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Monday, October 07 2013

Right now I have guests from Detroit staying with us.  They've been here in California for the past week almost and they're awesome people.
Caesar, the guy staying with us, is retired out of law enforcement.  He had a couple of big retirement parties thrown for him, one of which I threw for him.  This was the last time I was in Michigan since the appeal for going back and forth between 2 states has really worn me out.
He's been retired for a full 4 months with a nice fat pension that actually exceeds what his paycheck was when he was still on the force.
And guess what?
He's already talking about going back to work.
He's been retired for 4 months with a nice hefty check coming in regularly plus a nice little nest egg he's built up for the past 3 decades and he wants to return back to work in his old position he left.
If you think "freedom" is not working, think again.  The definition of not working and sitting around on your ass is called "boredom" and not "freedom."
I think a lot of us dream of the day when we don't have to work anymore but if you closely analyze what that dream really is, you'll realize (for most of us) that it's about not doing what we don't want to do anymore.  It's not really about not working (unless you're my lazy ex-husband...then it's really about not doing anything).
When you're doing something you like doing, is it really "work"?  I don't think so.
One of the things that gotten me my "groove" back (after coming dangerously close to a nervous breakdown from working too much) is my newer business which started out as a small New Wealth Ninja an experiment for a book I was writing (and haven't finished yet).
Since I know myself and what I'm capable of, I figured I'd be my own best experimental guinea pig.  I couldn't rely on my "average" student because the "average" person doesn't have the same drive, motivation, and work ethic that I have.  So, I had to use myself as my own experiment when doing research for my New Wealth Paradigm book I had intended on writing.  (I think I'll change the book's name to The Main Way to Wealth.  It has a better ring to it.)
This is how my health supplement company a "project" to write about.
Now it's a multi-million dollar company.  All because I needed a "case study" for my New Wealth Ninja teachings.
How did I get my "groove" back with the new company?
I do a lot of design work for packaging as well as marketing pieces, postcards, brochures, etc.  I notice that time flies when I get in my "creative zone" and I literally lose track of time.  It was these bouts of "creative zone time" that pulled me out of a slump.
This is when I realized that I could never retire and sit around the house doing nothing.  I hate being home as is let alone being stuck at home for months by myself.  What the hell would I do with my time??  What a nightmare that would be!!
You're probably a lot like me in that you don't mind working provided that it's doing something you like.  And my New Wealth Ninja stuff is right along those lines of finding some easy-to-do home-based business that you'll enjoy while making loads of money.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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