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Saturday, November 23 2013

I found myself taken a little off guard when talking with a few students recently who had no clue as to what my Cash Flow Evaluator (CFE) Excel spreadsheet was.

And I was stunned.

How is it that these "students" of mine have been taking online mentorship groups, showing up to seminars, and have supposedly been reading through my courses on real estate investing yet none of them knew what the CFE was...which is the crux of how I teach students to analyze a property's cash flow?

Two (2) important things about the CFE:

1)  I have the best analysis tool out there for analyzing cash flow properties.

2)  Anyone who even remotely considers investing in a passive income cash flow property needs to use this tool before putting in an offer.

Since I'm in the position now where I just want to share my latest and last real estate investing secrets with all of my students and students-to-be, I'm going to give you the link to download the 2013 CFE.  I also have a link on the download page to view the video tutorial which will show you how to use the Excel spreadsheet.

Here is the link to get the 2013 CFE:

Remember, you need to have Microsoft Excel loaded onto your computer in order to use this software.  Also, you must first save the file into your Documents before you'll be able to use the spreadsheet.

Once you download it, go to to watch a quick video on how to find the cash flow of any passive income real estate deal you're considering.

You should never even consider doing a real estate deal without first doing an analysis of the cash flow.  I've done thousands of hours in consulting with relatively smart people like doctors, dentists, lawyers, and even engineers who were told by a commercial real estate agent that the deal they were looking at was a "hot deal" and that they should "jump on it ASAP."

And they jumped on the deal.

And now they're losing the property because the deal was in a negative cash flow before they bought it but didn't know because they never analyzed the numbers on the property!

Of course, you won't end up in that position.  Ever!  Because you have the most powerful tool out there to help you with the cash flow analyses of any potential property deal you're looking at.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main 

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