future.  Yeah, she may blow it but at least I know that I did everything I personally could do to make it better for her.
So, how do you think I feel when my daughter tells me over this past weekend that my 2nd ex-husband's girlfriend Geri (who we'll refer to as "Getty Lee" of the group Rush because she's a dead ringer for the guy...and if you don't know who I'm talking about, just roll with it) that Getty is making my daughter feel bad because she has nice things at my house.  This conversation with my daughter apparently included asking her such questions as:
1)  What's going on over there?  How is your mom able to afford all that stuff?
2)  Why do you have a nice house and I don't?
3)  It's sooooo unfair that you have pretty things and I don't, don't you think?
In which case, as soon as my 6-year-old was communicating all of this to me, I was on the verge of marching right over there for a blow-out altercation with this nit-wit bitch and demanding why she was exuding her poorly-executed display of jealousy in an attempt to psychologically manipulate my daughter into believing that she doesn't deserve the things I work so hard for.
So, I told my daughter that she needs to say the following the next time Getty decides to go off on any one of her misplaced tangents:
"My mom works very hard for what we have and it's none of your business what my mother does for money; maybe you should stop being so lazy then you can get somewhere financially in your own life too!  Having no job and sponging off other people isn't going to get you anywhere!"
Think I didn't tell her to say exactly that?  Think again.  Believe it or not, if you had a conversation with my daughter about anything, you'd be shocked at how adult-like the conversation would be...and it's because I talk to her like an adult (like how most parents should communicate with their children).  
I do this because she's always been a bright girl, because life for little ones in this generation requires that kids grow up faster than we did (because of technology mostly) and they need to be able to quickly handle everything that comes at them (including drugs, perverts, etc.), and because I am training her to deal with most challenging task in this lifetime of all: dealing with people, especially before they try to make you feel bad, inadequate or negative about something otherwise you give them your power.
And you never give your power away to anyone else.  Period!
Back to deadbeat "Getty Lee," I painstakingly explained to my daughter that anyone can have anything they want in this lifetime but it requires learning something of value then getting off their ass and doing something about it.  When people are lazy and feel entitled, expecting to get something for nothing, they'll pretty much nothing for most (or all) of their lifetime.  Reality is, you have to put together some type of action plan then actually work the plan consistently, persistently, and aggressively until you get what you want.
Sitting around watching television while skipping from one low-level job to the next then taking unemployment benefits in between till that runs out really isn't any type of strategy to be proud of and certainly not one that will give you the lifestyle you want.  Especially if none of that in-between time includes learning something new, developing an action plan ofany kind, or actually implementing the elements of the plan.
I knew this student of mine years ago who worked one of the most basement-bottom jobs you could think of.  He made minimum wage and was living in a motel.
Whenever I'd talk to this student on the phone, he intrigued me.  He explained where he worked and how much he made.  He told me where he lived and about the POS car he drove.
But he never complained.  Not once.  About any of it.
Instead he'd tell me that it's all temporary and that he's studying my stuff every waking moment of every day that he's not working.  We was doing what he could to implement the steps including fixing his credit.  Literally every waking moment was about working his success plan.
I didn't hear from him for a couple of years and wondered about him.  Then a few months back he sent me an email.  What was he doing now?
Well, over the course of three years he purchased a few apartment buildings and found himself enjoying an annual cash flow of just over $140,000 a year, bought himself a nice house, leased a Lexus, and was in escrow on a deal that would add another $35,000 a year to that annual cash flow.
And this student understood one thing I told him when he "thanked" me for his success.
I said, "It wasn't me."
He said, "You're right.  It was me."
Damn right!  It was him.  He is the one who gets 100% of the kudos for the success he's attained because he did the work!  I didn't do the work.  He did!
How many thousands of people have my original book Apartment Building Millionaire?  I'll tell you...just under 10,000!  Yet there are success stories from a couple of hundred.
It's not the book that's sitting on your bookshelf that you can thank for your success.  It's not even me for getting the information to you!  It's you for taking words and putting them into action!
Like I said, nearly 10,000 people have the book.  If everyone who merely had the book became successful, I'd have 10,000 raving raging success stories.  Yet I don't.  The book doesn't do the work.  The author isn't the one to thank for attaining the success.  You are the one who has all the control to get what you want in this lifetime.
And you can start today.  Right now.
I have something interesting for you...the real estate investing strategy that can take you from nothing (with nothing to your name) and start packing your bank account with obscene amounts of profits within the shortest amount of time than any other real estate investing technique I can teach you.
And it's all in my Real Estate Cash Flow System 2015.  Click here for more details.  
If you have any questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050.
Bottom line...if you want to get anywhere in life and start living your dreams, you have to learn the techniques required for success then just go for it.  You can't be like "Getty."  You can't be a deadbeat!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  I still have room in my New Wealth Warrior 2-Day Boot Camp Seminar Event on September 13th and 14th in Los Angeles where I will be going in to great detail about the ground-breaking strategies on this incredible real estate investing strategy.  Click here for more details.
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