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Wednesday, March 12 2014

I just finished my 2-Day Boot Camp Seminar in LA this past weekend...and now it feels like I've just been hit by a freight train.  It's either the pollen in the air or I'm catching something from my daughter's kindergarten class (since I volunteered yesterday).
Or maybe I'm so beat that I need a break!
I have to say that this past weekend was a blast with all of my awesome students.
But even more notable...
I revealed exactly how my student Gregg got up to $85,000 per month on eBay.  That's $85,000 per month in his pocket after all expenses!  (I never revealed this information before on exactly how he did it and I think I may have included a little "too much" information on some of his "trade secrets" but it's too late now!)
And did you know that I had a phone consulting session with Gregg right around the holidays last year and he had the nerve to complain?  Yes, that's right!  He was actually complaining because he was "too busy" and felt like he needed to slow down.  Whaaaa-whaaaa-whaaaa!
I had to quickly remind him of what his life looked like when he first "found me" around the spring of 2012.  I also had to remind him of how broke he was when he borrowed money and pawned some of his stuff to be able to attend one of my two summer 2012 in-office New Wealth Ninja trainings.
Yes, things were pretty bad for Gregg for his then-girlfriend (and now-wife) just a little more than 18 months ago.
Boy, what a difference a handful of months make.
Gregg decided to focus on eBay, specifically with health supplements.  Now, a little something about Gregg.  He's not terribly smart.  (Sorry, Gregg but it's the truth.)  He doubted (and maybe I did too) that he could do a single eBay listing on his own no less build such a successful business on eBay in a ridiculously short period of time.
Yet he did.
You see, my "lower IQ" students tend to do much better with my business strategies while my "smarties" (engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc.) will over-analyze everything...then end up doing exactly nothing with the powerful education they've derived from my trainings.  My "lower IQ" folks are much like fearless puppy dogs.  They'll go after a goal with focus, enthusiasm and tenacity without psyching themselves out about what they think they "can't" do.
And this is where Gregg fits in.
When I say he's not that bright, I mean that he realistically wouldn't even be able to qualify for a lower management position in a fast food restaurant.  (He's the one who made this comment about himself as he was demonstrating to me that anyone can do what he does.)
So, how does Gregg now pull in $85,000 a month from eBay based on my New Wealth Ninja teachings?  (He went to a summer training and took my New Wealth Ninja 8-week online mentorship group in 2012.)
I explain everything that he does based on a single concept that I taught in the in-office training.  I mention that single concept, exactly what "magical" template software he uses to build his powerful eBay listings and even how he gets a certain type of picture that is single-handedly responsible for his high rate of success.  (I think this is the part I wasn't supposed to reveal.)
I also include information on the types of supplements he sells on eBay to make all the money he makes and how he uses a very simple "upsell" strategy that other eBayers won't use.  This "upsell" strategy is responsible for about half of his monthly sales!
Now you can get these videos including all of the details I just outlined with Gregg's eBay business.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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