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Sunday, September 02 2018

For those of you who have called into my office with the past 4 years, you likely would have talked to Rose.  She was my first-line-of-defense gatekeeper.

And now she's gone!

No, she didn't pass away. 

But she had to abruptly leave our company due to the chronic and persisting health problems of her husband, Dave.  You see, Dave was diagnosed with cancer this year and he almost lost his life twice just in the past few months.  The last close call was only 2 weeks ago.

Rose decided that it was much more important to be with him, to give him the round-the-clock care that he so desperately needs, until he either returns back to full health or his life in this incarnation comes to a close.

By far, Rose has been one of my most dedicated and loyal employees over the past several years and her presence will be missed.

Farewell, Rose!

For those of you who call my office for various things, please note that I now have TWO right-hand ladies handling all my line-of-defense gate-keeping and customer care needs. 

Actually, I should say that I have a right-hand and a left-hand lady:  Tori, my right-hand lady whom many of you have talked to already and met at various seminars and workshops I've done over the years (if you attended any), and Holly, my left-hand lady whom I call her my left-hand because she's, well...left-handed. 

So, even though Rose has moved on, you have two incredibly amazing and highly ambitious ladies to handle all of your customer care needs for Global Success.  And they are fast gearing up for all the new changes taking place for Global Success in 2019 which include:

1)  A company name change.  With new times a-coming, we'll be adopting our corporate name instead of using our DBA (which is Global Success Strategies).  New times require a new name.  More on that later.

2)  A complete overhaul on the Viper Wealth Newsletter.  I'm going to be expanding it to include Andrew Shaw (with a dedicated section for him each and every month) and a newcomer:  Peter Barrington.  This guy is a money-making genius like you wouldn't believe.  But I cannot tell you quite yet what his specialty in money-making is'll blow your mind.

3)  I have 2 events coming up for 2018:  The Inner Success Retreat in Santa Barbara (the last 3 days of this month, CLICK HERE if you haven't registered yet) and my LAST EVER Money Funnel Event (called my Money Funnel 3.0 Workshop on October 19th - 21st, CLICK HERE to register). 

But for 2019? 

Well...I already had a few people calling the office and asking, "What is Monica doing for March?"  And the answer is: 3 DAYS IN VEGAS, BABY!  (Mark your calendars for mid-March...more to come on that very soon because it'll be a VERY UNIQUE Underground Secret Event!)

I have A LOT more planned for you guys and gals in the coming year with everything that comes a-new, the old must go.  As many of you know, I got rid of my old office and just finished putting the final touches on the move-in of my NEW office, got rid of ALL of my old employees (which was a fluke really since I fired no one), eliminated ALL old relationships (business and personal), and literally cleaned out every nook and cranny of my house and office of things that I no longer need or want anymore.

I even got rid of my PRIZED LA Auto Show 2010 Navigator.  Some of you guys and gals remember it because during certain events in California, I'd drive some of you to dinner with me.  I loved that Navigator.  Because it had been part of the LA Auto Show, Galpin Sports in the San Fernando Valley really tricked it out.  I kept it in showroom condition and the miles (over 8 years) were only 37,000 when I gave it up.

Then after my 44th birthday, on a whim I called my brother and told him he could have it if he could get his ass on a plane to come out to LA to get it.  (He's deathly afraid of flying.)  I bought him a plane ticket and flew him and his daughter Jasmine out for my daughter Brie's birthday party.  I hadn't seen him in many years.

I signed over the title to him and off he went with his new ride, extremely grateful for the opportunity to get something that nice without paying a penny for it.

When you get rid of the old, it creates a VOID that needs to be filled with something new.  Something BETTER than what you had before.

And that's what's been happening with me.  New and better things have been happening so fast that I can hardly keep up.

Like my property deals with Andrew Shaw.

And another business deal with a guy named Peter Barrington.  (More on him later.)

And the gifts just keep coming.

What kinds of things are YOU doing to propel yourself into a new positive life?  Are you getting rid of the old?  Are you pulling the trigger on something new?

If not, time to clean house.  And that could mean LITERALLY for you.  (You have to start changing the energy around you somehow and cleaning/donating is the best way to begin.)

Then you need to line yourself up with a new way of making loads of cash.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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