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Friday, January 24 2014

How have you been?
Glad you asked.
Over the past couple of days I've been extremely excited, partly because I'm in my "padding" phase right now and partly because I just uncovered something amazingly incredible that I'm a little discombobulated right now.  (Say that word 15 times in a row.)
No clue what all that means?
Let me explain.
First, the "padding" thing...
Some of you may recall that a couple of years ago when I was doing my whole spiel on how to completely change your life, I showed my students how to get the ball rolling.  It starts with creating an "I quit!" date and, to demonstrate what I was talking about, I had made my "I quit!" date as December 31, 2013 with a 6-month "padding" on the back end to tie up loose ends until right after my 40th birthday.
And I'm in that "padding" phase now because, probably figured out that December 31st has already come and gone.
I have already quit doing a lot of things for Global Success that you guys and gals haven't quite seen yet.  I've terminated my monthly newsletter.  I stopped doing Apprenticeship groups.  I created my mentorship schedule to conveniently end...guess when?  That's right. At the end of my "padding" period.  (You guys and gals are smart!)
I feel like I hit the lottery.  I don't know why.  When you know your entire life is changing and you're about to embark upon some pretty awesome new things, it's pretty exciting.
So, what happens to me on June 14th?  Well, I turn 40.  (My mom always said that "life begins at 40," so I'll let you how that turns out for me.) My padding period is supposed to end by June 30th, give or take a few.  (Not sure if that's a few days, weeks or...months.  I hope it's notmonths.  That's not the goal, anyway.)
I haven't quite decided what I want to do with my students but I have a strong inkling of what will happen (and it's pretty freakin' exciting which will be revealed later...probably in June). By that time, I believe I'll have taught every element of Aggressive Income Strategies.  Or at least that's the plan.
Maybe I'll trot off into the sunset.  Maybe I'll completely close down my office and take a break.  Maybe I'll finish that script I've been writing for Kevin Costner.  Maybe I'll take that trip to Costa Rica that I've been talking about.
Who knows?
Isn't exciting just not knowing anything??
Okay, second...what was that thing I discovered that is so amazing that I threw out a 50-cent word that you had to look up in the dictionary (what is that, right?)...discombobulated?!
This is the really exciting part because it can affect you.  (Is it "affect" or "effect"?  I never get that one right.  If anyone has a trick to remembering which is which, let me know.)
I came across something in the last week -- literally it's been only a week -- that has really thrown me a loop.  In a really good way, of course.
And this "loop" I'm talking about is not only going to be worth millions to me but it could very well be worth millions to you too if you want to know what it is and how to do it.
I uncovered (or rather "resurrected") something called direct response marketing that I thought I had buried deep in the holes of the desert years ago.
With all the excitement of the Internet whipping around our ears for the past handful of years, I think some of us (me included) "forgot" (or rather "chose to ignore") something called direct response marketing, notably using "offline" marketing methods.
A lot changed for me with Internet marketing in the summer of 2010 when Google "slapped" the hell out of me like a badman in a dark alleyway.  This is when the "reality" of Internet marketing started to sink in for me...and how short lived the fallacy really became.  I suspected at the time that it would be but a matter of a couple of years before all of my Internet marketing would come to a grinding halt.
And I was right.  It has.
But aren't you glad that Monica Main is as smart as she is?
Since I knew it was coming to an end, I adequately prepared myself.  I only "dabbled" in online marketing including banners, PPC with Bing (MSN/Yahoo!), and online postings with no serious intent that it would produce any profits any longer.
When Google started slapping the crap out of every online marketer (I was part of the "first wave" of several slappings to come), I moved over to Yahoo! knowing all full well that they would eventually pull the same lame nonsense that Google had.
And they did, starting sometime early last year, I believe.  Maybe it was the fall before. Who knows?  Who cares?!  (When you don't take something seriously, you stop paying attention to the details including dates.)
How did they "start" the slapping?  Well, they really never slapped me the way Google did because I never gave them the chance.  They started shutting down certain keywords and determined that certain ads had to be changed.  So they would disable my ads until I made the changes.  Then they started telling me I had to change my website content.  So...basically Google all over again.
And I refused to give another conglomerate Internet company the satisfaction of kicking me to the curb.  So I left Yahoo! just under a year ago.
I no longer believe in Internet marketing.  The gravy train has finally derailed.  And for the suckers out there who haven't figured it out yet, I feel really bad for you because you're about to find yourself laying on the proverbial Internet sidewalk, completely bleeding out with no one to save your life.  And no one to care when you finally die either.
So, what does all this mean?
A few things are happening here in what I like to call the "Perfect Storm:"
1)  Economy is taking off like gangbusters.  And if you don't believe me, pull your head out of the horse trough in your two-horse town and take a look at what's going on in the state leader of economic trends in the United States -- California.  Things are taking off here like you wouldn't believe and has been for the past couple of years.  And, believe it or not, things are starting to even "take off" in crap-holes like Detroit where, during my last visit last month, I noticed there was actually a waiting list (and a lengthy one at that) at an Olive Garden on a Thursday night.  And that has never happened anytime I've been to the Detroit area since I started frequently visiting in late 2010.  So, it's happening, folks!  Strap on that seat belt because you're about to go on an economic boost that will thrill the hell out of you if you...but only if you know what to do to rake in some of that massive windfall of cash that's already starting to rain down!
2)  The "new" old is arising from the ash.  Don't you just love how I come up with my own terms as I go along?  So, what the hell is the "new" old?  Glad you asked.  As you know, we're in a New Economy.  Old school though processes like getting a job, climbing the corporate ladder, and retiring on a lofty pension are no longer.  (We knew that for awhile now.)  But...some of the older business ideas and marketing concepts are starting to come back around full circle.  Remember back in the day when you had tons of small business owners who ran, say, their own plumbing business or were a handyman or sold hot dogs on a cart on a street corner?  Some of those concepts are coming back.  People are becoming their own entrepreneurs in a small but powerful way bringing back some of the old school businesses and marketing opportunities.  This means you'll see more smaller mom-and-pop stores as "super stores" like Walmart start to falter (and hopefully die a miserable death).
3)  Revitalization in the belief of America.  Especially "Made in America."  People think in "flocks," if you haven't noticed.  At one point, all of our most cutting-edge progresses in recent years including legalizing marijuana (yes!!) were not even a remote possibility by the mass populous decades before.  How do you have the majority of people dead set against something and then as the decades wear away everyone is suddenly on board with the very thing they were so dead against before?  It's weird how people work.  So, back in the 70s, you'll notice that the trend of Asia really started to gain momentum, probably because Americans suddenly had the option of buying a Toyota or Honda and getting many more miles and durability out of their vehicles rather than settling for the buy-every-2-years "disposable" American car models that were available back then.  Now we come back full circle.  American car manufacturers had to compete, started making much better sh** to drive, and meanwhile Toyota decided to cheapen their product, causing people to die.  In 1995 I was a full advocate for Toyota.  Today I wouldn't buy a Toyota if you had a loaded gun pointed at my head.  I think a lot of people have the same beliefs I've come to have about Asian-made products and are really rooting for America to start making stuff here.  New trend that you can make a killing with.
It's time for you to line yourself up to take advantage of every opportunity that is coming your direction at whiplash speed right now.  If you don't line yourself up correctly even down to getting your "money net" out there to start collecting on this easy cash then you'll find yourself in that miserable rut you've probably been in for awhile of beating your head against a brick wall with an empty wallet and wondering what you're doing wrong.
Since I was rambling on and on, I haven't yet filled you in on what money-making strategy has me so discombobulated!
I'll talk about that in a couple of my next post.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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