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Friday, November 17 2017

I have a brand new investor who is actively looking for apartment buildings of 100 units and over ANYWHERE in the country.  These assets MUST be 90% or higher in occupancy levels and he's aiming for a CAP rate of 8.5% or higher.  To be clear, though, this is NOT for partnerships.  He will pay a healthy bird-dog commission of UP TO 3% on the deal to you upon the close of escrow.  

Right now he's reaching out to different areas all over the country to make money on deals nationwide.  And the ONLY way he can do this is by reaching out through other people...people like you...who can take the time to find these deals anywhere (even if they're not anywhere near where you live) because these are bird-dog deals (and not partnerships).

This new investor -- Cory P. -- is based out of Arizona and owns a very large real estate syndication company.  Their problem: they can't get enough deals that fit within their criteria.  I think you may be able to help with that AND make some really good bird-dog finder's fees for doing so.

For more details about how you can participate this new opportunity: CLICK HERE NOW.

By the way, I think I forgot to mention it but he has NO MAXIMUM.  You can find deals as expensive as you want and as many deals as you want.  He has ENDLESS amounts of capital to pull from to fund these deals.  This is, by far, the very first guy of this caliber I've worked with so far so hopefully you don't pass up this opportunity.  CLICK HERE NOW!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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