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Friday, January 09 2015
What a weird freaking week it's been for me!  I was really hoping for a kick-ass start to 2015 and instead the New Year greeted me with a bunch of weird crap that I'd rather not waste my time on.  But, what can you do?  It's the cost of doing business and doing well, right?  (At least this week ended well.  I'll tell you about it in a minute!)
By the way, I should mention that as a successful person, you'll notice that people will only want to take away what you have.  I think this is because they feel like deadbeats themselves and don't believe they have the power to create financial freedom on their they feel that they have to find a way to steal it from you in some way.  That's just normal.  The more successful you get, the more you'll notice that people will try to concoct bullshit ways of taking your money from you including, but not limited to, (and especially) frivolous lawsuits.
But having lived on this planet for a full 4 decades, I've been noticing something a little unique happening in our most recent times.  It seems that as our time-space quantum physics seems to be speeding up (to ensure that we can end up on the "light side" instead of the "dark side" metaphysically and spiritually), we have to "pay" for our wrongdoings rather quickly.  The universe is set up for "instant karma," if you will.  (So, I guess John Lennon wasn't too far off, was he?)
When I was little, I would see people doing some unspeakable things and wondered why they didn't pay for it.  Forget about the justice system.  I'm not talking about that.  (We all know how skewed and useless that system is.)  I'm talking about the universe and thatjustice system.  This is when my dad would explain that eventually everyone has to pay the piper whether it takes days or decades...or even happens in the next incarnation.
This is when I would actually notice that decades later these same people who I wondered how/why they escaped their well-deserved karmic fate, suddenly something devastating would happen for them and in their lives.  They would contract some painful and drawn-out disease, dying a painful death.  They'd get cancer on an equally painful and miserable level.  Someone would screw them over and they'd have a significant reversal of fortune. Or whatever.
The good thing is that I vowed at a very young age to do my best to be a good person and, most importantly, to be good to other people.
Good thing I adopted this personal belief system: if you've noticed, things are speeding up. Not just a little...but a lot!
When you wrong someone, you pay right away.  It happens in "seconds" in comparison to how things played out only a short time ago.
So...for those people out there who are looking for a f*ree pay day (as with a certain loser student of mine who decided to file a lawsuit...and is now claiming "elder abuse"...interesting how I can "abuse" a senior citizen in NY when I'm in California but I must have some really long arms, I guess) you'll have to pay the piper.  Even if you miraculously get your ill-gotten gains by stealing money from someone else, you'll get yours.  That's just how the universe works.  It's called "karma."  Look it up one day on Google when you're bored.
On the flip side, I have a student of mine who's been with me since about 2010-ish.  (I pretend to remember when students started with me but the fact is, my memory is next to shot these days on small details like that.)  He's a really good guy all around, honest and caring.  He submitted a property portfolio (a set of buildings part of the same apartment complex but APN-ed separately) in Texas that turned out to be a deal exceeding $12 million.
And that was the deal that just closed today.  I just got the email confirmation from my investor in Texas that they just closed!
Let me tell you about this student.  He's been nothing but a gem.  Very respectful.  Studying as much as he can on apartment building investing for almost 5 years now.  And he's been super nice to me (which helps, especially when you want an "in" with my investor partners; respect goes a very long way with me).  Now he's splitting a $12-million deal without putting a single red cent into the deal.
What's the split going to be?  He's getting 33% on the gained equity (which takes place over the next 3 years) and he's getting a nice monthly chunk of change on his 33% of the cash flow:  $11,200 a month!
And my student?  He can now retire if he wants but instead he's working on one more deal in the same area which will get him an additional $6,000 a month in cash flow if that one goes under contract in the next week or so (as we anticipate).
When you're a good person and you work toward your goals with conviction and desire, you get rewarded with success.
When you're a piece of crap and you do things to stab people in the back while acting like a worthless victim, you end up with a reversal of fortune (and not the good kind).
You know what the worst part about the piece of shit who is filing the lawsuit against me is?  I actually sent over his PDF (and not the Excel spreadsheet that I kept requesting of him) to my investor partner right before I left on my New Year's break and 2 days ago my investor partner sent me an email and indicated that he was very interested in the deal. And when my Texas investor tells me that he's "very" interested, as long as he gets the business plan as requested after that point, it usually goes under contract within about 14 days after that.
So...seems to me like that little "karmic reversal of fortune thing" I was just talking about is already taking it's toll.  (That was quick!)  And we didn't even get to court yet!
