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Tuesday, June 24 2014

In the past couple of months I've had a surprising slew of testimonials from students who have finally got off their asses to start doing something.

And guess what?

All of them told me the same thing.  They said that it wasn't nearly as hard as they thought it would be and that the "process" to get to where they wanted to go was more difficult to do in their head vs. how easy it turned out to be in real life.

I was talking to a student on the phone yesterday who started buying income property.  I asked him how he did it.  He said that he went through my course, followed exactly what I said, and started buying property.  Each property was small as in "quad" size but he told me that he was able to negotiate taking over these properties for a couple grand each one.  Not bad!

But I think what got me the most is how cool he seemed about the whole thing.  I think all success stories -- even small ones -- are super awesome and deserve to be showcased.  But this student (as many others seem to be) was overly humble about his successes.
The most critical part of the conversation was how he told me he did it.  It was so nonchalant like he was talking to someone at a cocktail party and said, "Yeah, so I read this book about investing in apartment buildings, did all the stuff in the book, and now I have a few buildings under my belt since last year.  And it wasn't even that hard either."

It started to get me thinking.  Is success really as "hard" as most people perceive it to be?

Then I realized something quite critical in why people never make it and I've been able to flesh out exactly 3 reasons why people fail.
Reason #1:  Most people who grew up with the "broke" (or even worse, "poor") mentality can't possibly wrap their heads around the fact that there is endless abundance out there and that they deserve a nice big piece of it.  I was at Niagara Falls last week and the amount of water that pours over every second is mind boggling.  The first thing you have to ask is,"Where does all the water come from?"  And then, "How come it never stops?"  It's calledendless abundance and it's available everywhere in every aspect of life from water to food to money to happiness.  Until you can grasp it, understand it, and truly know it deep inside of you, success and prosperity will continue to elude you.

Reason #2:  For the lucky low percentile of people who actually know what they want to do with their lives (or at least have some glimmering idea), it seems that the value of apprenticeship has been stripped out of our get-it-now society and has been replaced with the "osmosis" mentality.  Apparently people are supposed to go to sleep and wake up with all of the education, experience, and knowledge they need to accomplish their goals.  No need for reading or study or gaining experience as having your own "boots on the ground." After all, time is too valuable and better spent watching America's Got Talent, CSI, 24, and every other show you have recorded so...obviously there is no other time to devote to even simple reading to gain the knowledge you need just to get started on your success plight.

Reason #3:  Lack of action.  For those who do make the effort to gain the necessary knowledge -- whether they have spent devoted years to every book, course, video, seminar, etc. or they just finished reading a book on the subject -- many simply do nothing more than park the materials on a shelf to collect dust while they promise themselves that somedaythey'll get around to implementing what they've learned after [fill in the blank] happens. Unfortunately, "someday" means never.  By the time a couple of years roll around, you'll have forgotten what you've learned anyway and/or it'll become outdated and you'll have to start over building your mental knowledge base.  Not only is action required but it has to be consistent, well-planned, and "massive" (as Tony Robbins talks about).  As I tell my students over and over again, to be successful in mail order, you only need 1 out of 100 people to buy your product.  Reality is that 99 out of 100 people will throw away your marketing piece.  But you only need that 1 person out of 100 to buy from you and you can become a multi-millionaire within just a handful of months.  Yet that's a 99% failure rate, right?  But to get to that 1 success out of 100 means you have to "try" 100 times.  Trying only 1 or 2 times will get you exactly nowhere.

To achieve success -- whatever that may be in your mind -- is fairly easy to do.  It's getting rid of the psychological demons that keep telling you how hard things are going to be that's really the most difficult thing to accomplish.  That's why I say that my "dumber" students tend to be successful.  Their demons don't exist as much as for those who are "smart" and have to over-analyze/complicate everything.

I have been barraged with emails from students who have been asking me about whether I'll be doing anymore mentorship groups.  I may do another couple of groups before the end of the year but I do not have them scheduled at this time.

My students keep asking me about whether I'm truly going to disappear into the sunset or not. I'm still sitting on the fence.  On one hand, I like training and helping people.  On the other hand, it pains me to go through a bunch of students who get my stuff yet do nothing with it. Maybe if I stopped focusing on the non-doers and focused exclusively on the doers then I'd feel a much deeper sense in the gratification of helping people.

After all, don't we all have to focus on the glass being half full instead of half empty?

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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