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Thursday, June 26 2014

I met a fellow writer who was talking about how she had gone through an intensive 2-year MFA program for creative writing, costing her over $30,000.  Her true passion, of course, is screenwriting.  She even sold a romantic comedy script to an "indie" (independent) production company.

I commended her on her success, even if she believed it was small, and started asking questions about whether she signed up for the Burbank Pitch Fest.  This is a once-per-year deal every June where you can meet with real agents, studio execs, and production companies looking for scripts.  She had said she never heard of it.


This is the first part of the problem.  People jump into something without knowing what the end-goal is or how to streamline an action plan to get there.

When she asked me how much the Pitch Fest charges, I told her that it's $750 to be able to attend all the classes, meet with people, and get the maximum effect of the multi-day event.

"Well, that's too expensive!"  That was her response.

Double hmmmmm....

So, let me get this straight.  You'll dump $30,000 into an MFA degree for screenwriting, you've written a couple of screenplays, but when it comes to investing in that "moment" where you can unlock the vault to agents, studio executives, and other important Hollywood types, you can't scrape together $750?  Freaking really??!!

I started thinking about it and realized that there are a couple of things happening here.

I think some people psyche themselves out when that "moment" comes up that can change everything.  Maybe they're afraid they'll fail or maybe they're afraid they'll actually succeed. Because, after all, do you really think she wouldn't find that $750 somewhere if she knew -- without a shred of doubt -- that she'd find the person that that would ultimately buy her script in a few weeks after the event for six figures?  Or if a studio executive told her (over the phone) that he'd be there and that, since his schedule is so tight, he could only meet her atthat event that required payment to enter?

I don't know.  Really, I don't know the answer.

I'd like to think that people have no confidence in themselves.  They wouldn't attend an event because they honestly don't think they have the resources and skills (whether they have them now or will acquire them at the event), therefore thinking, "Why even bother paying the money and wasting my time?"

But here's the scary part.

I think that some people -- even when given that "moment" that can change everything and knowing that it's right before them -- would pass on it because it's too scary to change your life, even if it's for the better.

What about the responsibility and meeting new people and having deadlines and being immersed into a new world?  A lot of people simply aren't ready for that.  

They have a routine.  Go to work, complain every moment of every day about the freeway traffic, the gray cubicle they sit in, the florescent lights that are sucking the juice out of their brains through their eyeballs and how co-worker Chatty Cathy won't ever shut the f*** up...then fight traffic home, make a TV dinner, watch a minimum of 5 hours of their favorite shows before passing out.  Only 5 days a week...then you have the weekend.  Beer, BBQs (in the summer), hanging out, recharging...then start over on Monday morning.
As crappy as a life that is, at least they know what to expect.  Not many people like change or surprise, even if it probably will be better than what they have now.

My mom hated her job.  She worked in the accounting department of a multi-billion-dollar construction building supply company in St. Louis, Missouri.  She was one of those people who did exactly what I outlined above...yet she did absolutely nothing to change her life. Nothing.  She thought about it, talked about it...but actually did nothing about it.  (This is when I realized that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink it.)

In the wee hours of a Monday morning, she had a massive seizure.  Once rushed to the hospital, this is when they found the brain tumor that would kill her less than 6 months later.

But think about it.  Many heart attacks, strokes, and seizures actually do happen on a Monday morning before the start of a work day.  I believe my mom's brain was getting back into I-gotta-go-to-crappy-work mode and started creating more stress than normal.

Isn't that telling you anything??  If you're brain can't process what I'm telling you then maybe your body can understand.

You see, logically it seems like a brilliant idea not to "buck the system" and create any significant change in your life because that means "instability."  But your body would completely agree with me when I say that living a much more low-key stress-free lifestyle is the ticket to true wealth and happiness.

Not to mention the fact that you'll never have to worry about money again when you set yourself up correctly.

Many of my students don't understand what I'm doing yet I see the end-goal as clear as day. Less stress, doing the things I really want to do, investing more, working the 80/20 Principle, and working a lot less.  Of course, this requires me cutting back on my business participation.  Hence, the move that's coming up next week (and throughout July), cutting back on Global Success, and moving into different directions.

And I haven't been this excited about anything in a very long time!

The difference between me and many other "gurus" out there is that I walk the talk.  Once I decided that I was going into a different direction, I began to set myself up.  This is why I'm going from a 4,200 square foot office/warehouse down to 1,200 square feet.  Yes, cutting 3,000 square feet off is a bitch but too much crap slows the energy down.

I'm also cutting all of my phone lines down to two, one for each business.  And a fax line with Internet service.  This is down from my current 10-line configuration that I have between both companies.

My hours have dropped from 55 hours a week to 40 hours a week and now to about 25 hours per week.  Simplicity = happiness.  Happiness = less stress.

And the Universe opens up for you.

So, what am I getting at here?

I have a 2-day seminar event coming up on September 13th and 14th in Los Angeles where I'm laying out exactly what I'm doing and how you can create a simplistic, easy-to-operate (with no/low overhead) business that cash flows anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 and how you can dump those profits into Passive Income Assets for a solid streamlined 36-month (or less) retirement plan.

I have some kick-ass guest speakers including my star apartment building student who went from living in a hotel room to acquiring $18,000,000 in property in the snap of a finger...just by following my methods.  And he'll show you exactly what he did to get what he's got.

And, he's also looking for partners.

One other little surprise, too!

I have an investor partner of mine who will be in attendance looking to invest with some of my students on his property deals.  He won't be speaking but he'll be sitting in the audience with my students, getting to know you on breaks and via the Platinum VIP dinners.  His goal is to find people he has a rapport with so that he can inject some of his vast wealth into your deals.
You can't network with these people if you don't show up.  Period.

I have a deal on my seminar that is ending on Monday.  Platinum VIP is almost full.  I have 2 seats left and that's about it.  By Monday those seats will be long gone, if you want to wait around that long.

I have a buy-one-get-one free deal on the Gold VIP at a super low price.  This will also be ending on Monday by 5pm Pacific Time.
Here's the link for the deal:

Now would be the time that you could be honest with yourself (because I don't care either way).  Do you want to do something to completely change your lifestyle...or not?

In case you haven't figured it out, this could be your "moment" that I was talking about.  Like Eminem says in his song Lose Yourself..."Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted.  One moment.  Would you capture it...or let it slip?"

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  I was accepted into the UCLA Professional Program for Screenwriting today.  (Yay for me!)  My new life is getting more and more real each day as I stay committed to my New Life timeline chart.  To see exactly how it looks (and how you can use it to "form" a New Life for yourself) and how it's all miraculously falling into place since I created the timeline, click here and scroll down to the "P.S." section to see it.

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