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Friday, June 13 2014

Right now I'm on my way to Michigan.  Many of you know that I've been going back and forth between California to Michigan (and back again) for the past 4 years.

There are a couple of reasons I'm going.

1)  To set up the new warehouse for my health supplement company.

2)  To look at some incredible cash flowing property deals.

Now, many of you who aren't familiar with the greater Detroit area don't know what's really going on there.  And since you probably don't know what's going on, I'm about to "clue" you in.

Detroit is getting worse.  Much worse.  If you thought it was a 3rd-world-country war zone, that's a lot worse than that!  When a city goes bankrupt, it affects many things including local businesses, job opportunities, and the need to take on "extracurricular" activities (i.e. illegal activities) to support your family.  When people are hungry, they become desperate.

People are getting shot and killed for a few bucks in their wallet.  People fear going to a gas station since many end up getting car jacked while filling up their tanks.

But I think the most horrifying truth about all these tragedies that happen multiple times a day in Detroit is that, on top of it getting progressively worse, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

I did some research on exactly when the most beautiful formerly-higher-end Detroit neighborhoods with these gorgeous English tudors went from "normal" neighborhoods to downtrodden hell-holes.  But I didn't get the answers I was looking for.  In fact, when I did pinpoint the "when," I was even more bamboozled as to the "why" part of the equation.

You'd think, just by understanding when the Big 3 auto manufacturers started declining in the 1960s, that these neighborhoods would have started unraveling about then...or maybe a decade later like in the 1970s perhaps.  Right?


Strangely, a lot of these gorgeous neighborhoods with stellar and unmatched architectural beauty started falling apart to "the element" in the mid-1990s.

I know.  It's pretty freaking startling, isn't it?

Why the 1990s?

No clue.  And that's what scares me the most.

It reminds me of a school of fish.  You don't know who the leader is.  But one of them is the leader.  And it's uncanny how fast they change course in near-unison within a fraction of a second without a "why" or "when" to use as a barometer.

That's much how Detroit is except that you can bank on one thing being for certain: when it changes, it just gets worse.  Never better.  You just don't know which neighborhoods will suddenly go to hell in a hand-basket or when.

Everyone in Detroit is running scared right now.  It's like someone sucked all the oxygen out of the air while normal law-abiding citizens either prepare for war in the streets or are packing up their caravans and leaving everything behind for good.

So, why do I bother with an area that's a war zone?

First of all, you can still buy smart.  There are "somewhat bad" areas, "just bad" areas, and "really bad" areas.  Yes, it's like taking "Class D" properties and giving them grades.  So, you have Class D+, Class D, and Class D-.

But what about Class C...or even Class B?

See, that's the part I'm getting at here.  You don't have to take a war-zone area like Detroit and choose while level of shitty you will subject yourself to.

Instead, you bank on the fear with apartment building owners running around like chickens with their heads cut off, thinking the world is ending, and wanting to get out before "all hell breaks loose."

Years ago I did extremely well doing letter campaigns to lists of apartment building owners in specific parts of the country that I'm targeting.  Then the bubble ballooned and the letter campaigns stopped working.  The bubble popped (or rather exploded) and rocked the banking world to the point where we were literally hours away from a complete banking collapse in 2008 (which a lot of Americans don't even know how close we were).  People who took cash out of their property by gutting their equity instantly found themselves upside down on their property. Doing creative deals with apartment owners became a thing of the past.  Letter campaigns stopped working.  Property owners started losing their properties to the bank.  We all know the story.

Recently, there's been a revitalization in letter campaigns as of about 2 years ago.

Even more recent (since only a few months ago), I've been working with an incredibly unique letter campaign targeting apartment building owners in the greater Detroit area (including Macomb County).

But...this campaign is unique.  How?  Because I'm targeting the first and most powerful sales motivator: fear!  I'm playing on the fears of "the sky is falling down" with these apartment building owners.

And it's working.

No, it's not like your traditional letter campaign where you're sending a letter to offer more to your apartment building owner or even to offer him a fair market-value price.  In fact, you're not even mentioning anything about price or an offer at all.  You're simply playing on the fear that their property is becoming more and more worthless as the minutes tick on because their area is becoming infested with the worst type of criminal element Detroit has ever seen in its history.

The good news?  You can pick and choose your deals.  You can offer them much less for their property than what's "fair" or even "market value."  And, best of all, you don't have to choose between shitty Class D property #1 or shitty Class D property #2.  Instead, you focus on the suburban cities where the element hasn't reached...yet.

And this strategy can work anywhere there is any type of criminal problem or element.  This includes Memphis, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Sacramento, St. Louis, Chicago...and on and on.

So...what does this "top secret" letter say since it's not like the rest of the letters that you'd use in a more "traditional" letter campaign?

Guess you'll just have to come to Los Angeles on September 13th and 14th to find out.  I'll be revealing this incredible secret during my 2-day Total Wealth Building Boot Camp Seminar.  I'm doing a kick-ass 40th Birthday Weekend Blow Out deal that will literally blow your mind.

Plus you'll be extremely excited to know more about the impressive guest speakers I'll be having.

Plus...something I didn't mention on my website but I have at least 2 of my investor partners who will be attending as audience attendees who will be talking with my students to find solid equity partnership deals to fund.  They'll be making the rounds, having drinks with students, and seeking out places they can put their money!

Here's the link to register and get the deal:

Questions?  Call my office after 9am Pacific Time at (661) 295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main 

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