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Thursday, October 03 2013

One thing I love about business is that it's about as good as a well-trained house pet.  If you give it focus, attention, and love, it'll love you back.  It won't disappoint you so long as you put the appropriate time, effort, and energy into it from the get-go.
And it can make you extremely happy!
Of course, business and pets are vastly different but -- unlike people who are nothing more than "loose cannons" to me -- pets and business can give you "love" if you give them the appropriate attention from the beginning.
And that's what I like.
I like to know my result from the beginning.
If you give a dog love from the start, he's going to give you love back.
If you set up a business correctly from the start, the business will give you money back.
Those are basic rules of how I've found that life works.
I have a new kitten.  It's a boy.  I generally stay away from male cats but he sort of fell in my lap when a neighbor moved to San Diego last weekend and they didn't want to take the cat with because their daughter is allergic to cats.
So, essentially this kitten "adopted" me in one way or another.
I made it my daughter's cat.  She's 5 and she's old enough to learn responsibility now.  She does well feeding her aquatic frog and 2 fish so a kitten shouldn't be a big deal to add to her responsibilities.
Because it's her cat, she got to name him.  She chose Pineapple.  Ronnie was trying to get her to name him Louie.  Louie (or Lou) is a cute name but nothing a 5-year-old would accept.  So, his legal name can be Pineapple Louie...named sort of after a bar I know in Panama City Beach, Florida called Pineapple Willy's.  (That place is cool as hell.  You can even watch people walking on the beach on PCB right now on their website:  Damn, I wish I was there right now!)
Pineapple, the kitten, is "off the hook."  He's a crazy kitty...pounces, jumps, attacks, and tried to eat my face off yesterday.  My 2 older cats can't stand the little rat and find their days filled with the exhausting endeavor of fending the little sh** off.  Since they're both 10-years old, this can be extremely taxing on 2 old lady cats.
I have to admit; I love the new energy of the little one.  He's shaking things up a bit in our household and change is something a Gemini (me) absolutely loves.
I also love animals.
I was thinking about this yesterday.
Animals are pretty predictable.  Especially domestic pets.  As I mentioned already, you just have to give them some love and they'll love you right back.  It never fails.
People...not so much.
I had an unfortunate incident with a friend of mine and we ended up having a complete falling out after about 3 years of friendship.
And it makes me very sad.
I started thinking about business and, believe it or not, it's actually quite predictable.  Much like domesticated pets.
Give it love, you'll get love back.
I think this is why I've done so exceptionally well with business and yet have continued to fail miserably in family and friendship relationships.
Business is extremely predictable because you'll get out exactly what you put into it.  And you will get the result you're seeking provided that you know precisely what that is.
People are unpredictable and never have your best interests at heart because they're too busy focusing on how they can personally gain, even if it means you'll get the short end of the stick.
Now I know why I see so many old people in the world wobbling around with their old-as-dirt dog or cat while ostracizing themselves from the world.  Somewhere along they way they've determined that people are too much trouble and they'd rather pal around with a scruffy dust puff of a pet because at least they know it won't maliciously hurt them.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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