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Friday, March 14 2014

Hey, how's it going?
I forgot to mention in my email the other day that I have some powerful testimonials from the students who attended my event last weekend.
Here's the link for those testimonial videos:  CLICK HERE!
Here's are the kick-ass money-making secrets my students discovered at my event:

  • How to Make $30,000 Per Month with Amazon Kindle with a Secret Strategy I've Never Talked About Before This Event
  • Some New Details I Slipped in on How to Quickly Build Business Credit Using Experian Business
  • How My New Wealth Ninja Student Gregg Makes $85,000 Per Month on eBay Using a Single (and Super Easy) Strategy He Learned from a 2012 Training I Did
  • Which Types of Passive Income Assets to Acquire with Your Aggressive Income Including a Powerful Super Passive Income Vehicle I've Never Mentioned to My Students Before
  • How to Use My Offline-to-Online Marketing Method for a Minimum of $20,000 Per Month
  • How to Quickly Build a Multi-Million-Dollar Distribution Business from Scratch Using a Brand New Marketing Method (to Wholesalers) that is the Cheapest and Most Effective Way to Get Your Product into Retail Stores Nationwide
  • How to Use the Money Spreadsheet to Essentially "Write Your Own Check" in Any Dollar Amount You Want to Make Each Month
  • And...a Bonus DVD Where I Talk About a Secret Website Where You Can Raise Money for Anything Without Giving Away a Stake in Your Business!
  • And Much, Much More!!

Now it's your turn to discover all of these details so you can completely turn your life around.
And yes, this is even better than winning the lottery!
Do you think it's difficult to rake in $85,000 per month like my New Wealth Ninja student Gregg does?  Think again!  The process he used is so ridiculously easy that anyone can do it.  I even revealed something about how he gets certain pictures in his eBay listings which is pretty much solely responsible for selling his products to the tune of $85,000 per month...and I'm not sure I was supposed to reveal this very significant detail but I did!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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