(And in case you're wondering how much potential cash Mr. NYC screwed himself out of for being a dick:  $8,321 a month in cash flow in his pocket and a possible estimated gained equity split over 3 years of $660,000...or a total of $959,556 over the 3-year partnership period. That is, if my investor partner decided to work with him on this deal and if the numbers presented were accurate.  It's amazing how fast someone can lose a million bucks for being a dumb shit!)
Interesting how life works, isn't it?  ("Instant karma's gonna get you...")
What did I tell my investor partner about that PDF deal?  I simply told him that the student who submitted it wasn't able to comply with getting additional information about the property "due to circumstances beyond his and/or my control" is how I put it in my email, word for word.  And we left it at that.
If my investor partner presses the issue, I'll come clean with him and explain that this student is a "legal loose cannon" and he creates too much of a potential legal liability for both of us to consider working with him on any partnership level.  (Rich people will neverwork with those who they believe will create undue legal problems for them.  They have enough problems to worry about than to do partnerships with someone who is known to file frivolous lawsuits.)
But the good news for me is that we have too many other opportunities in the pipeline to go after right now to worry about a kick-ass deal that just fell through the cracks...and it's doubtful that my investor partner will ask about his deal ever again.
Here's something important I want to tell all of you right now:
Success is a lot easier to attain than you think.  If you've felt like you've been spinning your wheels endlessly, it's because you're going in the wrong direction or not hooking up with the right people or the right opportunities.  It's not you...unless it really isyou. Because if you're a piece of shit like the student who filed the lawsuit against me, it really is you.  In which case, you've made your bed and there you'll lie for the rest of your miserable life.
What do I mean by that?
When you take someone like me who does my damnest to provide the very best education and opportunities for my students (that you won't get from any other "guru" out there) and then you choose to not only refuse to listen to basic instructions but you stab me in the back on top of that, the universe will have some interesting experiences to share with you in your near future...and none of it will be good.  Mark my words on that.
But the good news is that -- with the exception of a very small minuscule percentage of my student database -- 99.99% of my students are freaking awesome!  And I'm almost certain that you are one of them!  (Unless you're Mr. NYC...then you're not.  Definitely not!)
So...I've had a couple of you ask about getting involved in The $9,000,000 Opportunitythat I presented in Detroit.  (1) Since I made it clear that only those who attended the eventwill participate, I will not be going back on my word, (2) we're coming up on the end-all deadline that I can receive deals by so I can't realistically have new students send me deals right now, and (3) I will have another opportunity like this come up later this year.  There are always new opportunities.  I'll keep you posted on when these will come up.  (Right now I have something "possibly" coming up in May and "definitely" coming up in October/November.)  Hopefully you'll find it worthwhile to make the trip if you're actually interested in pursuing this next opportunity.
In the meantime, many of you have started off waking up out of coma, realizing that it's now 2015, and wondering what you can proactively do to get your ass moving in a fiscally positive direction.
My initial and original Aggressive-to-Passive Income Methodology still stands strong. Ideally you'll choose a kick-ass Aggressive Income Business to (1) replace your current job or business (so you can stay in that "entrepreneurial mindset" without having some freeway drive or cubicle drain you dry 50 hours a week) and (2) funnel those additional cash flow dollars into Passive Income Assets (i.e. multifamily residential-commercial real estate).
With that in mind, I have something killer to share with you right now.  Many of you know I've been building my "suite" of New Wealth Warrior Aggressive Income Strategiessince last year.  It was to come in 3 installments, each to stand alone on its own.  The first was Kindle Cash Flow, the second was Direct Mail Order Millionaire, and now the third and last New Wealth Warrior Aggressive Income Strategy is finally here:  Internet Cash Flow.
This is, perhaps, the easiest of all 3 to pull off for the fastest possible path in gaining traction with Aggressive Income.
What is the Internet Cash Flow System exactly?
I'm covering every method I've used to successfully make money online since 2007 when I first seriously started making money online.  Then I had to eliminate the stuff that no longer works and leave behind only the stuff that works now in 2015.
And that was a challenge for me.
Too many Internet "gurus" out there are still teaching crap that used to work in 2008 that hasn't worked in years.  It's imperative that when getting an education on making money online that you get the correct information otherwise you'll find yourself in a fruitless tailspin.
I have my Internet Cash Flow System available now...and also a kick-ass deal on my one-time-only Internet Cash Flow 2-Day Boot Camp Seminar I'll be doing in Los Angeles on March 14th and 15th.  Here's the link for the deal:
If you have any questions, give us a call at 661-295-5050.  The deadline to get the deal above is only a few days away.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  For those of you wondering if Lea is coming back, she's confirmed to start back here at Global Success on Monday, January 19th.  Thanks for all of your cards, emails, and phone calls.  You guys and gals made her feel loved and appreciated enough to want to come back.
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