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Monday, April 21 2014

I think we all get to the point when we know something is over, done, finished!
Here are some indicating factors of when you're completely through with something:
1)  Every time you look at your spouse or significant other, you feel like either (a) belting him/her in the head with the first sizeable blunt object you can get your hands on, or (b) puking into the nearest garbage can or other workable containment device.
2)  Each time you get on the freeway to go to work, you think about pulling out the speaker wire to your sound system to use to strangle yourself to death before you get there or hope you have a massive heart attack in the parking lot before you have to get out of the car.
3)  Instead of another rep or workout class in XYZ Gym or one more round with the Zumba Wumba instructor with the thick accent you suddenly find that you'd be "okay" with being (or turning into) a 500-lb. fat ass drooling slob with cottage cheese thighs that puts the craters of the moon to shame.
4)  Just the thought of spend another moment [fill in the blank] makes the prospect of jumping off of a building or a very high mountain seem like a much more desirable choice...without even putting a fraction of a thought into choosing the latter.
If you're feeling this way about any part of your life at all, it's time for a change.  Dragging it out for another few days, weeks, or months (or the worst possible scenario...years) is just hurting yourself and everyone else involved.
And, most devastatingly, it's crushing your soul and spirit all at the same time.
What to do...
Listen, I happen to be sharing something with you right now.  We're both in the same "boat," so to speak.
Most of my students have a variety of different "normal life" challenges they have to deal with which runs the gamut with what we all (unfortunately) have to experience by being alive on the earthly plane of existence.
Just because I do well financially doesn't make me exempt from having to deal with stuff.
A couple of days ago I gave you an honest blow-by-blow account of what's going on with my office/warehouse situation here in Valencia, California where I run the daily operations of Global Success.
And as I sit here typing out this email, I am contemplating whether I'll actually show up here for the rest of the week...or not.  After all, I can accomplish much more at home when I'm not being suffocated with the neediness of my staff and the immense overhead I've collected here over the years.
This is the only facet of my business that doesn't match with the stuff I teach my students.  You see, I had an interesting trade-off to consider years ago.  If I was going to share success strategies with people on a larger scale, it was going to require some sacrifices, including taking on the responsibility of an office and staff.  Again.  And I made that sacrifice because, back then, it seemed like a good idea.  I had the energy for it.  I was committed.  And I was ready to take on the world.
As we age, learn, grow, and emerge as new people, our needs change.  Our perspective changes.  Our requirements to continue to grow, learn, and change is altered as we move along.  And things that were a "good idea" months or years ago suddenly seem like they're not meshing with your "new" requirements as a growing/evolving spirit.  That means they've got to go!
If you're one of those people where you know damn well that it's time to move forward but you don't know what to do, listen up.  You can't keep talking yourself into schlepping yourself to that job each day if you're so sick of it that you instantly start dry heaving when you think about it.  Same goes for marriages, relationships, and other "things" you find yourself doing that you can't stand doing anymore.
Years ago I got this Nightingale-Conant audio set called "Jump and the Net Will Appear."  While I remember absolutely nothing about what the audio set was about, I always remembered the title.  In fact, it's the only Nightingale-Conant course title I can recall on any subject. 
If you think about the concept:  
Jump and the Net Will Appear!
What an empowering concept!
Part of jumping includes making a concrete decision that you know you won't back down on only because you can't "go back" to the prospect of living in "status quo" anymore.  You just can't; otherwise your soul will shrivel up and die before the end of the summer...and you know it.
Over the years, the biggest obstacle for success that my students have had to battle is their lack of belief in themselves.  They start the process of working the very basic step-by-step action plan that I set up for them and, at some point -- whether they're on the first step or the very last step -- they'll talk themselves out of success.  And they don't go through with it.
But the really cool thing about being in the position where you are absolutely sick of the way your life puts you in the mind set of saying to yourself, "F*** it!  Let's do this sh** because what's the worst that can happen?  I may actually get the life I want finally?!"
And then you do it!  Without fear.  Without man-made obstacles.  Without the devil on your shoulder talking you out of it.
Just a clear path to victory in the shortest amount of time possible.
When you're ready, it'll happen.  When you're so sick of the way things are, you'll just do it.  You'll finally do the things you've dreams but were too afraid to follow through with.
So, congratulate yourself if there is any aspect of your life that you've found you can no longer tolerate anymore.  In fact, drink a beer or glass of wine right now and toast yourself for finally getting to the I-can't-take-it-anymore stage.  
For tomorrow will be a new day...a day in which you can start making all of your dreams come true.
Most of my students have challenges with work, their business, or making money in general. So, for that, I'm going to help you close that gap to finally getting that financial freedom...and as early as the end of this year if you play your cards right.
Yes, that's right.  You'll be able to tell your fat ass boss to shove it up his ass once and for all because you, my friend, will be raking in at least $10,000 to $12,000 per month in net cash flow from your multifamily properties.
Here's an incredible (and loud) 14-minute audio seminar that I want you to listen to:
Listen to it while you're drinking your beer or glass of wine and toasting yourself and toasting your new future because tomorrow is the beginning of your New Life!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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