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Wednesday, August 13 2014

Most of you know that I underwent a lengthy never-ending office move that started around my birthday when I secured my new office/warehouse unit (in mid-June) through the very last day of July.  Yes, it took 6 weeks from beginning to end.  That's what happens when you shave 3,000 square feet off your unit.

This was around the time when I realized, without a doubt, that there was a very weird energy in that old place.  I didn't realize what a major life-sucking downward spiral I was on since I moved into that place almost 3 years ago.  Yes, there are energies in every space, believe it or not.  And energy that is negative, bad, weird, paranormal, "low," or even abyss-like will drain you dry on every level possible and imaginable.

I felt like I was in one of the sequel Ghostbuster movies where I recall the scene where there is an oversized painting of a viking-looking dude and one of our Ghostbuster guys starts staring into the painting, completely overcome and controlled by it.

This is what was going on when I went into the office.  I had a list of things to do.  I was completely focused.  I was raring to go.  Then I'd get into the office, sit at my desk, and instantly became completely unmotivated, almost nauseated in a way, unfocused, and confused about what to do.  And I'd accomplish absolutely nothing most days unless I went home and worked on my laptop.

I smudged, blasted loud energetic music, burned incense, had 3 fast-running fountains, and sprayed certain oils into the air in an effort to change the energy.  Nothing worked.  And this went on year after year after year.

Toward the end of being at the old place, as many of you know, I was feeling really sick of my businesses and hated my staff...even going on frequent firing rampages, essentially clearing everyone out except for Lea.

I realize now that all of this behavior was stemming from this weird energy vortex I was stuck in and moving wasn't just a luxury.  It was required!

Ever since I started the process of moving mid-June, my business has taken some significant positive changes.  Business is booming and I can't keep up.  I hired one of my old staffers back who was with me for 5 years before I terminated her last summer.  I'm begging Lea to stay past her September 30th retirement date.  And I'm scrambling to hire more yesterday.

All because I moved and created an energy change!

So, what am I getting at here?  Profits have increased dramatically for my businesses.  Click here if you want to see what I'm talking about.

But I really don't care about myself because I've always been able to make money in business and investing.  That's nothing new.  What's mind-boggling to me is that my change of energy has actually helped many of my students as well.  Click here to look at some of their wild and crazy profits they've been making in real estate!

By the way, since I moved I feel freaking fantastic.  My "office" is in the back of the warehouse where I have no window and I put up a giant-size poster of the beach but...I feel great and I freaking love it!  Better than having the best window office in the joint and feeling completely drained, unmotivated, and sick everyday, right?  I haven't felt this focused, enthusiastic, motivated, and happy in a very long time!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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