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Underground Secret Event in LA

Imagine Aggressive Income on Steroids AND Speed...And That's Exactly What I Revealed in My ONE-TIME-ONLY 2-Day Boot Camp Seminar Event in LA!

My Most Incredible Mind-Blowing Multi-Million-Dollar Power-Packed 2-Day Event That Can EASILY Be Worth MILLIONS of Dollars a Year in PURE PROFIT to You...And It Has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to Do With Real Estate Investing!

And You Can Now See It ALL on Video!

The Economy is RAPIDLY SHIFTING from the Passive-Income Focus to the Aggressive-Income Focus!  What Does This Mean?  It Means...It's Time to Rethink Your Investment Strategy and Understand What's "Really Going On" in the Economy!  It Means "Going with the Flow."  And It Means, Be Flexible with the Changes to Make the Biggest Amount of Money Imaginable in Our Highly Profitable, Amazingly Powerful NEW ECONOMY!


You Can NO LONGER Focus Exclusively on Real Estate as Passive Income UNLESS You Have A LOT OF CASH ON HAND (or a Loaded Investor Partner) to Invest With.  Real Estate Investing in ALL Asset Classes (Including and Especially Apartment Buildings, MHPs, and SFRs) Have Become Swamped with Wealthy Investors Who HAVE MONEY to Put Down Into Deals to the Point Where There is LITTLE Inventory Left to Be Had.  That's What You're Competing Against!  (How Quickly Times Have Changed from Just a Few Short Years Ago.)  And If You Don't Have the Cash to Compete...You're OUT, Baby!

 Clear and Simple!!

Yes, You Can Make a Killing in Real Estate But YOU NEED MONEY Now to Get In!  Your "Business Model" Has to Look Like the Illustration Above...Put Huge Amounts of Cash Directly Into Passive Income Properties Then Let the Property Cash Flow and Appreciation Do Its Thing!  Plus...Being an "Entreprenuer/Investor" in the New Economy Means Doing a Lot of Things, Having a Lot of Businesses, and Being Part of a Lot of Investments to Become the Multi-Millionaire You Dreamed for Yourself!


Dear Entrepreneur/Investor,

Many of you know that I've been making an untold fortune with a "side" business that started from nothing last year and quickly turned into a multi-million-dollar enterprise a little more than a year later.

And it's the fastest company I've ever built starting from only a few grand.

Now, those of my "die-hard" students who have been paying close attention to what I've been doing and what I've been talking about for the past 6+ months already have some idea about what this 2-day event in LA was about.

But you don't know everything...

And neither did I when I first started really pushing my new business last year.  I was on a learning curve from hell...the same learning curve that you can avoid altogether.

Make More Money Than a Drug Dealer

It was literally 2 days ago when I was on my second margarita at 2pm on a work week day in a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant that Ronnie and I frequent quite a bit.  We were doing the numbers on a brand new product launch on what it costs to manufacture each unit.  When we added it all up, I was actually shocked at how freakin' cheap it all was and what the mark-up turned out to be.

To back up just a little...our main product for each unit costs 20 cents to manufacture and package...yet we sell each one for $1.25 each.  Ronnie said that we were over 500% in mark-up.  He was wrong.  Our mark-up is 625%.  And it turned out to be EVEN HIGHER for our latest product...which is well over 700%.

And that's mind-boggling to me.

I asked Ronnie..."Do drug dealers have this high of a mark-up?"

And we both started laughing because...they don't!  Not by a long shot!!

Yes, we have a higher mark-up than Tony Montana ever had on his cocaine sales!

Yet what we're doing is 100% legal and makes millions per year!

This is BEYOND the New Wealth Ninja Stuff, Folks!  Nope, We're Not in Kansas Anymore; We're in the Big Time!

For those of you who have been following my Aggressive Income Strategies, you'd know that I've created some incredibly profitable means for my students.  Some of my students have made an absolute killing using these secrets including these success stories:

* Geri Tomley, a woman in her 60s who started off barely being able to attach a file to an email, learned how to build her own profit-generating website through my New Wealth Ninja training and enjoys an average $3,500 a week less than 90 days after starting.

* Leila McNellis started off completely broke and used credit cards to set up her business; she was able to utilize my eBay and Amazon strategies to sell a specific type of products to help her generate $22,000 a month within only a few months after fully setting up her business.

