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Saturday, October 05 2013

I did my first New Wealth Ninja trainings last summer (2012).  I had one student in the group who was part of my first NWN mentorship and got the videos from both of my summer in-office trainings.  His name is Gregg.
Gregg couldn't afford to attend my NWN in-office trainings as much as he says he wanted to so he took the course materials, NWN mentorship and dissected the videos over and over again until he "got" it.
Gregg didn't have the option of dilly-dallying around as a typical tire-kicker student that I tend to have to deal with.  He had a small business and ended up losing it in the recession.  He lost his home, his car, and even his wife.
Let's just say that Gregg was at rock bottom financially.
Gregg was a student of mine since about 2010 via my real estate courses.  He, like many students, got my stuff and started working with it but "life" got in the way and he lost focus.  He was just too busy with family and work that he didn't do anything at all with any of my real estate teachings.  (And that admission in the email he wrote to me made me sad.) 
But (he went on to tell me) that it literally took him having to lose everything for him to "wake up" to do something else with his life.  As with many students (who have reported the same thing), when I introduced my NWN stuff in the spring of last year, it was at just the perfect time for thousands of my students who needed it the most.
Gregg decided to use my strategies and techniques that I teach in NWN to start a small eBay business.  I can tell you what he sells.  (Health supplements.)  I can't tell you what his eBay user ID is...but I will tell you that when you type in "weight loss" in the eBay search bar, you'll see his supplements come up in the first 5 listings, guaranteed.
Two weeks ago when Gregg reported his latest update on his business progress via email, he told me that he's now making over $60,000 a month with his business.  No, that's not gross. That's his net profit.
Amazing, isn't it?!
Now, it did take Gregg over a year to get to this $60,000 per month net profit amount but, as he's directly indicated to me, he was making $10,000 net within his first 6 weeks of starting and it just went up from there.
Not bad!  Not bad at all!
In his exact words, this is what he said in his email about how he was able to start making money.
"...I just did what you said and started to hustle.  You said in one of your trainings about how you'd never be worried about losing everything because you'd get your ass in gear and work your ass off round the clock until you set up your business.  What made the most sense to me was how you talked about emulating other people with businesses online and that's what I did.  I took the top 3 sellers of health supplements on eBay and basically copied everything they did without committing plagiarism.  I also took your advise about naming products and creating product labels that stand out."
This is just a short except from his lengthy email.  Here's another short except that I think you should read:
"Deep down inside of me I knew that I always wanted to have the flexibility of a home business but didn't know exactly what to do to get there.  I thought it was out of reach for someone like me who isn't really that smart when it comes to any type of marketing.  Right now I work about 6 hours a day and the rest of my time is my own.  (This isn't some 4-Hour Work Week business and anyone wanting to take the lazy way out won't do well with the New Wealth Ninja teachings you do.)  I never thought I'd actually have a business that would be successful like this and it's great!"
People do significant things when there is a need.  Gregg was in that position of need.  Maybe you are too.  I don't know.  But when we're forced up against a wall, we suddenly become capable of kicking some ass and taking names later.
You may be in that "in between" state where you know you need to do something else but you are comfortable enough to where need hasn't been forced on you.  Why wait until that sense of "need" is forced down your throat before you decide to do something else?
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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