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Wednesday, May 28 2014
In the last couple of weeks, I've continued on with the Battle of My Staff...actually, not with my "staff" but rather with one single person on my staff.
Most of you know that Lea is great.  I have not one beef with Lea.  She's the most dedicated and loyal person I've ever known and I know I made a big mistake by offering her the option of retirement; instead I should have kept my mouth shut because I'll never be able to find anyone else as awesome as she is.
No...we're not talking about Lea here.  We're talking about that Jeanine chick that was the individual that pushed me over the edge.  What edge?  That edge where I was on the fence of "Should I?" or "Shouldn't I?" keep marching on with Global Success.
So, what else is happening in the world of Jeanine?
Let's see.  It started off with giving her a simple set of instructions on what I needed with a postcard mailing -- and telling her precisely what to do twice -- and having her not only completely screw it up but to drag another employee to help her fix her screw up for several hours...making me pay more than double her rate of pay to do the work that she should have done correctly the first time.
But mistakes I can handle.  Even if they're stupid mistakes.  They get fixed and we all move on, right?
It's the attitude and the sense of self-perceived entitlement that really gets to me.
It's never about "Hey boss, how can I be of more value to you and your company?" Instead it's more like "You owe me a living dare you suggest that I'll be out of a job soon!"
In which case my comeback is, "You're lucky you've lasted this long to begin with considering the attitude problem and lack of worth ethic."
You see, one thing about Jeanine.  She has a dream about becoming a hairdresser.  (Or so I thought.)  What I've told her time and time again -- multiple times, in fact -- over the course of the past year is, "Sign up for beauty school already!"  And I've been barraged, time and time again, with a variety of excuses which were exactly that and nothing more: excuses with no basiswhatsoever.
I never mentioned it to her but, if she was serious enough and showed some level of commitment to becoming a hair dresser, I would have paid for beauty school for her.  Except we never got that far because I couldn't even get her to pick up the phone and get brochures from local beauty schools.  Without seeing any level of commitment (including the easiest task of calling about or going online for a brochure or catalog), I didn't have an "in" to offer her my assistance in any way because it was pretty clear that she didn't want to follow through with all the jibber-jabber she was spewing out to us about becoming a hair dresser for the past solid year.
Then I realized something critical here.
You're either a destined "worker bee" for somebody else.  Or you're not.
Nobody -- including a magic genie -- can "undo" or remove the worker bee mentality.  Perhaps, if you're one of those people who has dreams about doing something else with your life but you haven't picked up the phone for the simplest task of getting a brochure, then the cold hard truth is that you're a worker bee.  You're not an entrepreneur.  And that's the way it'll probably be for the rest of your life.
Are you ready to face that as your true reality?
Or are you ready to make some major changes in your life, even if it means swimming against the "currents" of your trained mentality?
By the way, I can't make that decision for you.  Only you can make that decision for yourself. However, once you make that decision, you have to start working your action steps immediately, even if it's only ordering a brochure, reading a book, adopting the correct education you need, or starting the bite-size action steps toward your goal.  Talking about making the steps is very different than actually doing the steps!
If you're not willing to do anything about your current circumstances, be a man or woman and admit it to yourself rather than continuing to fool yourself with a dream that you know damn well you will never pursue.
Otherwise, start taking some action already!
Now, I'll be the first to admit that I don't have the answers to everything.  And, of course, all of the tools that I give to my students aren't the end-all be-all solutions that fit everyone's dreams and lifestyle requirements.  And that's okay if this is how it is for you.  That's just reality.
But back to Jeanine...
So, after the screw ups and yet, on top of that, the expectation that I give her another raise (when, in reality, she's got the skills of a minimum wage employee yet makes much more than that...and still expects/wants more), she's going to start expressing (behind my back) her dislike in my decision to shut down my warehouse on September 30th to my alcoholic brother of all people (who she's met all of 3 times) with one question:  "What about me?"
What about you?
Her argument is that nobody is thinking about her in all this.
" got 5 months warning that the warehouse is closing.  This gives you ample time to secure another position elsewhere or go to beauty school.  Neither of which you will intend to do, it seems."