* Lars Rodrigues had doubts about being able to use the New Wealth Ninja techniques to start a profitable online business but he found a niche in personal credit building strategies based on his own extensive experience; this allowed him to set up several stand-alone websites offering a $47 download course that quickly started making him $2,700 a week.  He's since been able to nearly double that figure by brokering out a personal credit repair service by getting commissions from a company he sends his download customers to.

And these are just a small handful of stories and successes my students have reported to me since I introduced New Wealth Ninja early last year.

Take a look at the figures I just revealed above in the success stories of Geri, Leila, and Lars...realizing that those numbers, as impressive as they may seem, are NOTHING in comparison to what I'm about to reveal to you.

In fact, those figures are barely pocket change compared to the highly profitable massive income producing secrets you'll discover over 2 short seminar days in Los Angeles.

The Economy is Changing...And Fast!  You'll Either Become a Multi-Faceted "Serial" Entreprenuer/Investor...Or You'll Financially Perish!

You can't just do "one thing" anymore to make money.  I've been noticing this change for a few years now.  Back in the day upon asking what my associates do for a living, many would be singularly specific and tell me something like..."My business is advertising."  

Now when you ask any of my investor partners, cohorts, associates, or multi-millionaire connections, many will have a different response on what they do for a living.  Their response usually includes MULTIPLE opportunities and ways of making big bucks including having multiple businesses.

As more and more successful people would tell me what they did for a living, I realized that the entire future of entrepreneurs and investors relied on multiple streams of income.

I first heard about this concept many years ago when Robert Allen came out with a book called Multiple Streams of Income.  With the exception of his shameless plug about getting involved with his MLM company, I actually found the book quite invaluable since the time I read it right around when it was first published.  This was my first introduction into truly understanding how multi-millionaires "tick" in the financial having a lot of financial opportunities that they participate in.

Seriously, you can't really expect to be a successful multi-millionaire by doing only one thing in this day and age.  You have to do a minimum of 2 things: business and investing.  This is how all the rest of the multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires do it.  It's about time you start falling in line with the reality of how big bucks are made and stop deluding yourself into believing that becoming rich works in any other fashion.

Welcome to Our New Economy Where All You Have to Do is Offer Up a Decent Product or Service and You'll Get Rich IF You Play Your Cards Right

Our economy is officially back on track and we're moving full force ahead.  Of course, a few of you out there believe in this "second bubble" and other negative clap-trap but, if you look at history and how economic cycles work, you'll know that we always fully recover after surviving a "downer" period in the market.  And then, after we're up for a little while, we go back down again.  That's just how it works.  It's basic Econonomics 101, folks!

The good news is that we've just survived a pretty devastating economic downturn.  Some people have called it the 2nd Great Depression.  If you'll take a look at history, the Great Depression was kicked off at the crash of the stock market in 1929.  It took 10 years for it to show any signs of recovery.  But the 1940s kicked ass and the 1950s did, too!

Our recent recession started in early 2006 and ended late last year.  That was about 6 1/2 years of teeth-gritting financial horror that peaked in 2008.

Are we looking at 20 years of a non-recessive period now?

No, I don't think so.  But I do believe we're in the clear until about 2020 or 2021.  Then we'll see a slight drag-down in the economy for a few years thereafter.

But we're not going to worry about that right now.  What we're going to focus on is how easy it'll be for you to make massive amounts of cash if you're willing to work for it.  You'll be setting yourself up for a lifetime of financial freedom if you do this correctly.

If You're Willing to Hustle and Work...You'll Be Able to Rake In Endless Amounts of Money in This Very Unique Business

Let me tell you the reality of how business works.  There is no 4-Hour Work Week.  People don't make $10 million a year from scratch working one hour a day unless they miraculously hit the lottery.  And I'm guessing you didn't otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

The key, obviously, is to find a business that's not "work" but that's exciting, interesting, challenging, and fun.  Then it's not considered "work" anymore.  I tell my students time and time again, don't do anything just to make money otherwise you'll end up getting washed of the game way before you hit any type of payday.

I'll be the first one to tell you that any business or investing that you decide to do, you better have a passion and huge interest in doing it.  And since you really don't know about the business I'm talking about (although you probably have a good idea if you've been following me over the past 6 months or so), I will tell you that there definitely will be some type of product that you can have the fierce type of passion I'm talking about with the million-dollar business I'll be showing you step-by-step.

