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Friday, May 23 2014

I know.  Totally weird, isn't it?  Sometimes I have to ask myself if I haven't fallen off the deep end yet.

In case some of you haven't quite figured this out yet, I realize that I'm working on "borrowed time" here and I have a sole interest in getting as much out there to my students as possible before I step back behind the curtain.  Again.  (I did this once before years ago and basically fell off the radar for about 4 years before coming back to teach students again.)

Hopefully most of you understand how my Total Wealth Building Strategy works.  If you need a refresher, here it is:

1)  Set up an Aggressive Income Business (which is typically a home-based enterprise that generates a lot of cash with no/low overhead.
2)  Sink your extra cash into property deals.
3)  Make Passive Income from your acquired cash flowing real estate deals.
4)  Acquire enough properties to meet (and beat) your Financial Freedom Point.
5)  Retire and sail off into the sunset (or whatever you want to do) in less than 36 months.
6)  Enjoy an increased cash flow after you pay off your properties; ideally you'll have done this in under 10 years.
7)  Rents double in 15 to 18 years on your cash flowing properties so you'll get another boost in your retirement income at that time.
8)  Never sell those properties; in fact, put the properties in a trust and make it very clear to your kids and grandchildren that, if they sell, all the proceeds from each property sale goes to a specific charity (or set of charities).  So, this forces them to manage the properties and enjoy the benefit of the cash flow rather than being stupid fools, selling the properties, pissing away the money, and being broke a couple years after that.  (What can I say?  That's what these dummy kids do these days!)

Okay, so now that I outlined my Total Wealth Building Strategy, now I get to tell you something kind of special that will help you kick off the first item in the list above.

At my last seminar in March, I talked about a really hot money-making topic with Amazon Kindle.  In fact, it was so hot that my sh** competitor decided to come out with a bull**** course on Amazon Kindle right after he got my seminar videos and watched them.  (That's what these losers do.  I have 2 competitors that do this and it's not flattering at all.  It just sucks all around.)

What sucks about this one particular competitor putting out a course on making money with Amazon Kindle is that he knows absolutely nothing about the subject because he doesn't practice what he preaches.  (He also doesn't invest in apartment buildings either as he claims he does so...what else can I really expect?  Right?)

Anyway, back to what I was talking about: I did a lengthy presentation on Amazon Kindle in March, revealing things I never revealed about this very unique Aggressive Income Strategy.  I intended to specifically mention to my seminar attendees exactly how and why I knew as much about Kindle as I do.

Except something happened when I was up there speaking.  I sort of chickened out and never mentioned what I was doing with my own Amazon Kindle activities.

I had a couple of my students ask me what I did with Amazon Kindle.  I mentioned it to 2 of my female students and let 1 guy sort of guess.  I think he was too embarrassed to come out and ask me what it was that I did with Amazon Kindle.

So, what is it?  I talk about it in a "mini" audio seminar I did yesterday.  Here is the link to it:

It is along the lines of what one of my online cohorts sells.  What does she sell?  A set of very short "sex" books that make her over $20,000 a month.

Yes, you read that correctly.  And no, these aren't the Dr. Ruth type of sex books either.

She makes over $20,000 a month just from one of her book sets.  (She has others; this lady is raking in about $35,000 a month from Amazon Kindle.)

Many of my students over the years have asked me why I don't put more real estate books up on Kindle.  (I only have one book on real estate.)  Answer:  I don't want to.  That's why.  I have no interest, don't need the money, and would rather focus on some of my more creative right-brained outlets since I knew, even 2 years ago, that I was stepping back and out of training.

And that I did.  Again, check out this...rather surprising admission of what I've been doing with Amazon Kindle and how I was able to get a Kindle business going from scratch to fully up and running in just under 5 months.  Here's the link:

Yes, I'm sort of "embarrassed" to reveal this little secret because I never planned on telling anyone.  (My staff doesn't even know about this...although they will now!)  But I'm revealing this little secret because I thought it was important for you to know how and why I know so much about the money-making power of Amazon Kindle and how easy it is to capitalize on this opportunity by doing some very simple easy-to-do things.

Don't judge me too harshly.  After all, it's just creative writing.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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