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Sunday, January 26 2014

The other day I sent you a long "rambling" post when I originally just intended to tell you one important thing that I discovered about making money online.
And I was super excited about it.
I still am excited!
So, what is this groundbreaking online money-making method that I "started" to tell you about but never quite got around to it this past Friday?
As you recall, I started cluing you in on how/why you couldn't make money online with online marketing methods including PPC, banners, blogs, social media, etc.  Well, maybe I didn't tell you the how/why except for the debacle with PPC (especially Google).
But that goes for the rest of it, too.
No, social media isn't "slapping" people who are marketing like Google (and now Yahoo!) has but, well...hopefully you were never dumb enough to actually believe that being on Facebook and having a Twitter account could make you money.
And if you did believe that myth, by now you realize that it was bull****.
Nobody is making money with social media except social media sites who are extracting advertising dollars from the fools who think they can strike it rich from social media.
For once, before selling anything or marketing any product, you have to think like everyone else.  Think like yourself, the consumer and not yourself, the Internet marketer.
When you're on Facebook and somebody sends you an email trying to suck you to some sales website, do you happily click on the link and buy what they're offering or do you delete their disgusting email and do everything you can to block them from that point further?  (I'll vote that you do the latter.)
So, why is everything suddenly "different" when you sell a product online?  Why do people respond differently (in your mind) than how you (a real life consumer) would respond?
All powerful money-making starts with you being honest with yourself and the product.  "If I were a prospective customer, would I respond?  Would I buy this?  What would I do?"
The Internet has progressed just like television had years ago.  People have learned to "mute" the messages that are commercial-like annoyances.
People become immune to most Internet messages.  People stop paying attention to the flashy banners off to the side and they quickly delete that annoying "thing" that pops up on the screen when you're trying to get into your email which ranges from a car zooming by to other such nonsense.  You don't even remember what the other nonsense is because you stopped paying attention a long time ago as you quickly reach for your mouse and exercise your ability to find and click on the X to shut the annoyance down.
When doing a Google search, have you found yourself looking at the organic search part of the screen and completely ignoring the paid ads off to the right and at the very top?  I know I have.
Start realizing that you are like everyone else out there and pay attention to how you respond to things.
Enter 2014.
Offline meets online.
(I just got a vision of Ms. Pacman meeting Pacman on a grainy TV screen from the old Atari game...remember that?  Sorry, I'm majorly dating myself here.)
You can have an online presence.  In fact, it's not only recommended but it's required if you're going to make a lot of money with New Wealth Ninja Aggressive Income Strategies! No prospective customer is interested in dialing the phone to get more information or waiting a week or two to get a brochure in the mail.  (That's how the "old days" of marketing worked.  It was called "mail order marketing.")
So, you have an online presence (or a website) and you drive traffic to that website using offline methods including print ads, mailers, etc.
Simple stuff, folks.
Except here's where it gets a little more complicated.
You have to choose the right types of offline media to drive your Internet traffic.  (And if you think for a second you'll be simply using online methods to drive traffic, those days are over, Bucko!  Get on board with the realities of the situation so you can make some money here!)
It's too costly to do a mailing for most products, unless you do it right.
And you can't just have a website sitting in the middle of "Cyberland" like a floating island. You have to have other stuff in there like video, audio, presentations, brochures to download, etc.
When I was writing to you the other day about how excited I was about this new massive cash flow money-making project I'm doing, I've just outlined the basic mechanics of what I'm doing above.
What I didn't tell you was what I was selling and why it's so freakin' hot!
I'll also be going over actual student case studies of my most successful NWN students, what they are doing to pull in anywhere from $10,000 to upwards of $80,000!  You'll know exactly how they got there and what you can do to copy their success!
Click here for more information!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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