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Sunday, July 27 2014
Years ago I used to get angry with students who used to sign up for a seminar to take endless amounts of notes and to get all pumped up just to do exactly nothing with the information when they got home.  And for awhile, I took this type of stuff personally.
Then, over the years, I would see these same students in my events or they would email me telling me that they finally started buying property!  Some students who I had never seen before would end up going up to the microphone at my events thanking me for helping them get started and then talking about the building or buildings they purchased using my materials.
I've noticed a trend these days.  There are more and more students who are actually using my stuff.
But I also noticed something else that's a little less obvious.  Maybe these people that just keep signing up for stuff finally become ready at different times.  Maybe it takes more than one seminar event to allow them to push past the fears they have.  Maybe my time frame for success differs greatly with many other people out there.
Is it okay to sign up for stuff, show up, and put a half-assed (or no) effort into taking the stuff you learned into the real world for real results?
Yes, it is.  And here's why:
Some people don't know if they want to become entrepreneurs or investors...yet.  And they need to get some more information to make an informed decision.
Or maybe some of my students need to connect with other people at the event who have actually bought properties to let them know something as simple as, "If I did it, so can you."
And maybe there really is something to "success by osmosis."  This was a concept that I used to rip apart in my earlier seminars and I went for the throat with my students, condemning them if they dare even think about investing their time, effort, and energy into an event of mine without doing something with the stuff they learned.
But I'm a student too.  Not with real estate, business, or investing but with something else.
Many of you know how much I've been doing with creative writing and screenwriting.  In this world, I am a student.  But what you don't know is that I've been housing a fear -- an unsubstantiated fear I need to add -- for more than 20 years.  I knew if I was going to do something with creative writing I had to start pushing past the fear.  And I did, starting with registering (and attending) every event, seminar, and workshop I could.
And this made all the difference!
I'd look at people who had done it and say, "If they can do this, I can do this."  Or I'd look at people who haven't done anything and quickly learn why they're so pathetic.  Sometimes they didn't even have to open their mouth and I'd figure it out.  Or I'd start putting together a very well streamlined action plan based on the information I was given including figuring out those "missing pieces" that I either knew were missing or had no idea they were to be part of the mechanics to begin with.
But I think the most significant element of registering and attending events is that you are showing yourself (namely your conscious and subconscious minds) that you are investing in the process by attending something and taking the time to learn a craft.  And because you've made this investment in yourself, you're technically now "invested" which forces you to move forward so you don't have to take a "loss" on what you've invested in the process so far.  That's basic human psychology, folks!
As I either end my career (or take a very long break) from teaching, I'd like you to join me for my September 13th and 14th event in Los Angeles.  At this event, I have private investors showing up to network with you guys and gals during breaks, at the bar, and during dinner.  I have my "star" apartment building student by the name of Stephen Scott who is coming in from Texas to meet you and tell you exactly how he started out with my book living in a hotel room to buying tens of millions of dollars in property in only a couple of years.
I'm offering my early-bird deal until Thursday, July 31st at 5pm Pacific Time before I drastically bump up the price.  So, if you want in, I recommend you get in.
By the way, this will be your only chance to get a payment plan or put down a hold deposit in case you change your mind later.  If you wait until Friday (the 1st) then you'll be paying a steep registration fee with no hold deposit option.
If you have any questions or need a special payment plan, call us at (661) 295-5050.
See you at the event!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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