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Thursday, February 13 2014
Something strange happened.  And this isn't the first time this "weirdness" has happened in my office.
I typically keep a betta fish in my office.
Well, over the weekend, my fish Bart (short for Prosperity Bartholomew the Fourth...don't ask me where I got that name) just completely disappeared from a completely covered fish tank.
Where did he go?  Who knows?!
I did have an in-office training last week.  Maybe one of my students stuffed him in their pocket!  (LOL!  The thought of that is so stupid that I had to laugh!)
Strangely, this has happened to me a couple of times before where I'd have a completely encapsulated fish in a fish tank.  One moment he's there, the next he's vanished into thin air.
So, I'm trying to think back to the last time this happened to me.  The set up was much the same from what I recall.  It was a beta and it was in my office.  He was blue.  I believe it was my first Prosperity fish (or Prosperity Bartholomew the First).  And it disappeared over a weekend.
It's all coming back to me now.
I like how "cycles" in life work.  This last fish disappearance episode happened during my divorce and right before I started a new relationship.
Perhaps that disappearance was the first of two bookends.  And perhaps this last "fish disappearance" episode is the second of the two bookends...signifying the verge of a new chapter in my life.
Or closure.
And I can't wait!
However, it still doesn't explain the hard science behind how a fish can just disappear from a fish tank, if such a thing exists.
Of course, you can call me crazy.  However, Lea is the one who spotted the disappearance. She's a witness to the event and you can call her to verify that this actually happened!
It's been a crazy week all around starting off with discovering the disappearance of Bart then working it's way in with an African-American woman calling me a racist due to an email I sent on MLK's birthday...over 3 weeks ago!  (If you read the email, you'd know that it wasnowhere near "racist" and she's the only one who said anything about it out of 110,000 people that email was sent to.  I'm guessing she can't which case I have a recommendation called Hooked on Phonics.  It works really well in teaching people how to read, as sheclearly cannot.)
Then the week continued with more bullsh** including an "ultra lazy" student who had me design his weight loss websites which, please note, have been done since before Christmas. He deliberately chose to do nothing with these spectacular money-making websites by letting them "sit in Cyberspace" yet somehow I'm the problem.  He blasted me with a rude and uncalled for email, not only displaying his ignorance (because he couldn't figure out how to click the 'play' button on a YouTube video) but also signifying the all-too-typical level of laziness and refusal to take personal responsibility that I get from a segment of my students.
And this leads me back to a very significant detail:
You can't expect to "build it and they will come" with a website.  (Sorry, Kevin Costner.  Doesn't work like this.)
A website is like an island in the middle of nowhere.  It may be the "perfect paradise" for people to go to, whether they want to vacation or to live there permanently.  But nobody can possibly know of this awesome place if you don't inform the mass population about it!
That's what we call "marketing" and, in the web world, "driving traffic."
Pretty clear and easy to understand, right?
Except that I guess I'm responsible for doing that for my students who are the same ones too lazy to build their website in the first place so, why would anyone possibly expect that they'd advertise their site after it's built for them?  (I know...what was I thinking?!)
Okay, so maybe they don't know what to do.
Now to the point of this post:
If you don't know how to generate thousands of dollars per week with a very easy-to-create website selling a simple and easy-to-get product then you can learn how to do that.  Right now!
I just finished off a 2-day in-office training event.  You know, the one where my office fish Bart went officially missing?
At that event, I did something very special in preparation for my Underground Secret Event in Los Angeles next month.  I put together a very tight presentation on an Aggressive Income Strategy that you can do from home using what I call offline-to-online marketing.
What is this strategy?
It's the strategy you need to use in conjunction with a website.  Any website!
You have an online presence (your website) which, again, is like an island that nobody knows about and will never know anything about until you inform them of its existence.  Then you have an offline presence (the "secret profit strategy") to drive traffic to that island so you can essentially "write your own check" in any dollar amount you want.
I have a screenshot of part of my "money spreadsheet" that I think you should check out by going to this link:
This spreadsheet is incredible and I'd consider it life-changing.  It shows you exactly how much money you can put in your pocket.  And yes, this is after all expenses are paid.
You can choose to make this amount (or more) each week, each month, each quarter...orwhatever you choose!  And again, this is pure profit after all expenses are paid out!
As you know (or may not know), my 2-day in-office event last week was for learning the exact and precise steps in starting and building a multi-million-dollar distribution profit business.
But...I slid this powerful Aggressive Income Profit System presentation in on Day 2 of this power-packed event.  It was unplanned and it turned out to be so extraordinary that each person who attended the event not only demanded this "money spreadsheet" from me but they're all planning to start a "side" business to be able to make the money I outlined!
The good news for you is that the videos of this event are now available!  You can get the full training on DVD plus this powerful "money spreadsheet" on a CD-ROM.
And this "money spreadsheet" can literally change your life forever.  In fact, I'll go so far as to say that it's better than winning the lottery!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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