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Wednesday, July 23 2014

I was reluctantly sucked into a conversation with husband #2 last night because my daughter basically threw the phone at me when he called.  (Apparently she doesn't want to talk to the guy either.)  And for some reason, he felt like becoming Chatty Cathy about his future plans which include the following:

  • Moving back in with Mommy (for the 2nd time since our divorce).
  • Leaving a job that's physically taxing to something for lazy folk like himself, but this new job must be a supervisory position that pays extremely well and one that he doesn't have to work his way up to get or prove his work ethic (or offer tenure) to get.
  • Figuring out other ways to leach off society by exerting as little effort as possible.

So, in other words, not a damn thing has changed with the guy.

Apparently he was telling me all this because maybe he thought I'd be supportive of his fruitless and futile efforts to extract unearned funds and benefits from others stupid enough to allow such a fraud to occur.

He's now 41 years old, has never looked sicker in his entire life, is smoking even more cigarettes (and even telling people that he quit), and looking for ways to freeload off the system in, what he believes, are more "creative" methods.  All I could do is roll my eyeballs and end the conversation with some white lie including, but not limited to, "the stove just blew up," "I feel sick and I'm about to throw up," or "what?? you're cutting out! whhhaaaatttt??"  

And then click.

He should know me well enough that I don't support such apathetic behavior but, then again, when you are dealing with someone who is further mentally "off" than Walter Mitty, what can you realistically expect?

My 2nd husband wasn't seemingly always such a piece of work.  I met him when I was 25 and he seemed very focused, devoted to his career in law enforcement, and was quickly moving his way up the ranks into supervisory rolls.

So...what the hell happened between then and now?

I can partially attribute this shift to the fact that I financially supported him for a number of years, thus eliminating his motivation to get off his ass.  Once you glue your ass to a couch for several years, somehow you don't want to get up anymore.  Your brain becomes mush-mash from the hours and hours a day of watching The Price is Right, Judge Judy, and Dr. Phil...all while "multi-tasking" and playing Call of Duty on your laptop at the same time.

But then I thought about it.

Am I really to blame for his downward spiral recession into the dark abyss of apathy?  Would a hustler or motivated person by nature even accept the station in life to become a "kept" person who loses interest in everything but television and Internet porn?

I don't know.

I know I'm a highly motivated person who will always be doing something whether it's writing the next American novel, trading stocks online, or even donating my time to some type of organization like becoming a paralegal for the Legal Eagles for Death Row Inmates...or something.

But to do nothing?  Nothing at all?

So, let's turn this to you.  Who are you?  What are you all about?  What motivates you?  Would you be a complete and total lazy ass if someone was taking care of you or if you suddenly had millions of tax-free dollars land in your bank account?  Be honest.  I don't care about your answer.  I only care about my answer.

If you recall, I sent you an email a couple of days ago with a "secret" to success.  But what I didn't tell you is that you have to want success to start with.  And you have to want it with a passion.  If you don't want it or you don't want to do anything to get it then...nothing I can do to help you on any level.

As you know, I just told you about my Motherload 2015 Resource Directory.  What I didn't mention were a couple of key things about my Motherload:

1)  I've had students use this to purchase millions of dollars in property including helping them get the down payment funds for their deals.
2)  I've had students hook up with multi-millionaires for partnerships through this directory which they use for their first deal or two before having the money needed to do their own solo deals.

But...with the good comes the bad which is...

* The Freeloaders or the students who don't want to lift a finger to get the deals but they want to be "partners" on deals with the people who will be ponying up the cash and the credit for the deal...and apparently they're supposed to also find the profitable deal for the student too!
* The Fools or the students who get the directory and start calling lenders, brokers, and partners on the phone without (1) any idea of what they're doing because they haven't bothered to read a simple book on real estate investing, or (2) don't have a deal but want to "secure" funding first which isn't how it works in investment real estate.

You can't be a Fool or a Freeloader to be able to use the Motherload Resource Directory to its maximum capacity.  So, because of this, I'm throwing in the needed educational materials needed when you receive your Motherload Resource Directory next week.
Oh, wait.  Did you order it yet?  If not, here's the link to the deal that ends tomorrow:

Okay, so we talked about the resources which, technically, are the only major component you need to become filthy rich in real estate (or business).  But what about that other thing I was talking about?  You know, about what's required to start breaking out into a new life by educating yourself, acclimating into a new world, and changing the dreadful scenery of the life you want to leave behind?

That would be at my September Boot Camp Seminar in Los Angeles.

That's where it starts.

Here's the link where you can get the directory free if you register for the seminar event.  And if you've already registered, you can get the Motherload free by going to this link:

Again, this deal ends tomorrow so...what the hell are you waiting for?

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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