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Wednesday, January 18 2017
Money Doesn't Buy Happiness...But It Fucking Helps!
I bought a 2017 BMW 750i (M7) to myself because I broke some major ground in my life recently between ditching all the scumbags to finishing graduate school to finally feeling like I screwed my head on straight.  This all, of course, allows me to deserve a car worth well over $100,000 because I realized that I MUST treat myself special.  If I don't, nobody else will.
Some people might criticize me.  Those would be the jealous folks who are stuck on a miserable endless treadmill of life who have fed themselves the belief that they'll never have the good things in life.  While I agree that money can't buy happiness, it really does help.  And I'd rather be rich and miserable than broke and miserable any day, any time.
And not for the reasons you think.  It's not about drowning myself in endless shopping expeditions when I'm feeling unhappy or blue.  It's mostly about reminding myself that I deserve the best AND what helps give me the best is my reliance on pretty much the only thing I can depend on in my life that will never let me down: business & investing.
That's right.  As long as I keep putting in the effort by keeping my very basic business and investing systems going, they ALWAYS produce for me clockwork.  Unlike people, relationships, and other drastically varying unstable variables, business and investing will ALWAYS produce consistently and profitably IF you understand the methodologies behind this success; of course IMPLEMENTATION is, by far, the most important key in all of this.
I learned something very important that I'll be divulging at my Detroit Underground Secret Event for Real Estate Cash Flow (February 23-25) which, if you haven't signed up for, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do because it will be my ONLY real estate event this year.  (CLICK HERE for more details.)  I'll also have my investor partner there to meet some of you after hours during cocktail hour.  (This is literally a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity that will NEVER be repeated!)
But...since I'm not going to reveal it here, I'll just briefly tell you the context of it: discovering new things through education is ESSENTIAL to become successful in anything.  You CANNOT and SHOULD NOT bumble your way into something WITHOUT the proper knowledge and education otherwise you'll fail and fail and fail...and FAIL until you finally give up for good.
Why is this?
Because psychologically you're screwing yourself if you start going about a new venture or project wrong.  And by wrong, I mean just going for it WITHOUT the adequate preparation, understanding of the methods to use, and executable PLAN.
So, what happens when you do this is that you go for it, like doing a base jump off a building without a parachute?  And we all know how that ends.  SPLAT!
We have a huge upcoming opportunity in the real estate market. And for the first time ever I "sliced" my Apartment Riches 2017 course to show my students what opportunities are good for hot markets AND what opportunities are good in "downer" markets (like the one coming up soon).
Here's what's going on right now:
We have commercial real estate prices that are approximately 20% HIGHER than they were in 2007...right before the 2008 market crash.  So...guess what, folks?  We're coming up on the next crash.  We're sitting right on top of it now.  And we're in this strange "in between" period where it's the calm before the storm.
I don't care how optimistic some of you are, especially when we have a new president sworn in on Friday.  Only a complete idiot thinks that the real estate and economy keeps going up and up and up without ever hesitating, dropping, or spiraling down at some point.  (This would be the same type of idiot that has never read a history book or studied economic cycles.)
So...what's happening now?
You have to be READY for what's coming up.  No, you're not going to jump right in and start investing tomorrow.  That would make you a complete and total fool.  
But what you WILL be doing -- especially for those who NEED and WANT to become equipped and fully educated in WHAT to do to profit in cash flowing investment real estate -- is COMPLETELY PREPPING for what's coming up.
This includes...
Learning exactly WHAT to do including choosing the RIGHT MARKET to start laying your groundwork in.  This also includes understanding the business in its entirety from front to back, back to front...especially when it comes to management and your exit strategies.
Connecting with lenders, brokers, money sources, and private money...lining them all up in a row so that when you're ready to pull the trigger, you have PLENTY OF MONEY to start swooping up on everything that starts hitting the market.
And then when the market comes crashing down -- and it's COMING, folks! -- then you get to come in with all of your knowledge and resources to pick up deal after deal after deal for a FRACTION of what people think they can sell their properties for now.  And a lot of what you'll be able to get will be another huge windfall of foreclosures, mainly from all the dummies buying property now at the market peak who will be under water in the next handful of short months.
With that said, I upgraded the Apartment Riches System for 2017 which INCLUDES a BONUS set of extremely valuable money resources that is ONLY available to those of you who get this course upgrade right now.  These resources will NOT be available to anyone who gets Apartment Riches 2017 later on.
CLICK HERE to listen to a quick audio seminar that talks about Apartment Riches 2017 and why this upgrade is REQUIRED if you plan on investing in cash flowing apartment real estate between now and through next year.
If you want to do really well in 2017 and 2018...guess what?  You have to ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES and freaking DO IT already! Nobody is going to do it for you.  No one!
I was reading something the other day about so many people (usually "wannabe" entrepreneurs) who are paralyzed with fear about every business and investment strategy being a "scam" out there so they just never invest in themselves or their financial education.  And if you're one of those people, you have ALREADY BEEN SCAMMED by the system that made you believe that you have to get ripped off by going to college for 4 years, start your adult life off in severe debt, work your ass off by climbing the corporate ladder, and then get that gold watch after 25 years while living in poverty as a senior citizen.  If you bought into THAT lie but think starting your own real estate investment cash flow business is a "scam" then maybe you should have your IQ checked because it's probably kind of low.
CLICK HERE to find out what real estate opportunities are going to hit for 2017.
Once last thing:  Most of you know that I'm the QUEEN of real estate investing, particularly when it comes to apartment building investing.  Yet THIS system and the Detroit Underground Event will be mostly ALL I'll be doing for this entire year for real estate investing.  Yes, I plan on doing an REO system upgrade and mentorship group LATER this year...but that is about it.
Why is this?
Because I believe I can BETTER PREPARE my students by offering other intense training including Raising Capital, Building Business Credit, Getting Crowd Funding...and starting an Aggressive Business to ALL get the CASH you need to start taking advantage of these opportunities this year coming up. CASH will be king.  My job is to help you get that cash for the remainder of this year.  
So, I'm lining you up with the right real estate investing education and strategies at the BEGINNING of this year so that you can get working on that while training with me on all the other stuff.  Trust me, this is a PERFECTLY PLANNED method of strategies that I'm orchestrating for you.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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