My argument: nobody is thinking about me and how long I've had to run on a treadmill that I could have ditched several years ago due to my commitment, dedication, and loyalty to my staff, namely Lea.  And to my students.  I didn't need to be on this treadmill because of smart investments and multiple streams of income I've created for myself.  But I stayed on because of my sense of loyalty.  But I realized that some changes needed to occur to keep my sanity before I end up in a rubber room.
And now that Lea will be retiring, it's time that I step off the treadmill and start living a more stress-free life before I crack at the seams completely.
If your life isn't working financially, it's not the way the system is rigged that's deeming you a failure.  It's you that's putting you in a failed position in life.  Hard nut to crack, isn't it?
When I see people on the news complaining about the economy or watch journalism shows on the woes of people losing their homes because of the "economic downturn," I shake my head. The only reason they had a house to begin with was that they lucked out on a good-paying job and then...lost it, thus losing the home and everything else.
Here's the New Reality of the New Economy, folks!  Each one of us have to think differently about how things are.  We have to create our own opportunities.  Blaming everyone else (former employer, the government, etc.) for your personal economic disasters is not taking personal responsibility for something that is only your responsibility.
I don't know about you but I really like the concept and idea of being able to "write my own check" in life.  I can make as much or as little as I want month-to-month.  And if you haven't yet figured out how to do that, you may want to sit your ass down and start making some big decisions about where you want to go now.
Otherwise you become another Jeanine...actually suggesting that it's someone else's obligation to ensure that they have a successful life without taking a stitch of personal responsibility for it.
And I don't know about you but I have a personal and financial responsibility for the well-being of only one person in this world and that's my daughter.  For everyone else -- especially those of you who are able-bodied adults -- time to "man up" (and this includes women), get off your ass, and start doing something to enhance your life in a positive way because neither I nor anyone else has the obligation to take care of you.  You take care of you.
Funny thing about deciding and taking responsibility.  Once you understand that only you are responsible for you (and your family), the seas will start to part for you.  It's nobody else's obligation to take care of you in any way.  With that understanding, you are granted freedom. The sky is the limit...meaning that there is no limit at all.
So, what am I getting at and is there a point to this endless rambling?
Of course, there's a point.
This summer is going to be my most exciting ever because I'm releasing my "New Wealth Warrior" series.
Here's what it looks like:
Installment #1:  Kindle Cash Flow System - This power-packed complete course shows you how I've been able to rake in a consistent monthly cash flow with Amazon Kindle books and how anyone, with the right set of knowledge, can do this.  If you have the right priced books, the right subject, the right cover, the right title, and you use the right pen names for each "grouping" of books you want to write then you can make $10,000 to $20,000 a month doing this!
Installment #2:  Direct Mail Cash Flow System - How a simple "money numbers" spreadsheet changed the way I did business through direct marketing.  Once I started over from scratch (and yes, I completely started over with my direct mail business), I did it in a way of working only from the numbers meaning that I can generate as much as I want based on how much mail I want to mail out to specific buyer mailing lists.  I have a successful health supplement company where direct mail marketing is a huge money-maker for me.
Installment #3:  eBay and Amazon Cash Flow System - eBay isn't what it used to be, as it seems that most of the riff-raff has been tossed out and they've made it a much more strict (and less profitable) platform for home-based biz oppers.  Now that the rules have become more stationary, for those who figure out the rules can profit anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000 per month.  When you add selling products on Amazon in the mix, you have a serious business with a serious cash flow.  But not all products are good to sell on eBay and Amazon.  In this system, you'll learn what sells and what to avoid.
And...I've had some students ask me about creating an Information Publishing Cash Flow System.  Depending on how well the other New Wealth Warrior installments go, I may add this as an Installment #4 because it's yet another stream of income that I've made an untold fortune with.  So, I'll keep you posted on this installment.
Right now we're on Installment #1 and I'm giving my students a kick-ass deal on it.  It's so kick-ass that I don't think I priced it right.  It's too low but...what the hell.
Here's the link for the deal:
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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