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Thursday, May 01 2014
Last week I saw this guy driving around my cul-de-sac in a white truck with a freezer on the back.  He saw me standing outside and stopped to dish out the sales pitch of how he had top quality meat on his truck at lower-than-wholesale prices.
Not a good pitch to someone who is mostly a vegetarian.  (I only eat fish once in awhile and that's the limit on my "meat" intake.)
But I will tell you this...
I have a soft spot in my heart for hustlers.  Especially this guy who was up there in age.  Here it was, nearly sunset and nearing 8pm and this guy is still out selling meat from the back of a truck.
At first I told him no...that is until he hit my neighbor up across the street (you know, the jealous one?) and she sharply told him "No!"
So, right in front of her, I had to say, "Well, what kind of meat do you have?  I'm having a big BBQ party in my backyard next weekend.  I could probably use some meat."
I got the sales pitch right then and there like he was selling a Sham-Wow or Oxiclean.  Of course, he almost lost me in one part of the pitch.
Mind you, it wouldn't be the part where you have to wonder..."How safe or good is meat from the back of a truck?"
But it was the part of the sales pitch he had to slip in where he said this:
"I'm doing this now because I used to be an accountant and all the work dried up since the economy went to hell.  Now I have to do this."
What the %$&* kind of sales pitch is that?  And how easy would it have been to completely leave that part out?
First of all, nobody has to do anything unless somebody else has a loaded gun pointed at your head and the alternative to not doing something means your brains will end up blown out on the nearest wall of proximity to you.
Second of all, in case anyone hasn't noticed, the economy has been ramping up (slowly but surely) in a noticeable fashion for even your Average Joe to notice by at least late 2012 or, if you are especially dense, you would have noticed sometime last year that things are getting better...even if it is very nominal.
And lastly, we live in a country of great opportunity.  Unfortunately, it seems that those who are foreign to our great land of opportunity are the only ones who seem to notice that the opportunity is not only still here but it's even greater now than it was decades ago when their parents and grandparents talked about our amazing country with streets paved in bricks of gold.
So, as I'm staring at this old white guy who is making excuses, yelling at myself inside my head to not say anything, and wondering if I should bother going through with my off-the-back-of-a-truck meat purchase, I made an immediate mental note to make sure I remind my students something very important: Money is everywhere; money is easy to make...but you have to actually do something to sell something that everybody wants to the public.
Now, apparently this concept was foreign to this guy who is essentially a salesman in the rawest door-to-door form.  But I couldn't help but to think of how much more money he would be making it he wasn't working for a company in Orange County schlepping theirmeat almost 90 minutes north where I live, door to door, when he could be claiming 100% of the profits for himself if he was selling meat he bought wholesale from a local butcher.
I found out he sold only $500 in meat that day but his normal days are between $1,000 and $1,200 per day.  Not bad for having no overhead if you were operating your own wholesale business out of your own truck.  I'm guessing his profits would be a minimum of 50% but probably more in the area of about 65%.
But...he was too busy telling himself (and everyone else) the daily lie that he has to do this "low-life" type of job just to "get by" because "all the work dried up."
The only things that dried up were his will to exist in a profitable marketplace along side of, perhaps, his brain cells from so many years of negative and disparaging thinking patterns.
So, what is Business 101?
The first step (which may not be all that obvious) is to actually see the opportunity right in front of your eyes.  That's right.  Peel yourself from American Idol for one freaking minute and consider how much money is just "floating around" out there, whizzing by your ears so fast that you can't even see it or hear it.  Yes, since most of our currency is "in the air," passing through you at viper speed through wireless networks, money actually moves past you in mid-air!
Now you have to stop and catch some of it!!
One of my most powerful methods I teach is by cashing in with my Distribution Profit Income Strategies.  This falls on the Aggressive Income side of the spectrum and helps a whole hell of a lot when you want to rake in huge amounts of dough to put down on some Passive Income retirement vehicles, such as apartment building real estate.
So far, since I've been teaching my Distribution Profit System Strategies since the fall of 2012, I've had some of my students do the following:
  • Become a part-time distributor/jobber for our product (and a few other c-store product manufacturers) and now makes $30,000 a month with no overhead.
  • Create an invention from scratch that was molded last fall and was just accepted into every Bed, Bath, & Beyond in the country, set to launch in their stores everywhere this summer.
  • Formulate a new (yet effective) hang-over shot that was launched earlier this year and is reporting gross sales of $22,000 a month since February.
  • Create a line of skin care products that are manufactured in France that are being sold through high-end spas in the southwestern region of the United States, making my student an average net profit of about $11,000 per month...and growing rapidly since its launch last summer!
  • Private label a weight loss supplement that is being sold in the Vitamin Shoppe nationwide, making this student about $40,000 a month!
And anyone can accomplish this if they want to!
If you want to watch tv, watch the show Shark Tank.  This is the stuff I do with my distribution company.  We create a product and sell it wholesale to warehouses nationwide. And we're making a killing doing it!
I decided that, since I'm going to be shutting down my office/warehouse very soon (and the selected date has been brought forward from December 31st to Halloween...and will probably be pushed forward again to September 30th...and yes, that's 2014), I'm trying to get my students on board with the most profitable Aggressive and Passive Income Strategies out there before my teaching days are over.
I recommend you guys and gals learn what you can like some of my other students have (who are making anywhere from $20,000 to $85,000 per month in pure profits) from my Aggressive Income Strategies.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  I told Lea that I'll be shutting down the office/warehouse by the end of the year and gave her my preliminary end-date as September 30th (or as late as Halloween) but gave her the option to keep working with me as an assistant...or to retire.  Lea is choosing to retire when I close my office here in California.  So, if you guys and gals who routinely call my office actually talk to Lea, enjoy your last days being able to talk to her because she's going to retire out completely this fall!
She will be missed!  :-(
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