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Tuesday, December 03 2013
I just finished my last Real Estate Boot Camp Seminar.  As we roll into 2014, I'll be focusing on Aggressive Income Strategies.
Now that my last seminar event is over, I feel a sense of completion, accomplishment and pride for showing so many students how to invest in passive income cash flow real estate starting with nothing.
Several of my students who were at this event had shared stories with me about how they finally bought an apartment building after being a student of mine for the past handful of years.
And that makes me happy!  Ecstatic actually!!
What this final event did was allow me to reveal the last little few real estate investing secrets that have just come into play (including getting 100% LTV financing, which is a brand new program) that my students absolutely must know in order to grab onto their passive income real estate deals through 2014 and 2015 (before you'll have to hang it up for awhile).
I also discussed (in great detail) the top cities in the United States (and there are about 20 of them) where you should invest.  (Some of these cities will surprise you.)
I also revealed a blow-by-blow step-by-step detailed plan on exactly which types of asset classes (real estate) you should be investing in which includes multifamily apartment building investing.
I don't think I've ever been this succinct and precise when laying out an investing plan with my students.  Not because I didn't want to before but because I've become so damn good at training and teaching over the past couple of years.
So...the fat lady sung.  (I'm not fat and I can't sing worth a sh**...but you get the point, I hope.)  This is it.  The remaining treasures in Monica Main's treasure chest have been revealed.
And these treasures (secrets) are the ones that can make you a real estate millionaire by the end of 2015.
See you at the top!  
Your mentor,
Monica Main 
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