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Sunday, June 29 2014

Some of you may recall but I shared with you a success story where my student, Stephen Scott, went from living in a hotel room in Texas to acquiring $18 million totaling 630 apartment units in just 26 months.

That just over 2 years!

Quite amazing, if you think about it!

So, I was able to twist his arm (not really) and he agreed to speak on Day 2 of the upcoming event that I'm having on September 13th and 14th in Los Angeles.  This is where he will lay out, step by step, exactly how he started from nothing and got to where he is in only 2 paltry years.

If you don't think this information will be instrumental to your success then don't come.  To me, this is one of those moments in your life where you get to decide how serious you are in building financial freedom with one of the most powerful ways of investing there is: apartment building investing.

I was watching television this morning and one of those annoying real estate infomercials popped up with Armando Montelango.  His pitch is to suck people into some free seminar where he (or rather his trained cronies) will sell you to death on some course and possibly a mentorship (or one of those bus tours) for tens of thousands of dollars.

My first thought was: what the hell did he do to his hair?  It looks very...feminine.  I think he was going for the "I'm a radical dude" superhero look just doesn't work for him.

My second thought was: who the hell is stupid enough to fall for this cheesy sales pitch?  What type of person does it take to sign up for a free even knowing that it won't be free and knowing that they're going to be sold on thousands of dollars of useless stuff?
Yet thousands of people are doing it otherwise he wouldn't be on the air luring people into his scam-like cesspool.  You can't keep advertising if you can't keep finding the suckers to support the enterprise.

This is when it hit me.

I'm done with this part of my life.  I don't have the power to talk people out of dealing with the likes of him nor do I want to anymore.  If people want to be scammed, so be it.  It's not my job to be Mommy Monica and save the world when it's pretty clear that there are too many people who like to be suckered.

Yes, that's right.  They like to be suckered.

They thrive on sitting in a room for the thrill of being motivated.  (This is why so many people join MLM programs yet most never make a dime but rather end up losing a small fortune in the process.)  They thrive on the excitement, possibilities, and whatever other motivational spiel the used car salesman who is doing the "free training" throws at them.
But I don't do all that.  I just give you the facts.  You do this, this, and that and you can have at least $20,000 per month in passive income coming into your bank account like clockwork.

I know...pretty boring in comparison, isn't it?

Then I also realized something else: I'm tired.  Yes.  Tired.  It seems that my entire future is shifting into a different direction and I have a very well laid out plan which, unfortunately, no longer includes any training of any kind.

And what is this plan?

Keep building my health supplement company (because it requires so little brain power yet is so incredibly profitable), focus on my UCLA Professional Program (starting in September), possibly start working on my MFA next year from a UC school, and keep acquiring small, manageable, yet incredibly profitable apartment buildings.

As you can see from my "New Life" schedule above, that leaves no room for anything else.

What about that book I was talking about?

Yes, I've been thinking about the book.  But these days the thinking is more about how I don't want to do the book.  So, yes, I've been thinking about it but not in the context you may have thought.

Here's a little rule about how life works for those of you who haven't caught on yet: in order to have new things happen, you have to ditch some of the old things.  This goes for physical stuff like old clothes and crap you don't use anymore.  It goes for relationships.  It goes for businesses, jobs, careers, etc.  It goes for everything.  Out with the old, in with the new.

I didn't want to freak some of my students out who were starting to get nervous about my exit.  And, as I mentioned before, I will still be offering my information via CD and as downloads.  If I revise something or create a new course, I'll let you know.  But all the rest of the stuff needs to go to the wayside until I can reboot my mental, emotional, and physical systems right now.

My recommendation to you is that you join me in September.  I recommend you come to see Stephen Scott speak so you can fully understand how one of my students went from nothing to a multi-millionaire in only 2 years.

If he can do it, you can do it.

And yes, this is a one-time opportunity that will not be repeated.

If you ever wonder how or why I've been as successful as I have, it's because of networking, meeting people, meeting investors, and getting out there.  And, the last time I checked, you can't do that when you're sitting behind your keyboard at home.

Here is the link to register:  CLICK HERE!

The deal I have on this event ends tomorrow.

See you at the top...or rather I'll see you in LA!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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