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Thursday, January 30 2014

There's a reason I have a very limited number of people in my personal "inner circle" in my life.  I have very little in common with most people and those who are most "like" minded like me are usually so focused on succeeding in their goals that they don't have time for "fraternizing" with others.  It's too bad, if you think about it.
One thing I have noticed about a significant amount of people I've been observing lately.  They are dead set against helping themselves and they are turning a blatant blind eye to their opportunities to freedom that are clearly in front of them.
My dad is one of these people.  My brother is another one.  That's just the start of a very long list.
I could almost blame it on laziness.  Perhaps that's part of it.  But I'd like to believe that the concept of "being lazy" really isn't a true concept.  I believe everyone is fully capable of having the things they want in life.  But, for some, the carrot stick that dangles in front of them should be changed/altered in order to give someone the right level of motivation needed to get them off their asses.  It is the level of motivation that makes or breaks whether someone pursues what their dreams are.
What is your required carrot stick to give you the motivation you need to get off your ass?
For some people, it's the notion of having a life of freedom and knowing that it's right around the corner once they decide to take the bull by the horns and go for it.  For others it's being able to support their family without the stress of wondering how to put food on the table.  For somebody else it may be to buy a Lamborghini.
What do you want?  Have you figured it out yet?
I talked to my dad yesterday and he's the first one in line to bitch about his life and how it's not working out.  And over the last couple of months I've asked him some pretty important questions.
"When do you plan on doing something about it?"
"When are you going to choose to do something different?"
And with each rather significant question I seem to get a complete lack of response.  This means that answer is quite simple.  "I plan on doing absolutely nothing about my current circumstances except to continue bitching and moaning to any sap-sucker who will listen to me."
Even worse, my dad could receive full assistance from me in any capacity to help him create whatever type of financial freedom vehicle he wants.  (The same applies to my brother.)  But he finds some sort of validation and comfort in complaining instead.
I love my students because they've at least taken the first step in helping themselves along.  Many of my students have devoured my courses and have attended my seminar events.  That puts them so much further ahead of the "sheep" because they are taking the effort to get off their asses and to do something about their situation.
But where do you stand in all this?  Have you gotten off your ass yet?  If not, maybe now it's time.  And if now isn't the time, when will the excuses stop?!
I'm in the same boat with you guys and gals out there.  Yes, I've been massively successful when it comes to business and investing.  But unfortunately, I've allowed some other dreams to fall between the cracks.  One of those dreams is creative writing.
So, guess what I did, folks?
I registered for a couple of 2-day seminar events that are coming up between next weekend and the end of March.  That's the first step in getting the ball rolling: education.  The next step after that is also equally critical: execution.  And the final equally important step: endurance.
My 3 "Es":
1) Education
2) Execution
3) Endurance (persistence)
All 3 are needed to succeed at anything.  Your problem in attaining your goals has to do with missing the mark in one or more of the above "Es."
As you can tell, it starts with the educational portion.  But, as you can also tell, it doesn't stop there either.  You can't show up to a seminar event and that, in and of itself, will be responsible for your success without doing anything else.  And, of course, you can educate and execute your plan and yet drop out of the game after a few weeks because you didn't feel you got the results you were looking for (i.e. becoming a multi-millionaire inside of 33 days).
So, rather than picking you apart in what you are and aren't doing correctly, let's start with the educational portion.
As you know, I'm doing a 2-day Underground Secret Event on Aggressive Income Strategies in Los Angeles on March 7th and 8th.  It'll be my first and last event of its kind where I'll be uncovering step-by-step strategies on how you can grow a very simple shoestring small business into a six- to seven-figure annual income with super easy-to-do business strategies.
Sometimes it all starts with just signing up.  That's the first step.  Sign up and get educated.  It's the part that gets the ball rolling.  

Because I will tell you that you cannot bitch or complain about the circumstances in your life anymore since you are 100% responsible for the life you've created to this point.  Instead, start asking yourself, "What do I plan on doing about it then?"
And this is the answer to that question.  Click here for more information!
See you at the top!

Your mentor,
Monica Main 

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