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Friday, February 21 2014

I created a spreadsheet from scratch and it's a powerful tool for you to use to essentially "write your own check" and make the amount you want to make based on how much offline-to-online marketing you want to do.

Now, in case your "lost in space" on what all this means, I'm going to give you a short synopsis of what all this is.

A couple of weeks ago when I did my in-office training with a handful of students on distribution profits, I slid in a "test" presentation that turned out to be mind blowing.  This simple presentation got everyone in the room extremely excited to the point where they demanded I send this Excel spreadsheet to them directly via email the moment that the event ended due to how powerful this money tool is.

But it's not just about the "money spreadsheet," as I've coined it.

It's about what's behind this powerful money tool where you can "write your own check" by doing a powerful marketing strategy that I talked about for the very first time at this 2 day event.  (I talked about it on Day Two.)

Do you want to be "clued in" on a secret that can be worth AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO MAKE with a new offline-to-online marketing strategy I just stumbled on over the past couple of months?

First, I talk at great length about all of this here.  Second, check out this free video with the actual spreadsheets you can download by clicking here.

Little did I know...this presentation got everyone soooooo excited about the highly profitable (and yet easy to do) money-making strategy that they all demanded I send them this special "money spreadsheet" after the event was over.  The following week after the training was over, I did send everyone this "money spreadsheet" because, even when I look at it now, it's so incredibly extraordinary that it actually gives me the chills.


Because you can literally "choose" how much money you want to make.

Take a look at the partial screenshot of the "money spreadsheet" at the top of the page.

As you can see, based on the information plugged in, this marketing campaign will make me $5,325 ON THE VERY LOW END to $16,200 on the "average" HIGHER END.  

This is PURE PROFIT IN YOUR POCKET...after all expenses have been paid on this campaign!  If you do one campaign per week, you stand to make a "middle average" of $10,763 IN YOUR POCKET PER WEEK!

But you have to understand how to do it...and you'll discover ALL of these money strategies on DAY 2 of my in-office training!

The "money spreadsheet" you'll receive will show you all the other details but you have to watch the 2-day training to see how to use this powerful spreadsheet.  Again, all of this is presented on DAY 2 of the training event...and it'll blow your mind!  In fact, this is such powerful yet super easy to do that all of my students in the training wanted to do this in addition to their distribution business.

Just to be clear, this offline-to-online marketing method is actually SEPARATE from the distribution business and is a powerful Aggressive Income Strategy you could easily do from home starting with only a few hundred dollars!

Click here for more information!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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