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Sunday, March 02 2014
Bonnie and Clyde

The Original Bonnie and Clyde "Death" Car atWhiskey Pete's in Primm, Nevada

I was at a trade show for most of last week in Las Vegas.  On the way out of Vegas, it's usually a necessity to stop at Nevada/California border where there are 3 casinos tightly situated to extract your last dollar while leaving (after extracting your first dollar when you initially entered days before).

One of the casinos is called Whiskey Pete's where they have the original Bonnie and Clyde "death" car.  They've had this car there as long as I can remember as a young chick entering and leaving Nevada, long before I was of the legal drinking and gambling age.
Looking at this car reminds me of how different things were back then. This couple were killed in 1934 during the crux of the Great

Depression where, it seems, quite a few people ventured to the "dark side" in an effort to support themselves during a time when few legitimate ways to make money existed.

It also made me realize what a kick-ass time we live in now because it's ridiculously easy to make money.  It's even easier to make money legally than it is to, say, rob a bank or stand on a street corner selling dope.

Bonnie Parker actually had to exert some energy back then to go out, rob a bank, run for her life...and hope she didn't get caught or killed in the process.

Expending that type of energy to make the type of money she made is ludicrous in this day and age.  (Feel that sense of gratitude right now that you live in 2014!  Whooooo!)

Over the years, many of you know that I've always been a serial entrepreneur.  In fact, most very successful business owners and investors do multiple things.  It's called the concept of Multiple Streams of Income.  (Robert Allen wrote a book with that title years ago.  

Great book.  Read it sometime.  Just avoid the second book about the Internet because it's not so great, especially now when all the information is outdated.)

Being a serial entrepreneur has afforded me the opportunity to not only learn quite a few ways to make money but also to keep up with the times on what works...and what doesn't.  And what used to work...that doesn't work anymore.

Including, of course, how rapidly the times do change.

As always, I'm teaching everyone everything I know.  Including:

How to...

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Several of my students who have been following my Aggressive Income Strategies are already making between $20,000 and $85,000 per month by working these strategies.  Yes, you read that right.  One of my students is making $85,000 per month after all business expenses are paid.  That's money right in his pocket which he's using to invest in real estate.  I will be discussing exactly what he's doing and how he built his business inside of only 9 months starting with only a few hundred dollars!  (His secret is so easy that anyone can do it!)

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See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Isn't it time you finally got your Aggressive Income Business going?


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