Is this business hard?  No, it's not.  I've experienced so many trials and tribulations over the past year and you can completely avoid all of the heartache I had just by following a simple step-by-step plan that I've created for your direct success.  And this is the plan that was completely revealed to in my recent September 2013 2-day Boot Camp Seminar in Los Angeles.


Special Speaker Will Clue You In on $100,000+ Per Month Products

I had a special speaker who attended and spoke at this event who shared insider intimate details about the types of products that make a killing...and what products that you'd think would make a fortune that you should avoid.

What's unique about this speaker is that he's highly knowledgeable and can quickly get your mind reeling about the endless money-making possibilities with a specific type of products that are cheap to make, easy to sell, and will ultimately be your big ticket to a huge fortune in your near future.

Just to let you know, this business is quite diverse in the types of products as well as the ways of distribution.  One of his customers sells 1,000+ units of a specific type of product on Amazon and this is just one of her products.  She makes somewhere in the ballpark of $100,000 a month using this massive online giant and she doesn't even ship the products to her customers.  It goes from the manufacturer to Amazon to the customer.  She never touches anything!

These hot, massive money producing product types has already been revealed by our special guest speaker who is a bona-fide inside industry expert who has never before spoken to a live audience about these confidential secrets and will never speak at any other event ever again.  This is going to be such a rare and power-packed presentation that you absolutely cannot afford to miss out on it.

By the way, this is one of those instances where you should have come LIVE to this event just to network with this rare speaker who could have given you "one-on-one time" at breaks where you can get some amazing tid-bits of information that he won't tell everyone at the microphone (or on the videos of the event) become some information is proprietary, confidential, and can't actually be shared "on video" or at all unless you hit him up about it.

But since you didn't can still get his contact information by watching the videos!


Ronnie Espinoza Revealed Intimate Details About His Direct Experience With How He's Been Highly Successful in This Business and How Easy It Really Is!

My hubby Ronnie is quite an entertaining speaker.  In fact, when I did my SFR Flipping Event this past March in Detroit, both Ronnie and I were bombarded by students who wanted him to get up and speak on the very topic he talked about at great length during this past 2-day LA event.  Since the SFR Flipping Event wasn't the proper venue for this powerful, massive cash flow business and since we didn't have time in the schedule to include it, Ronnie couldn't get up to speak to the many students who wanted to know more about it.

But at this 2-day power-packed event, he sure talked about it...revealing all the fine-tuned details about how he's been able to push our business into the highly successful financial heights just in the past 9 months alone.

He'll tell you exactly how he's been able to move large amounts of product quickly and profitably...and how you can too if you understand and grasp a few of his basic yet effective techniques.

He also explained insider information on the types of products that are super hot and what types of products to avoid based on feedback he's gotten directly from certain power players in the industry.  You'll discover how to find the right low-cost products to turn into big bucks in your bank account.


What to Expect from the Videos of This Powerful 2-Day Distribution Profit Boot Camp Seminar

This is an Underground Secret Event which means I give you very few details about what will be discussed.  And these are the "few" details:

1)  Nothing real-estate related will be discussed at all.

2)  This is about Aggressive Income ONLY.

3)  This is NOT about New Wealth Ninja Strategies but rather Aggressive Income on STEROIDS!

4)  We talk almost solely on mass product distribution including how to strike it rich by getting a simple product in several nationwide chain stores!

Here's what you'll get out of the videos of this 2-day event:

  • You'll be introduced into a small handful of business models that are worth a minimum of a million dollars in profits per year.
  • You'll be clued in on products that are hot sellers with the highest possible mark-ups.
  • You'll fully understand a complete step-by-step action plan from how to choose a product, how to get it into the marketplace using a variety of different options, and how to cash in big with this unique business.
  • You'll discover the most intimate and important small details about what can make your business quickly explode and if you don't know these small elements, you stand to lose you ass!
  • The secret to keeping your operation super small to make massive piles of cash as quickly as possible.
  • And much, much more!


This is Going to Be a LIFE CHANGING Experience Compacted in 2 Power-Packed Days on Video for an Event That Will NEVER Be Repeated!  GUARANTEED!!

At the beginning of this year, I came out with a course that was my very best work (in my opinion) so far.  And it's changed a few of my students lives already.  It was called the Distribution Profit System.

