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Wednesday, June 04 2014

I've been going on and on with me ongoing issues with this one difficult employee of mine: Jeanine.

You know what's strange about looking at other people: you can clearly see what they're doing wrong when you can possibly be missing the point when it comes to looking at those very same issues in yourself.

For example, Jeanine will sit in my office day in and day out bitching about how shitty life is for her.  Yet when I've shown her how to improve her credit, her response is this: "Black people don't have credit or credit cards."  Hmmm...interesting choice of words, except that I know a lot of black people who have good credit and understand the value of being responsible with their credit.

And I'm still waiting for her to decide that she wants to improve her life by at least getting a brochure to that beauty school she's been talking about.

In the meantime, she sits in my office morning after morning complaining about how difficult life is for her as a single mom.
And I've just about had it with the negative energy that she's been bringing to my office.  (I won't tell you exactly what will be happening but her days are drastically numbered here.  I'll keep you posted.)

 Jeanine, it seems, has a chip on her shoulder.  She's preliminarily decided how bad life will be and fulfills that prophecy for herself by refusing to better her life in any way...then says, "Told you so!"

I hate excuse-makers.  Period.  I know what it means to have an uphill battle.  Yet I keep showing up, doing what I can in my power to make things happen, and keep swinging that bat until things happen for me.  We can't control everything but we can control more than we think based on making decisions and, most importantly, taking positive actions to get to where we want to go.

Most of you know about my hobby as a screenwriter.  Last year I decided to stop talking about it and to start doing something about it.  No, I can't control whether my work will be seen by the right people or whether I'll ever sell a screenplay to Hollywood.  What I can control is sitting my ass down, writing the scripts, and sending them out to see what happens.

One thing about the universe that is freaking awesome.  When you set out on a specific path, if it's not right for you, you'll be purposely veered into the correct direction.

However, here's the catch.  If you don't embark on any path, you won't be diverted or re-directed onto the right path.
The universe hates inactivity and lack of movement.  You sit on your ass and make no attempt at doing anything for your life, you'll get ass-sitting results (otherwise known as "nothing").

However, when you get out there and make an honest attempt at fulfilling any dream you want for yourself, the universe will part the waters for you.  It just may be different waters in a different sea...a much better sea and one that you would have never considered before.

Once I started embarking on my screenwriting journey, I realized something.  I've outgrown the dream.  It was a dream that the teenage Monica had.  It's not a dream I have anymore.  Yes, I'm still writing just because I enjoy it but when I started thinking through having meetings with studios and going through the Hollywood charade, I have this sinking feeling in my stomach.

I was put on this earth to serve in a much greater way than to churn out a bunch of popcorn scripts.

Here's what happened when I began my writing journey:

After I finished my first screenplay, I was given a powerful vision in a dream.  And when I woke up, I realized what my next step in the writing journey needs to be.

Would the universe have given me this clue had I not set out in any direction as far as writing goes?  Probably not.  After all, the universe has been withholding this information for me until the force knew I was ready to start moving.  Only then did it unfold this revelation once I began moving in a specific direction...any direction!

Don't worry about not moving in the right direction or making the right decision.  The only time you need to worry about that is if you're going to make a decision that is irreversible such as having a child or...cutting your left arm off.  Otherwise, if you're moving in a direction that you 100% believe is the right choice for now, start moving and your realdirection will be revealed to you only after you've made the "movement commitment" and you're actually moving forth with your goal.

So, what was revealed to me in this "vision" of mine?

I'll tell you soon.  Very soon.

What's awesome about being put on the correct path is that you just "know" that it's the right one.  You have this sense of excitement in the pit of your stomach with the thought of..."Of course this is it; I was born to do this!"  And it feels like the sun and stars are in perfect alignment for the first time in your life.  Even winning the lottery wouldn't give you such a high, exhilarating feeling than receiving this gift from the universe.

Meanwhile, we have people (like Jeanine, for instance) whose only movement is flapping their gums about how the world is conspiring against them to ensure that they remain unsuccessful.  Forget about the fact that these people refuse to get off their asses to do something to progressively move forward.  Let's not mention that little itty-bitty part.  No.  Instead, let's focus on why it's everyone else's fault that they can't get anywhere.

I was telling Lea this morning that there is not a single excuse anyone can use for not achieving their dreams except for laziness.  When I work on my writing, I do so at night (sometimes until midnight) and on the weekends for at least 10 hours (if not longer) because nothing will hold me back from what I want to do.  Nothing.

And I'm a single parent.  And I work 50 hours a week.

So, nobody has an excuse unless you're lying in a hospital bed in a coma or a body cast.

Do you have any freaking idea how abundant the opportunities are in this country?  I'm in awe of that everyday!  I clearly see the opportunity and I'm always lining things up for myself to take advantage of what's right here right in front of me day in and day out in this great country we call the United States of America.

This summer is going to be my summer of movement.  July is a huge month for me.  I'm actually shutting down the warehouse that I have and stuffing everything into a tiny office. (I'm going from a 4,200 square foot warehouse/office to a 1,200 square foot warehouse/office.  Yes, I'm shaving 3,000 square feet off.)

What happened to September 30th?  Well, remember what I just said about the universe and movement?  Once I made the decision that I was going to move, this amazing opportunity just showed up last week for this unit that, coincidentally, I've been looking at on and off for the past few years.  I wanted to wait until September but the unit is coming available July 1st and I'd miss out on it if I waited.  (These units go lightning fast.)  I already applied, was approved, and I'm signing the lease.

And I haven't felt so excited in a very long time.

Why?  Because I have a plan in my mind and it's unfolding...quicker than anticipated.

One of these plan elements has to do with real estate investing.  The other is Aggressive Income to dump into specific types of real estate.
I love using myself as my own experimental guinea pig.  All I'm going to be doing for the next 18 months solid (after I move office in July) is "the plan."

What is "the plan"?

I can't tell you.  Not yet, anyway.

But here's how you can find out about "the plan:"

Ever since I chunked down my "New Life" timeline back in March, everything has been automatically changing in my life without much effort on my part.  In fact, at the link above, I show you what this timeline looks like so you can see it yourself.

My point in all this?  If you believe someone is holding you back then you're right.  Unfortunately, that person who is holding you back is you.  Maybe it's time you stop doing that to yourself.  The world will move on...with or without your participation.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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