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Tuesday, January 28 2014
I was reading this Yahoo! article this morning about a guy who decided that he needed to make $7 million before he could retire.  So, he built a company, sold it, and made his net $7 million.
Then retired.
His name is Brenton Hayden.
What bothered me wasn't the poorly written Yahoo! article (since that's what to be expected with them) with holes in the story of how he had made the money.  What was even worse was that they start out the article making the assumption that he's "lazy."
Lazy?  You can't be freaking lazy to built a company to $20 million and then to sell a company, netting $7 million.  Lazy?  No.  Not by a long shot.
What further bothered me was the slew of negative comments about the guy underneath the article, written by a bunch of losers hiding behind their keyboards, destined to accomplishexactly nothing before they finally sink to their pitiful deaths between now and the next handful of decades.  They either assumed that he had made money in a "negative way" because he "profited from the loss of people who lost their homes" to "he must've had a lot of money to start his business and nobody revealed that part."
Typical loser thinking.
I can't believe how stupid the American population has gotten.  They talk about the "dumbing down of America" and those of us who have even a "normal" IQ wonder from which mental hospital all of this idiots suddenly escaped from to quickly figure out how to procreate and thus creating even more dummies among us over the years.
Including, unfortunately, a lot of people in political positions with some very "unique" opinions on a lot of things concerning our direct future.
What bothered me most about the comments is how a lot of these dopes assumed that you had to have a lot of money to make the $7 million he made.
I built a $4.3 million per year company inside of 24 months starting with less than $1,000.
I was about his age, too.
Since then I've built many companies from the ground up, using nothing more than a few grand to start each enterprise.
Here's how it works, folks!
You start with a little money, let the business generate some sales, use that additional money to build up the company, and you keep doing this until one day you wake up and you're a millionaire.
The more you do this, the better you get at it, and the quicker you can build a company from the ground up with next to nothing to start with.
Meanwhile, you have a Paycheck Charlie who will borrow $300,000 out of his house equity to start a company and will lose every cent of it plus some and will have to file bankruptcy inside of a year because of his very poor investment decision.
Ask the former owner of my house, Jim, because he'll tell you all about how this works!
Just because you have money to start with doesn't mean you will make money with it.
In fact, quite the opposite.
The more money you have to start, the more you squander it on useless stuff like logo t-shirts, 4-color brochures, hiring a web designer for $5,000 and a variety of other useless non-profit driven activities.
When you have barely any money to start a company, every cent is well accounted for, stretched to the max, and put to the best possible use.
Every company I've started where I've had money to work with, I've ended up not making any money.
Every company I've started on a shoestring has made me a fortune ranging from a "paltry" high five-figures to seven figures.
But the dummies reading the Yahoo! article and even having the balls to make a comment about something they clearly don't know anything about have no clue about how all this works.
Instead of putting a couple grand aside from their burger flipping job over the course of a year and investing that slowly into a small home-based business, giving up their daily dose of mindless TV shows ranging from American Idol to CSI to work on their business, they'd instead prefer to waste their time reading poorly written Yahoo! articles and putting in their two-cents.
Because after all, a burger flipper living in his mom's basement knows everything about becoming a multi-millionaire.
Let's listen to him everybody!
My first business was a mail order business that I started at home.  I was a teenager, about 19 I think.  I printed up small amounts of mailers at a local printer and spent every evening stuffing envelopes, licking stamps, and affixing mailing labels to thousands of mailers per week.
I did 100% of the work myself.  I spent 12 hours a day, sometimes longer, to build my business.
And each time I started with a small amount of money.
And each time I ended up making an untold fortune because I wasn't afraid of the process, I wasn't afraid to do all the work, and I was willing to take the risk.
Most people are afraid of risk.
Instead, they'd rather fill up comment boards on Yahoo! with their useless derogatory comments while recessing into an even deeper useless and pitiful life.
Meanwhile, they could be starting a profitable home-based business with this valuable time they're wasting.  They could be building a simple website that could eventually be responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for them.
But they won't.
And that's great!
Why?  More money for you and me!  That's why!!
Changing your financial future starts with only one thing: a decision to change it.  That's it. Until you get sick of your life the way it is and you want something else, maybe you're simply not ready.  When you get sick of the way things are and you want something else, it's time to get out of the rut and do something.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  If you happen to want to read the poorly-written Yahoo! article I was referring to, here's the link: 
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