Since the release of that course, I've been flooded with (really good) questions surrounding the material.  It became clear that there is a high demand for more detailed information that I couldn't possibly cover in an overview course of the business since there are so many very small elements to consider for success with product distribution.

And this is why I did this 2-day event!

I've had an overwhelming amount of students demand to know more about this unique and highly profitable means of Aggressive Income.  And I presented these secrets and strategies to a room of almost 100 students in a crowded packed room full of super smart students who quickly and easily grasped both the beginning and advanced step-by-step techniques I presented.

This was the first event like this that I did.  It was also a one-time event which means I'll never be doing this type of event ever again.


The Economy is Swiftly Changing...You'll Either Have a Product or Service to Market or You Won't!  If You Don't Then You Won't Be Able to Cash In on This Economic Windfall Coming Your Way Now!

There is NO WAY that I know of (that's legal) that you can get money from people without offering them a product or service of some kind.  Yes, even having a rental property is considered a "product" to offer someone.  So is having a business that offers a product to get cash in exchange.

It makes absolutely no sense to continue getting peanuts at a job or with some type of small-income business when you can strike it rich with a very easy-to-understand, step-by-step business action plan.


And If You're Looking for a "Guaranteed" Way to Raise Lots of Cash Fast -- Especially for Real Estate Investing -- You Can Make a Killing With This Rare, Little-Known Opportunity

I am a huge believer in doing at least 2 things to make money:

1)  Aggressive business income.

2)  Passive investing income.

Since the "rules" of passive income investing has changed over the past couple of years due to serious (and well-funded) investors coming back into the game by the bus loads, you now need money to compete with them.

You can get the money from (1) investor partners, (2) built business credit, or (3) a cash flowing business that can raise big amounts of money in a short amout of time.

I've already taught my students how to fully utilize the first two (2) options.  And I started to touch on the third option with my New Wealth Ninja strategies.  But like I said before, New Wealth Ninja is good for an income anywhere from a few thousand up to about $20,000 a month; this is where it seemed to have "capped off" for many of my students who have chosen to use my NWN training to its fullest potential.

By doing this 2-day event, I "finalized" that education and bringing my students into that $100,000+ monthly income bracket which is something I've never done before when it comes to Aggressive Income Strategies.

Now it's your turn to benefit from this power-packed, highly profitable business opportunity!


"But Monica...Why Are You Sharing Your Most Intimate Aggressive Income Details Now?"

Because I'm on the last leg of my training journey.  Many of you have known that my training and mentoring has slowed down over the past year and I'm pulling back even more.  I even had a staff meeting last week to tell my students that I seriously wanted to close down all of the training portion of my business by the end of this quarter.

Then I realized that I couldn't do that only because I committed to my students that I'd take them to the end of 2013 before happily and merrily waving goodbye.  And in case you don't know when that is, it's December 31st of this year.  (Althought it'll probably be around Thanksgiving since that's typically my "end" of each training year.)

My goal is to present as much valuable information to my die-hard handful of committed students who want to know the REAL DEAL in how to make certain businesses work.  Everyone who has ever attended a Monica Main event knows that I deliver the goods, I go above and beyond what they ever thought I'd present, and I've created thousands of success stories in doing so.

This is because I give REAL INFORMATION on EXACTLY what to do, step-by-step.  Most importantly, it's based on my REAL EXPERIENCE in the business and NOT based on "theories," "plans," or "bullsh**" that typically other gurus will offer in books, courses, videos, and at live presentation seminar events.

And this is why I woke up one morning a couple of weeks ago with nothing but PURE EXCITEMENT when I thought of this brilliant idea of putting on this type of Underground Secret Event for my students.  In fact, I haven't felt so much excitement for an event since last year when I did my Vegas event.

Because I know that this event can give you all of the puzzle pieces and full instructions on how to quickly and easily put them all together to make you an Aggressive Income Millionaire within the next 12 months.

Remember, this information will never be repeated.  I will never be doing another event like this ever again.  And you'll either join me by building your own multi-million-dollar enterprise right along side of me...or you won't.  It's that simple!


The First, Only, and VERY LAST Event of Its Kind...Guaranteed!

I will not be doing another event like this and my seminar speaking days are severely numbered, as many of you know already.

