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Saturday, June 07 2014

Many of you have been clued in on the fastest and most streamlined way to wealth:
Aggressive to Passive Income
For some of you newcomers (or those of you who have amnesia), Aggressive Income is when you basically write your own check, making however much you want through a home-based business that you start with next to nothing and operate with next to no overhead.  (You certainlydon't want employees!)
With the competition in real estate these days (since the market has been heating up due to our economic recovery), you really should have cash down for your real estate deals.
And why for real estate?
Because there isn't a single investment out there aside from cash flowing passive income real estate that can beat the long-term retirement benefits other than real estate.
And how awesome is it that you can be retired, enjoying a massive increase in your bottom-line cash flow each decade, and being about to more than keep up with hyper inflation, taking trips whenever you want (instead of just talking about traveling the world yet never actually doing it), and not having to worry about making ends meet when you're old and gray?
Here's the cold, hard truth of what's going on out there:
Seniors are working at fast food restaurants and as grocery store baggers, not because they want to but because they have to.  Many lost their retirement or are living long beyond the capacity of their retirement savings and they're competing with pimple-faced teenagers over bogus minimum-wage jobs to survive.
Nobody really anticipated the changes of the economy.  Nobody knew what our New Economy would look like.
But here's something that would have never changed for someone who would have purchased a bunch of investment real estate in, say, the 70s and was actually smart enough to buy and hold those properties till today: they wouldn't be worried about vying for a job that a teenager should have, wondering how they're going to pay for the drastic price increase of their needed prescription medications, or wondering how they're going to cover their health insurance requirements.
Anyone smart enough to buy investment property in the 70s and who have kept those properties...well, those folks are sitting pretty, literally laughing their way to the bank each and every month like clockwork.
When I first started teaching my successful real estate investing strategies back in 2002/2003, I remember listening to people my parent's age whining and bitching about how they would be "well off" if they only invested in the 70s and how they missed the boat.
I would always roll my eyeballs because (1) I was born in the mid-70s and couldn't invest during that time if I wanted to, and (2) there is always opportunity whether it's now or in the near future.
All you have is right now.  You don't have the past to keep hanging your "what ifs" on anymore because that'll never do you a damn bit of good.
What I did notice is that these people who would always complain and insist they should have invested probably wouldn't have invested anyway, even if they had every advantage at the time including (1) perfect personal credit, (2) the down payment cash, and (3) a leprechaun instantly appearing in their lap, jumping up and down, and insisting that there's "gold" in 1970s real estate.
How do I know that this is the case?  Because right now we still have opportunities that areeven better than those in the 70s...and these people are still doing nothing about that opportunity.
Maybe you're one of those people.  (I sure hope not!)
In order to compete in this real estate market, you're going to have to get yourself some cash for these deals.  And the best way I know of is via Aggressive Income Strategies.
Many of my students have asked me since I've announced my major changes in Global Success exactly why I'm stepping back from teaching.  (And they often ask if it's forever or just a temporary thing...of which I don't have an answer yet.)  The truth is...I put my money where my mouth is and I walk the talk.
For the past 2 years I've been talking about Aggressive Income.  I've even used myself as my own "case study" for new experiments so that I could give my students the most precise and timely step-by-step strategies that work in today's economic conditions.
And because of that, of course, I've created some incredibly lucrative and profitable Aggressive Income businesses that do exactly what I need them to do: get me the cash to continue funneling into my passive income (real estate) investments.  Since these strategies require much less in the "brain power" department than the energy it takes to teach, train, speak and write for my students, I know that I'm on a time limit on getting more passive income properties before the music stops.  (I'm already working on "borrowed" time since the window of opportunity has officially closed in many major cities in the country already.)
Here are my top Aggressive Income Strategies I've been actively using:
1)  Health supplement distribution:  I have 2 main methods of distribution which are (1) business-to-business (wholesale) and (2) consumer direct (Internet and mail order).  Part of the Internet distribution portion is via eBay and Amazon.

2)  Information publishing:  Global Success fits into this category.  (I actually make a lot more money with the health supplement business.)

3)  Kindle publishing:  This is fairly new for me and is less than a year old.  I'm doing extremely well with it and making a nice steady stream of residual income.
These strategies will get you started on the Aggressive Income side and making the cash needed for your real estate deals in no time!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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