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Tuesday, January 14 2014
The Second Part of My Midlife Crisis

Breaking News!
Monica Main in a Midlife Crisis? 
Still??  Maybe...
But She's About to Reveal Some Interesting Money-Making Secrets to You in the Process!!

Since When Does Being Better Mean a "Crisis"?

Okay, so I lied.  A little.

I think I'm just an addict.  Sort of like being on a diet yet waking up in the wee hours of the morning to sneak a cookie out of the cookie jar, just to smack yourself in the head for being such a "loser."  Especially after the 15th cookie when it was supposed to be "only one cookie" you were going to eat.

Yeah...something like that.

Yet this applies to me when it comes to the "bling," especially with cars.

Last month I was talking about how shallow all my neighbors are with their "one-ing up each other" with their toys and nonsense.

And I always thought I was a cut above them...being more "spiritual" and all.  Yet, I guess I'm really not when you think about it.  

Because here I am with my latest purchase as of this past Saturday...but at least I cut back a little.  This car isn't $105,000 like the last one was.  This one isonly $85,000 so...I guess I'm getting a little more "conservative" in my old age, right?

Then I thought about it yesterday.

There's nothing more awesome than being able to celebrate financial freedom.  When I drive these "ultimate driving machines" like this, in addition to not wanting to age (since I'll be 40 this June), I'm actually celebrating how awesome it is to be a single mother, newly divorced (not quite yet but you get the point), and being able to financially sustain myself.  Very well, I might add!

That is something to celebrate, don't you think?

I had some old man try to race me in his black Mercedes SL63 yesterday at the stop light. And I let him go.  He was trying to prove that he had a bigger d*** than me.  And he's right.  He does.  Good for him and his 3-year old Mercedes than does have a bigger engine than my car least I'm still in my 30s and...well, he's not.  He just has a bigger d*** and older engine, in more ways than one.


And I have my financial independence, a lovely daughter, a beautiful home, and a life that's only about to begin.  (My mom always told me, "Life begins at 40."  So, we'll see very soon!  I'm excited!!)

Plus, I don't need a man to make my life work, especially from the financial perspective.  That makes me extremely proud of myself.

Why am I going on and on with this egotistical email?

Because, I want to help you get to where I'm at as quickly as possible with my vast knowledge on the subject of making money.  Believe it or not, Grasshopper, it'sunbelievably freaking easy to get the financial freedom you want in life if you're willing to focus a little and put a tiny bit of work into it.

I can't tell you how to make a marriage work because my track record says otherwise.

I can't tell you how to have an awesome family because mine sucks ass.

And I can't tell you how to make friends because I don't have any.

But I can tell you how to make money.  And lots of it.

Because it's the only thing I'm good at.

Now that I think about it, if I had to choose between being broke yet with family and friends vs. making tons of money yet having no one around then I guess I have the best of either available option.  And it's the one I'd choose time and time again.

If you're a woman and you're not coming up to par on where you'd like to be financially, start taking immediate responsibility and take the bull by the horns.  Right now.  Today!

If you're a guy, same applies.  There's no reason to let your life pass by while your psychological manhood diminishes because you can't make the grade financially.  Because I'm here to help you, too.  You just have to be willing to set aside everything you know (or think you know) and start doing something fruitful in your life.  Right now.  Today!

I got an email from a student of mine last week who was going on and on about how he scours the Internet for different business opportunities yet he has nothing to show for the thousands of dollars he's purchased in courses, videos, trainings, etc.  And he continues each day looking at different opportunities, just to find himself in the same boat.  Getting nowhere, and fast!

And that's his problem, folks.

He's buying opportunities.  He's not participating in opportunities.  If you know what I mean.

You can't just buy a bunch of stuff and think the stuff will do something for you while you're watching CSI and Dancing with the Stars.  

You have to put the stuff you learn into action and actually do something with it.

Now, to be 100% fair, I will admit that 99.99% of the stuff out there that you'll buy on the topic of making money is completely bogus.  

It's just designed for them to make money while putting you in a state of confusion.

And that's why I decided to stay in the picture for a short while longer while pressing forward with my highly effective and massively profitable Aggressive Income Strategies for my students.

It's 100% about Aggressive Income Strategies.

And stuff you've probably never been introduced to before.

Now, my students should know what I'm about by now and you should also know that I don't talk about stuff I don't believe in including MLM (network marketing), affiliate Internet marketing, or anything that's either too hard, too confusing, or doesn't work.

Here's what it's all about:

  • How to make an untold fortune from information publishing, a topic I've never discussed with my students before!  And this secret can be worth millions each year to you!!
  • How to make a killing with simple little Amazon Kindle easy $20,000 per month Kindle publishing formula that will blow your mind!
  • How to set up a stand-alone website in lightning speed that can sell anything from health supplements to downloadable ebooks that can earn you $50,000 per month -- and this is a type of website you've probably never considered before!
  • How to set up a basic home-based distribution/wholesale business from scratch requiring no employees or overhead that can potentially net you $35,000 a month!
  • How to build a "mail order" business from your kitchen table that can make you $20,000 to $80,000 per month and this ain't your typical "mail order" that you've ever seen before!
  • How several of my students are cashing in big on both eBay and Amazon...and I'll reveal exactly what each of them are doing so that you can "copy and paste" their success to explode your bank account!
  • And much, much more!

Click here for more information!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main 

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