And it's not because I dislike speaking or teaching but it's simply because it's time for me to take a LOOOOONNGGG break!  Yes, I've been doing way too much for too long and it's time for me to go into a semi- or indefinite-permanent haitus period.

This is why I'm doing the 2013 PUSH to get the rest of my highly regarded, little-known, super powerful business and investing strategies out there to you.

First of all, my students know that I always give 100% timely information that can be instantly used for immediate profits provided by simply utilizing all the presented techniques and strategies.  And I'm very honest about stuff that DOESN'T apply anymore including...

  • 100% Owner Financing Deals
  • 50/50 Deals
  • Low-Ball Offers on Apartment Buildings, MHPs, and Even SFRs
  • Finding Lots of Inventory on Most Types of Asset Classes
  • Getting Deals with Super Terrible Personal Credit

​So you should know me by now.  I don't present a pile of crap like other gurus.  I present timely, valid, super hot money-making information that can make you very wealthy if you follow the system and steps I present.

Now is the time for you to decide that you're ready for the big time.


What the Distribution Profit Boot Camp Seminar Video "Kit" Includes

Here's what you'll get in your DPS (Distribution Profit System) Boot Camp "kit":

  • Videos of the Complete 2-Day Event with NOTHING Left Out!
  • Audio of the Complete 2-Day Event
  • Workbook from the 2-Day Event
  • CD-ROM Including the PowerPoints of the 2-Day Event

All for an Unbelievably Low Price of Only  $697  $397

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER that ENDS on October 31st at 5pm Pacific Time!


But Wait...

Get Into the 8-Week Distribution Profit Online Mentorship...Starting January 15th (and Ending March 11th) -- And Sign Up Now to Get the Videos Essentially FREE Plus $100 Off on Top of That!!

Kick off 2014 on a solid foot by taking my FIRST EVER Distribution Profit 8-Week Online Mentorship Group.  This group will be priced at $797.  However, if you get in now, you'll get it for a SUPER DISCOUNT.  In fact, it'll be SO LOW, it'll be equivalent to you getting the Distribution Profit Boot Camp Seminar Videos for FREE PLUS getting $100 off on top of that!!

I'm taking enrollees for the Distribution Profit Mentorship.  This mentorship starts on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 and is 100% online. 

This mentorship group is the FIRST of its kind and will go through the step-by-step process of showing you how to find the right profitable product, how to do a trademark search on your potential product name, the best ways/tips to name your product (which is the first most important step), finding manufacturers of the product, getting the lowest pricing, designing your packaging, and much more. 

All of these steps have to be in a very precise order if you are going to pull them off successfully.  I'll make sure you are guided in exactly what to do to enter and profit from this highly lucrative business of distribution by following a strict set of steps from the convenience of your home with this 100% online mentorship group!


I already have about 12 people enrolled in this mentorship group and I'm limiting this group to 20 students...and that's it!  Once I fill up, you won't be able to get in until I do a later group which will be later in 2014.

All of my students who have taken previous mentorship groups know how effective my groups are.  When you do the work, you are successful.  If you don't do the work, you aren't successful.  It's that simple.  What makes the majority of my students successful is that they are held accountable for every assignment every step of the way which forces them to do the work.  Again, those that do the work are successful!

And that will be you if you do the work!

If You Have ANY Questions, Call Us at (661) 295-5050

Call my office at (661) 295-5050 if you have any questions.

If you really want to make some huge financial changes in your life and you're willing to put a little work into getting what you want, this is an event you absolutely CANNOT miss and you're lucky that you can view this in the convenience of your home without paying for airfare, hotel, and the steep price for enrolling into the event!  

These powerful money-making steps will be provided to you in full detail in this amazing video set.  All you'll have to do is follow the information given in a precise order as laid out for you and you'll see some incredible financial success that you've never seen before in your life.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

P.S.  There's a really incredible deal that I'm offering on the table right now for my premier-offer discount.  Lea thought I was crazy for offering such an amazing deal in the first place so that's how you know this is an incredible deal!


Distribution Profit Boot Camp Seminar Videos Only:  $697  $597

Seminar Videos PLUS the Distribution Profit 8-Week Online Mentorship:  $1,497  $997

Distribution Profit Boot Camp Seminar Video "Kit" ONLY

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DPS Seminar Video "Kit" +  DPS Online Mentorship Group

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