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Friday, October 25 2013

Today is the Rite Aid meeting.  I'm in Pennsylvania right now...getting ready for the meeting after traveling for about 12 hours yesterday.
So...wish me luck.  (I'll let you know how it went in a couple of days.)
What am I doing with Rite Aid?
Well, many of you know that I have a health supplement company and last fall we started dabbling in retail distribution of our main health supplement product.
Since November 2012 when we officially launched our retail packaged health supplements, our business has exploded.
And this was with a very little idea as to what the hell we were doing.  We sort of stumbled and bumbled our way through the business.
Now we have seasoned "pro" distributors and manufacturers coming up to us as trade shows wondering just how the heck we've covered so much ground in such a short period of time.
We have a secret.  It's called the Kicking-Ass-and-Taking-Names-Later secret.
You simply have to bulldoze your way through any industry as fast and bold as possible.  Only 1 of 2 things will happen:
1)  You'll go down in burning flames.  It happens.  Instead of being upset (or worrying that this could happen), enjoy the ride down and hopefully you packed a parachute.
2)  You'll become extremely successful (and very rich) in an extremely short period of time.
We're opting for the latter in most cases.
I keep telling people over and over again that it's no longer an option to work for someone for 2 to 3 decades just to (hopefully) get a retirement pension and (hopefully) a retirement check.  Even if you could actually live off a couple thousand to a few thousand a month, what kind of quality of life will that be when inflation pushes up food, medication, and housing in the decades to come?
Here's the reality of what's going on...
Case in point:  Ronnie has a cousin who retired out of the Detroit P.D. this past June.  He's getting a pension.  However, since Detroit filed for bankruptcy, they'll be cutting his pension to 10%.  His pension will diminish to a measly $310 per month in the very near future.
And nobody can live off that.  Not even a guy in a tent living in a forest.
So, you're thinking..."Well, that's Detroit?"
Actually, that's anywhere nowadays.
Every other week in California you're hearing about how state employees may have to receive an I.O.U. in lieu of a paycheck in any given pay period.  If they want to give active employees I.O.U.s, I'm sure those receiving pensions are pretty close to being on the chopping block too.
It's just a matter of time, folks!  All of those "secure" jobs and positions you thought were secure are the furthest from such a reality.
It's time to retrain your brain to start understanding the reality (and exciting future) of writing your own paycheck through life!
Last month I did my 2-day Underground Secret Event in Los Angeles.  This was myDistribution Profit Boot Camp Seminar.  It's the first and only event of its kind where I talked about Aggressive Income on Speed & Steroids.
What's distribution about?
We live in a country where Americans are a highly consumable public.  We love to buy new crap.  We buy and buy and buy...stuff our garages full of endless amounts of stuff then buy some more.
This buying activity will never stop.  Americans will keep consuming and buying well more than they need or even want just because...that's the way we are, damn it!'s time for you to start thinking about profiting from this American cultural nonsense by selling people something they want to buy.  After all, 100 years from now most everything you know today will probably be gone including cars (we should be flying by then), computers (we'll have something different to replace them), and even workers (we'll have robots to do all the work).
What will still be around will be people buying stuff.  Selling products will never go away.  After all, 100 years from now we'll still be wiping our ass (thus needing toilet paper), brushing our teeth (thus needing toothpaste), and eating food (thus stuffs).
There's nothing more "secure" than whipping up and selling a product that a lot of people want to buy.
Our forte has been in the c-store (convenience store) and gas station market because it's an easy market to break into and you can quickly distribute any type of product (that can be sold in these types of stores).
This is something I've covered at great lengths at my last 2-day Boot Camp Seminar in LA.
(Check out the kick-ass testimonials from this event at
You can sell a simple bag of snacks or a type of liquor or "new and improved" gummy bears and make millions this way! can sell clothing and/or accessories (or other things) through retail giants like Target.
This type of business is not for everyone.  In fact, I will say that most people won't like that there is work and effort that's involved.  However, if you want to get wealthy, you're going to have to put some elbow grease into it.  My advise is to find something you like so it won't seem like "work" but rather something you think is "fun" instead.
And I'll let you know how things went with Rite Aid in a couple of days.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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