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Monday, September 02 2013

Many of you have heard of Andrew Shaw.  He started out with me sometime in late 2008 when he purchased my Apartment Building Cash Flow System.  In 2009 he signed up and completed one of my first signature Apartment Building Mentorship Groups including taking the 9-week Advanced Group later that year.
But, like many of my students (unfortunately), he ended up in a phase of information overload paralysis.  And did nothing with the information until the next year when he decided to kick himself in the ass.
He hasn't turned back since.
In this first couple of years of being a "serious" real estate investor, he climbed up from $0 to making $74,000 a month in passive real estate income.
Now he's at the $138,000 per month mark.  And no, that's not gross receipts.  That's what he gets to put in his pocket each and every month after all of his mortgages and expenses are paid on all of his properties.
So, here's what happened last month.  I tried twisting Andrew's arm until it just about fell off to speak at my upcoming November Atlanta Boot Camp Seminar but, of course, he said no.  Again.
You see, Andrew is the type of person that I think would literally have a heart attack if he had to utter 2 complete sentences in front of even a small crowd of people.  (Goes to show you that even timid people who aren't socially adept can become massively successful in real estate.)
And that's why I have never been successful in getting him to speak at any of my events over the past couple of years.  He's shown up at my events before and, even then, I wasn't allowed to point him out that he was there.  Yes, that's right!  For those of you who have been at my events before, you actually were sitting in the room with Andrew Shaw.  He was even at one of my recent non-real estate related Underground Secret Events.  (Can anyone remember who was in the room at my last Detroit event?)
But here's what Andrew did do for me.  He wrote a book on exactly what he did to reach the level of success he's reached today and, in his own words, explains that if anyone can do it, you can too.
Andrew started with less than nothing.  In fact, if I remember correctly, he had something like $40,000+ in credit card debt when he got started with me.  He wasn't working and he really needed to hustle to get himself up and running in the real estate game.
And he did.
Without any money.  Without any credit.
He did it easily, seamlessly, and quickly by following a simple plan that he created himself.
And he put down this exact plan on paper which you'll be able to get so that you can use his exact well-laid out plan for your own real estate success.  Click here for more details on getting this book.
Why commercial-commercial real estate?  Why now?
I'm going to be honest with you; not that I'm not always honest but I think it's time that you really come to an understanding of what's going on with both me and the real estate market right now.
Here's what I'll never become: a "guru" that stands on a soap box in front of a group of seminar attendees talking about irrelevant and non-profitable real estate topics that don't apply in our current real estate market.  I promised myself that I'll never become anything like that which is why my students have always appreciated me being a teacher and mentor.
Come 2014 and I'll have thoroughly introduced and talked about every cutting-edge real estate strategy you can use including all of the "supporting" education such as building personal and business credit, raising capital, and all of the other needed elements to get to where you need to go as a successful real estate investor.
When we are in a recession, you will get your best deals and opportunities in almost every type of asset class in real estate investing out there.
When the economy starts to "thaw out" and take off, the opportunities immediately disappear.
And that's what's happening now.
Why do you think I've meticulously "planned" my real estate training "end" date to be December 31, 2013 since last year?
I knew the end was coming.  And, sadly, it's almost already here.
Let's talk about what opportunities are left in cash flowing real estate deals and then we'll talk about what I'll be doing for my students until I turn 40 (next June).
What do we have left for profitable real estate in the remaining portion of 2013 and all of 2014 that you can realistically get into with some creative financing, little/no money down, and for a bargain in a market where things are getting very hot very fast?
1)  Small multifamily properties ranging from "quads" (4-plexes) to 10-unit apartment buildings.
2)  Small MHPs ranging from a handful of pads to about 20 pads.
3)  SFR flips in certain areas of the country.
4)  Smaller REO apartment buildings.
5)  Commercial-commercial buildings, particularly office buildings and industrial warehouse space.
6)  Self-storage.
7)  Building small multifamily buildings to either buy-and-hold or flip to investors who will pay top dollar for them.
Again, these opportunities will begin to diminish one-by-one as we kick off 2014, definitely starting with SFR flips.  Then vacant REOs.  Then MHPs and small multi-families.
Then any commercial-commercial opportunity by the end of next year.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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